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These package are compatible with both FSX and FS2004. This is the file that brings your flight simulation experience to life with AI traffic based on the real world. This is a complete package containing all of the current World of AI traffic packages. All of the AI packages (over 400) have been included in this easy to download single file Add more computer controlled (AI) artificial intelligence aircraft to your Flight Simulator skies and airports, with our award winning Traffic range of add-on produts. See planes queue as they taxi out to the runways at major airports, or line up on approach for their final descen Built in cooperation with our friends from Flag Mountain Software, AI Aardvark, and The Fruit Stand, UT2 takes advantage of the latest in AI technology. The goal of UT2 is to provide users with the most complete and realistic real-world airline flights worldwide, offer new levels of AI Traffic design, and revolutionize the FSX skies AI traffic is a collection of aircraft that are flown by the sim itself, not by the user, using special files. FSX/P3D Trainer Conversions Part 2 08 September 2019. Matrix reaches 90% conversion rate 20 August 2019. Latest Files. Repaint Lockheed Martin MC-130J - USAF 415th SOS (JYAI).

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  1. Traffic Global has been designed for the latest incarnations of Prepar3D and Flight Simulator X. It features thousands of individual commercial airline AI aircraft that have been built from the ground up to provide unprecedented levels of realism and immersiveness
  2. Welcome to the World of AI World of AI is an independent group of people with the aim to provide the Flight Simulator user with easy to install, high-quality AI traffic packages to enhance the virtual skies of FS9 or FSX
  3. imal impact on performance

We are happy to announce the release of AI Live Traffic, an innovative real world live AI traffic generator for FSX and Prepar3D If you have ai traffic from previous sims, then you have a base. Al you need is to replace models (fs9 or p3d) with fsx models, perform some changes in the file structure (tedious, but no pain no gain), and here you go. By the way you will find fsx models at AIG forum, converted legally with permissions granted by the original modellers for FSX & Prepar3D Produced by Graham Eccleston, Orbx is proud to offer this superb AI traffic package covering GA traffic across our North American Regions and airports. Watch the skies and airports come alive with traffic movements featuring Cessnas, Beechs and Pipers Ultimate Traffic works a little differently to the others in that it adds the Traffic from oustide FS via Simconnect. There's ups and downs to this - it tends to perform better but if you open something from the menu, because it's simconnect, the traffic will vanish. And some other issues like that which you may or may not want to live with

BOMBARDIER C SERIES FSX/P3D AI-TRAFFIC. 7. AES CREDITS. 8. MYTRAFFIC 6 FSX+FSXSE+P3D. 9. AIROUND X (V2.0) 10. FWS - SUPER TRAFFIC BOARD V3 FOR FSX Customer Reviews. SOUTH OAK CO - LANAI HAWAII MSFS. Fernando Miguel. This is awesome! Another high quality and detail scenerie from this publisher, with a fair price!. Currently the bureau is a one persons dream. My name is Erez Werber, I am Currently residing in Israel studying computer science and enjoying aviation both real, and simulated. Please consider donating,this helps me stay motivated and allow me to continue investing the time needed to make AI models Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flightsimguy2014/THis video will help you fix your missing AI traffic in FSX Boxed, or FSX Steam.Link to replacement AI BG..

Ultimate Traffic 2 - Flight

Images related to this file: su1965-1.jpg. File Description: FS9/FSX Summer 1965 AI traffic Consists of airlines such as: Aeroflot, Air Canada, Air India, Air Inter. In this video, I will be showing you how to add AI traffic to FSX in 20 steps. I will be demonstrating this with the Air Berlin package provided by world-of-.. Ultimate Traffic 2 provides Microsoft Flight Simulator X users the definitive answer to their AI Traffic needs. The project is a culmination of over three years of research and development. Built in cooperation with our friends from Flag Mountain Software, AI Aardvark, and The Fruit Stand, UT2 takes advantage of the latest in AI technology

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Images related to this file: _285095-1.jpg _285095-2.jpg _285095-3.jpg. File Description: This Advanced Radar System (ARS) Version 1.0 displays AI traffic of FSX in a range of 5, 10, 20, and 40 miles.The ARS contains an AI tracking function, which allows you to follow a selected AI automatically in terms of course and speed FSPX- DOWNLOAD AAL B788 P3D/FSX. For the United Traffic Team 787-8 Model. UTT- DOWNLOAD AAL B788 P3D/FSX. American Airlines B737-800 Fleet. November 3, 2018 December 14, 2019 ~ kylejmeeks ~ Leave a comment. For the FSX AI Bureau Boeing 737-800W Model ***Updated 11/3 with WiFi Domes. DOWNLOAD AAL B738 FLEET P3D/FSX. American Airlines A320 Fleet Blue Mirror FSX Traffic Generator is a tool designed to generate AI traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Blue Mirror FSX Traffic Generator... less_ realistic traffic Home to Microsoft Flight Simulator ai traffic models,repaints,3dmax source,Ai Flight plans and more..

AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand for FSX & Prepar3D Produced by Graham Eccleston, Orbx is proud to offer this superb AI traffic package covering both commercial airline and GA traffic across Australia and New Zealand. Watch the skies and airports come alive with accurate traffic movements based on current and up-to-date real world schedule A big thank to all who helped us a in the development of this beautiful Heli and have a good flight from United Traffic Team. AI EC120B Works only in FS2004 . But can be used as additional models with Heli Traffic 2009 addon from Flight1 for FSX and FS9 (is not compatible with Direct 10 and 11) Updated list of AI aircraft models for FS2004, FSX and P3D sorted by manufacturer, for AI traffic. Many of the links point to the FlightSim Library; to download files from FlightSim and AvSim is required to be logged in

Just Flight - Traffic Global (for P3D & FSX

Fighter Bomber Wing 31 Boelcke Fsx - Fsx Military AircraftEstafeta 737-300 | FAIB - FSX AI Bureau

Bring your Flight Simulator skies to life with this AI Traffic package for Flight Simulator X (SP2/Acceleration/Gold), Flight Simulator X : Steam Edition and Prepar3D (V3.x). This package contains AI Traffic for the world! You will see aircraft in the different countries take off, land and park at the various airports around the world. You will not be [ FSX AI Traffic tool. AI Traffic tool is created to provide a way for the average flight simulator players to be able to utilize the Traffic Builder SDK included with Microsoft Flight Simutor X. The tool s main functionality is to create A. I. Traffic that uses all aircraft textures present in the user s FSX directory. 2 Updated list of AI aircraft models for FS2004, FSX and P3D sorted by manufacturer, for AI traffic. Many of the links point to the FlightSim Library; to download files from FlightSim and AvSim is required to be logged in. Feel free to suggest basepacks of AI aircraft models to be added to this list, if not already listed, using the Feedbackform

World of A

  1. Classic AI Airliner Traffic for FS2004 and FSX FSX native models which are P3D compatible are available from Ed Akridge: File 1 File 2 File 3 File 4 File 5 1957 Traffic 1959 Traffic 1962 Traffic. Last updated on 1/19/19. Over 1000 aircraft worldwide
  2. File Description: This Advanced Radar System (ARS) Version 1.0 displays AI traffic of FSX in a range of 5, 10, 20, and 40 miles.The ARS contains an AI tracking function, which allows you to follow a selected AI automatically in terms of course and speed. In this mode the ARS is coupled with the autopilot of your aircraft
  3. Iberia Express Airbus A321-200neo for the FAIB Airbus A321S NEO CFML_S FSX base model. These are FSX textures only. The FAIB Airbus A321S NEO CFML_S FSX base model are required
  4. AI Paints Kyle's AI Works ATCO Repaints JCAI.dk Juergen's Repaints Flying Carpet 75 One Click Hangar. Kai's Flight Simulator Studio AI Business Project Alpha India. Retro Ranmori AI Works Brian's Retro AI
  5. Repaint of the Alpha India Group (AIG) Boeing 757-200 P2F in China Postal Airlines color scheme. Paint made on a new HD Paintkit optimized for FSX including a FSX specific
  6. FSX AI Bureau is a brand new name in the flightsim world, and this new 'brand' makes a dashing start in the ai world with a breathtaking rendition of the 'Baby' Boeing, the classic 737-200
  7. ICE AI Traffic for FSX is a program designed to work with the FSX simulator that provides improved traffic conditions... ICE AI Traffic for FSX is a program... FSX simulator that provides improved traffic..

STAF (Servicios de Transportes Aéreos Fueguinos) callsign for FSX/P3D. This is a callsign for the Argentine cargo carrier, useful for both UI and AI traffic, and requires EditVoicepack XL to install. Modification by Michael Pearson Right at this moment i feel that my flight simulator has really taken off, after i brought the Traffic 360 (AI-Traffic) for FSX. A quick download with self installation nothing could be easier and the the effects are well worth the money. A highly recomended buy for all flight simmers. 5 star. LP Klem. 03/19/2018 DJC Repaints for FSX & FS2004 AI Traffic Flight Simulator Website » DJC Repaints DJC repaints: Airbus A319-100 and A321-200 AI aircraft models in the liveries of Brussels Airlines, Iberia and SAS Scandinavian Airlines There are two traffic files by default, one for boats ai traffic and one for ai aircraft. The default AI traffic either aircraft or boats are very sparse but they are there. I also placed a test ai traffic file for an airlines I added and MSFS does read the files in that folder High quality repaints, flightplans, callsigns, aircraft models... You can find here all the resources you need to populate your virtual skies

Best AI Traffic for FSX: SE :: Microsoft Flight Simulator

  1. 6000+ Airports with Traffic - Ultimate Traffic Live provides users with AI traffic for over 6,000 airports. The end result is an active airport environment, whether you are shooting approaches on 28L at San Francisco International, or flying a virtual load of food supplies to the