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The DStv Explora will change the way that you watch TV. With an Explora you can record up to 110 hours of your favourite programmes, pause live TV, get more DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice content and so much more. Explora's high-definition viewing will push you to the edge of your seat and make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action DStv Explora Decoder with Smart LNB ; Excludes dish kit and installation. Includes LNB. **Delivery time: 2-3 working days nationwide** KSh 9,999. Pay online for: Explora Decoder Remote Control Smart LNB; Enjoy, store and discover more with DStv's new Explora Decoder. Record up to 220 hours of your favourite TV show

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Decoder pricing for the DStv Explora decoder was R1299 and R399 for the 4u HD Decoder when writing this post. DStv Explora Decoder Features. The DStv Explora decoder offers a recording function and pause and rewind function on live TV. To achieve this the Explora records live TV constantly and therefore allows you to pause and rewind How to connect two DStv Explora decoders with extra view. Use a Smart LNB to connect two DStv Explora decoders on Extra View. If you have no intention of connecting extra TV points using RF Out ports then the connection is straightforward. Simply run two RG6 cables directly from the Explora decoders to the Unicable ports on the Smart LNB

DSTV Decoder Types. DSTV has two types of decoders on the market now. They are: HD Zapper; DSTV explora; DSTV Decoder Prices. The prices of DSTV decoders may differ depending on where you purchase it. Also, the current prices may be different from what we present here due to current market conditions and other several conditions The various types of DStv Decoders and their prices in Nigeria are: DStv HD Decoder; DStv Explora Decoder; DStv HD Decoder NGN 17,675. The DStv HD Decoder is an affordable decoder that you will find in most homes in Nigeria. The DStv HD Decoder has some features, but not as sophisticated as that of the DStv Explora

DStv Hardware. Enjoy, store and discover more with DStv's Explora Decoder. Where there's entertainment, there's DStv. The DStv Explora offers subscribers a viewing and recording environment, and includes services like DStv Catch Up, Box Office, and remote recording Features of DStv Explora Decoder. DStv Catch Up: With the Explora decoder, you get access to the Catch Up feature, which enables you to download sports highlights, movies, kids' shows and events from the internet and watch at any time on any device. BoxOffice: You also get access to blockbuster movies and can rent them for 48 hours The decoders are available in different types. There is a general DSTV decoder and an explorer decoder that offers more in terms of picture quality and more compatibility with 3D HD view This is an update of DStv decoder prices in Zambia as of 2020. Whether you are interested in knowing the DStv Explora 2 or HD Single View Decoder price in Zambia, then you have come to the right place. If you are interested in bouquet or package prices click here. DStv Explora 2 Decoder price in Zambia: K1,950 Image credit: DStv Zambia websit

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  1. g Apps to the popular DStv Explora, adding depth to the entertainment offering available. Now with built-in Wi-Fi
  2. The diagram above explains how you can set up a DStv ExtraView using a device known as the DStv Diplexer or Combiner and for connections involving the DStv Explora decoder and the new Zappa HD 5 series decoder. This kind of systematic ExtraView connection on DStv is very relevant especially for decoders without an RF-IN or RF-OUT ports
  3. Yes, the DStv Explora HD Decoder should be able to work. The benefits of watching something in HD will however not be available. If you have a non-HD TV, use the supplied RCA cables and connect the red, white and yellow inputs to the RCA ports (marked 1) on the back of the decoder, then connect the red, white and yellow inputs to the RCA ports on the TV
  4. The DSTV decoder types are: DSTV Explorer; DSTV HD; These two DSTV decoders comes with different features that justifies their price differences. Let's first consider their main features before looking at DSTV price in Nigeria 2020. Features Of DSTV Explora Decoder. The following are the main features of DSTV explora decoder in Nigeria
  5. Dstv Explora 3 Decoder (Pace) Full Kit + Installation. You have a good deal here. The total package costs you KSh 9,449 only. This DStv Explora package is superb! All the TV needs of your family will be fulfilled with this package. You are assured of more space for recording, more than 100 hours of personal content
  6. Extra-view DStv HD decoders are now very possible and easy. Extra-view is a type of connection, which allows for the linking of two or more decoders in one account while paying for one. Interestingly, the DStv HD decoders - Explora and Zappa are now used in extra-view setup. They can either be used in themselves or in combination with other.
  7. Explora Decoder NGN 66750 *Ts an Cs apply. Please note that use of the PVR functionality on the DStv Explora decoder is subject to payment of a monthly NGN2200 PVR Access Fee

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If you need DStv XtraView, you can connect up to 2 decoders to your DStv Explora decoder and one decoder to your DStv HD Single View decoder. Do I get Insurance? No. Whether you purchase DStv with installation or not, insurance is not included in the purchase. But if you need to get your devices insured, it will cost you something extra Image: instagram.com, @DStv Source: UGC. Multichoice claims that its DStv Explora decoder brings a new TV viewing experience. The service provider has various options that you can choose from such as the Explora, Single view SD decoder, and HD PVR -2 Tuner

DStv explora comes with many features some of them being remote recording, series recording Parental Control and XtraView capability. We will discuss in detail about how to connect two DStv decoders/explora decoders. Using XtraView setup, you can use two DStv's decoders at the same time for two different televisions and pay just for one DStv connectio We offer best service providers for all installations, maintenance and repairs of DSTV Explora Decoder in all spheres of the country. Our quality services are fast and efficient as our workmanship is spread across the country Dstv Smart LNB is the eye that you see mounted on Dstv Satellite Dish, where the signal cable is connected.It allows newer models of Explora and HD decoders to be connected in Extra View setup without a Heartbeat Cable.In addition, Heartbeat will be sent through the signal cable via the Dstv Smart LNB DStv Explora Ultra is a new decoder with added features and DStv Streama that lets viewers swap from DStv to Showmax or YouTube, making it a one stop shop for all things entertainment

In this post, you will find information on DSTV HD PVR, decoders, packages or bouquets HD channels, SD channels, DSTV mobile, and prices. DStv Explora Decoder. DStv Explora is the most advanced decoder from Multichoice. It offers a lot of features with a great experience Yesterday, Multichoice announced a new set of DStv decoders; Xplora Ultra and Streama. The new decoders come as no surprise considering that earlier this year, MultiChoice announced that DStv would.. DSTV Explora Ultra Installed . Special Price R2,299 Regular Price R3,499. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare. Google Smart TV Kit . R1,999. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare. DSTV Explora Decoder 3A Fully Installed . R1,699. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Compare. Save R200.00. SmartVu SV-10 Android TV Streaming Device . Special Price R1. They have highest numbers of channels and run one of the most flexible subscription styles and rate. Everything is easy with DSTV. They are available in different types; premium, HD, and Explora that boast of more unique features and controls. In this post, we will take a look at how much various DSTV Decoders go for in the market

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The recommended installation for the Explora 3A is the same as for the other two Explora types, namely a DStv Smart LNB with an 80cm satellite dish. MultiChoice says the Explora 3A requires less cabling into a house when using a DStv Smart LNB (low-noise block), is smaller, and is built using mostly recyclable components Who can use the Connected Services on the DStv Explora? How do I download software to my DStv Explora if it is not yet on the latest version? What type of internet connection do I need so I can use Connected Services on my DStv Explora? What are the key and unique features of the decoder? Do Connected Services work when the DStv Explora is in. DStv announced two brand new products that it will add to its decoder range — the DStv Explora Ultra and the DStv Steama. The Explora Ultra features satellite TV as well as streaming options, while the Streama functions more like a set-top box. This is an interesting change to come to the Sout African broadcast TV market, with a company that may have been viewed as having a TV-monopoly in. This is a guide to control two dstv decoders connected via Xtraview with a There is a diagram available inside the package that shows how to. The recommended installation for the DStv Explora (when installed on its own). 3 UniCable outputs and 1 universal output The same dstv subscriptions or packages you are used to on HD decoders are the ones available to explora decoder too. Nothing has changed here. As it is on HD decoder, the packages available for explora are the Padi, Compact, Premium, Compact Plus, Confam and Yanga

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DSTV Explora Decoder 3A. In stock. Product Code. 000000000010115218. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . R1,099.95. Qty. Buy Now. Pay as little as. R133 /month . The type of delivery selected, (normal order, special order, customer order) or Some of the types of DSTV decoders are DSTV B4 Standard decoder remote control, DSTV Explora A6 remote control, DSTV HD Pvr A4 remote control, DSTV HD single view decoder B5 remote control and so on. Cost of procurement. Each of these types of decoders does cost differently. Change in price usually corresponds with how expensive the decoder is MultiChoice Group, which owns DStv, has launched a major new version of its Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoder that can deliver content to subscribers in resolutions of up to 4K ultra high definition.. It has also introduced a streaming-only box, called the DStv Streama - more on that later in this article. The DStv Explora Ultra will allow customers to stream third-party content.

Dstv explora 2 + zappa hd decoder+ dish kit+smart lnb for extra view + 1 month compact pvr subscription(pay one watch two) the extraview network is an arrangement of two dstv decoders programmed into a single account and pair.. New DStv installations have a 1-year guarantee on the decoder which is honored by MultiChoice themselves. Feel free to inspect the Multichoice identity document which all our DStv installers carry. We will phone you a day or two after our installers have been to your home to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our services DStv subscribers can exchange the SD PVR, Dual View, UEC-manufacturer HD PVR 4 Tuner, or older single view decoders for various combinations of the DStv Explora, HD decoder and/or installation The DStv Explora Ultra decoder is now available and we are ready to install it.We are accredited DSTV installers for more than 10 years. We offer Dstv Installation, Dstv Repairs and Dstv upgrades to all types of DStv, OVHD (open view HD) and PVR decoders In this video we show you how to check the DStv signal strength and quality on your decoder.This demonstration works for both normal HD decoders and Explora.

These include Xtra View, Dual View Installation and Triple View. Extra View gives you the flexibility to link 2 or 3 extra view decoders((Explora, Explora 2 /3, HD Pvr and HD 4u,5s,6s decoders) under the same subscription. If you have decoders And need Heartbeat Cable According to them, the primary decoder has to be a DStv Explora, which can be combined with another Explora or a DStv HD decoder. Quote. MultiChoice has now made it possible for customers to watch different live TV shows in three separate rooms at the same time. DStv customers can now connect three decoders, using MultiChoice's XtraView service

If you already have the dish or you want to upgrade to the Explora decoder, you can purchase the Explora decoder alone The second type of decoder is the HD which comes in the following packages: HD + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscriptio DSTV Decoders come with a variety of packages and you may need to consider this before purchasing one. Head over to our amazing article here to learn of these various subscription packages. This article brings you various DSTV Decoder hardware prices in Uganda. Explora + Dish Kit + Installation + Smart LNB - UGX 629,00 That aside, DSTv also covers a wide number of niches, including entertainment, music, information, movies, series, news, children, educational shows, geography, etc. DsTv Decoder Price in Nigeria 2021. The price of dstv hd decoder with full installation kit and 1 month confam package is 9,900 Naira while explora decoder cost 66,750 Naira in. With 5 unique bouquets and two types of decoders to choose from, subscribers can be quite in a world of their own with DSTV. DSTV Bouquets and their respective channels plus the decoders are presented below. DSTV Explora - Features HD, instant replay, ultra slo-mo & rewind, up to 220 hours of recording space, and pause live TV of up to 2.

DStv has launched its Explora Ultra decoder with new features, including built-in access to Netflix and other popular streaming apps. According to DStv, the decoder will be available at. Great variety of DStv HD Decoder is available. If you have a dish already installed, you can buy a DStv HD Decoder. The price of the Explora 3A PVR decoder is now on special. If you need a Free TV channel decoder, it's available too. WhatsApp us to find out more info on Prices of DStv Explora. This decoder is a combination of Free satellite TV

Location and reception are two important factors to consider and our knowledgeable Pretoria call-out team will gladly advise you on the best DSTV solution for your needs. As a licensed seller, we supply, install and service all types of decoders - both standard and high definition - and we'll gladly answer any questions you may have DStv HD Single View Decoder: Single viewing decoder, which can be linked with another singular decoder to provide dual viewing.Its different from the previous model due to its enhanced HD features that support best picture quality. Dstv Explora: Currently this is an advanced decoder coming from Dstv. Provides dual or triple viewing channels to access in different rooms and TVs

Then Call our DStv Installation in Centurion Team Today on 087 551 0818 Our approved DStv installers offer you a full range of digital TV Mnet channels along with low cost, easy setup. Our certified call out team is available Monday to Sunday for all your installation and maintenance needs, whether your property is residential Read More MultiChoice makers of Africa's biggest TV platform DSTV announced quite a number of new products including, the new DSTV Explora Ultra decoder, new DSTV Streama and a new stand-alone streaming service, according to MyBroadband.. First the biggest announcement of the virtual event was the launch of the new DSTV Explora Ultra decoder. According to MultiChoice, the new decoder comes with high. Before any DSTV installations in Midrand, we always ensure that our customers understand clearly each type of decoder, its functions, and the number of Mnet Multichoice channels that they will receive. If you need more info about different types of decoders such as Single View, Xtra View, HD PVR, or DSTv Explora, then give us a call today. We. A7 EXPLORA REMOTE TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL. Take complete control of your DStv Explora decoder with the all new A7 Explora remote control unit. Be sure not to miss anything with added features like backlighting when handled (glows in the dark) and showmax button

- DSTV Explora HD decoders - All types of DSTV PVRs. Our DSTV specialists help with: - Re-installations - Dish & Aerial/Antenna installations - LNB protector fittings - Upgrades & Repairs - Install extra TV points - Signal problems / Loss of signals. All Digital TV Set Up and Servicing Solutions The DStv Streama is said to be a set-top box which is 4K compatible as well. The Streama is built on top of the RDK platform. This is an operator-tier platform built by a collective of broadcasters (including Sky and Comcast).Subscribers will need a DStv account, but no active subscription is required to use the DStv Streama HD Decoder + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription = N18,600. Explora Decoder + Dish Kit + Smart LNB = N45,000. Connecting the Decoder to the TV. 1. If you have an HD TV, use the supplied HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI port (marked 1) on the back of the decoder, then connect the other end to the HDMI port on the TV ExtraView Setup - 2 x Decoder Installation to Multiple HDTV's via RF Coaxial Cable with DSTV Decoders >= 2019 models. Products needed for diagram below: Decoders : DSTV Explora, DSTV Single View HD Decoder. Dish and Accessories : 80cm Dish Kit, Dish Bracket, 2-Port Smart LNB. Common Cable and Connectors : RG6U Coaxial Cable, F-Type Connector

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There are 3 models of Dstv Explora Decoders which are Explora 1a model, Explora 2a model and Explora 3a model. The Explora 3a model is the latest one in the market right now, which was introduced end of November 2018. How to connect Dstv Explora In addition, set the decoder type manually from within the settings of the decoder. The decoders in the main house is an Explora 3A and a DSTV Explora 1 and the decoder in the Granny flat is a DSTV Explora 2. I also have a Space TV SLX-3X2 available as I used it with my previous setup

The DStv Explora Ultra features The new Explora Ultra includes Catch Up, BoxOffice and Showmax - features that were previously available to PVR users. Besides 4K, the decoder also supports Dolby Atmos as long as it is connected to the correct equipment. It also comes with a new remote control DStv Explora 2 Decoder price in Botswana: P999 . Product: DStv Explora 2. Price: P999. Inside the Box: Decoder, Smart Card, Remote controller, Smart LNB, HDMI Cable and power pack. Description. With an Explora, you can record up to 220 hours of your favourite programmes, pause live TV, get more DStv Catch Up and BoxOffice content and so much more

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The Explora decoder; An Ethernet cable; Internet speeds between 2- 10 Mbps (preferably dedicated internet) Using an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cable can be used if you are to connect DSTV Explora Decoder on the Internet where the decoder and the router are in the same room For anyone to enjoy DSTV services, you must have and install a DSTV decoder. DSTV has a number of decoders which include Standard, Drifta decoder Explora, and Explora 2. In this piece, we shall focus more on the Explora 2 decoder. The Explora 2 decoder was launched in 2016 The same DStv subscriptions or packages available on HD decoders are still the same ones available to Explora decoder too. Nothing has changed here. As it is on HD decoder, the packages available for Explora are the Access, Compact, Premium, Compact Plus and Family

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Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription + Smart LNB (N70,000 - N90,000) Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Plus Subscription + Smart LNB (N65,000 - 70,000) Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription + Smart LNB (N55,000 - 65,000) The second type of decoder is the HD which comes in the following packages The DStv Explora decoder is more than just a dumb set-top-box once you connect it to your home internet. Once connected, you will be able to stream supported services like ShowMax and also record your shows ton the decoder so that you can watch them later when it is convenient.. Let's see how you will be able to connect your DStv Explora decoder to the internet XtraView Explora add-on to an existing Explora or DStv HD Decoder. Installed to an extra point, includes Explora XtraView decoder, remote control, cable & labour. R1999.00. LNB for DStv or OpenView. R99.00. Twin LNB. R299.00. 80cm Satellite TV Dish (Including Wall Bracket) (Excluding LNB) R399.00. DStv HD Decoder

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2. The DStv Explora is XtraView capable and can be linked with any other XtraView capable decoder. 3. If you already have XtraView and are replacing one of the decoders with the DStv Explora, you must FIRST contact MultiChoice to break the link between the existing XtraView decoders BEFORE disconnecting the cable that links them. 4 DStv has launched its Explora Ultra decoder which includes a number of new features - including built-in access to Netflix and other streaming apps The DStv Explora decoder give additional features. With an Explora you can record up to 110 ho

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Should your DStv decoder become unresponsive, stuck or if your programme information isn't displaying, reboot by unplugging or holding in the reset or standb.. DSTV Explora decoder offers full Personal Video Recorder (PVR) functionality. 7. DSTV Explora 3 Full Review - Network Bees. DSTV Explora 3 Full Review. Here is a DSTV Explora 3 review. What are the similarities and differences between the DSTV Explora 3 and the Exlora 2? Read on for more. 8. Explora 3A Fully Installed Decoder | Buy Online in. We offer Dstv Installation, Dstv Repairs and Dstv upgrades to all types of DStv, OVHD (open view HD) and PVR decoders. Whether it is new DStv dish installations, repairs, or dish re-alignment that you need, we have the solution Besides what we've come to expect from Explora decoders, that is the PVR features, movie rentals from Box Office and DStv Catchup, the new Explora Ultra will also support internet connectivity via WiFi and integration with popular streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Following the recent addition of the Netflix app, now MultiChoice has added YouTube as another streaming app to its DStv Explora Ultra, which will allow subscribers to easily access the platform straight from the decoder.. Other streaming services that are already added to the DStv decoder include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Showmax, and DStv BoxOffice

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Currently, there are only (2) types of dstv decoders available in Nigeria. They are; DsTv HD Decoder; DsTv HD Decoder is the most common decoder among Nigerians; it's the cheapest decoder having a price range from 11,900 to 20,900 naira. It has a very cool and easy to use features unlike the Explora decoder and provides access to all channels MultiChoice Group is launching a new model of DStv HD Decoder 6. It replaces the previous model HD Decoder 5 currently in stores and has the same features and functionality our customers are used to. The new model hit the markets on 2 May 2019, retailing at R399 as a standalone product, and R599 with installation After upgrading, the decoder will reboot once again and after the rebooting, you have to activate the decoder to enjoy your Dstv channels. To complete with the activation, the Dstv office will request some details of your decoder, which is the serial number and IUC number. And you will find this on the Dstv decoder and the setup box

Decoders Available From Crystal Clear TV | Find Out MoreDStv Explora gets its first feature update this weekDStv Explora update detailsDStv connects decoder to the internet | Channel24DStv on Twitter: "Skip 2 years of price increase! SMSDstv Installers Fourways | Accredited Dstv InstallationsDstv Tripleview Installers Pretoria / 3 Decoder SetupDStv Smart LNB

DStv Explora Decoder - A first genenration dstv pvr decoder: A quick preview of its features. HD capable (720p and 1080i) Dolby Digital 2.0 capable; This explora decoder Can be connected to the internet for Connected Services* BoxOffice; DStv Catch Up; DStv Catch Up Plus* View one channel, while recording anothe The DStv Explora (Model 3B) replaces the DStv Explora (Model 3A) and has all the features customers have become used to - including up to 110 hours of recording space, Catch Up, BoxOffice and Showmax. Product code: • RECMCEXPLORA-3B - Stand Alone Decoder • RECMCEXPLORA-3B-EIV - Decoder Installe DStv's own high definition broadcasts, viewed via the HD PVR decoder were launched in 2008. This year also saw the introduction of the XtraView Decoder and the M-NET HD channel. In 2010, DVB over IP (Digital Video Broadcast over Internet Protocol) and DStv on Demand services were launched Multiple decoders can be connected to the DStv Smart LNB without the need for a multiswitch / DStv Switch (resulting in a cost saving). The cable goes directly from the LNB to the decoder. This allows for a shorter cable run, as well as for decoders to be in different rooms (currently, many are together in the same room as the switch) decoder (EXPLORA) or LNB IN (SINGLE VIEW HD). DO NOT CONNECT THE EXPLORA SWITCH (EXPLORA). Plug the power supply into the decoder. The DSTV INSTALLATION WIZARD screen will appear showing STEP 1 of 4. Press OK to select NEXT STEP. STEP 2 of 4 will appear - DON'T CHANGE ANYTHING HERE. Press OK to select NEXT STEP. STEP 3 of 4 will appear

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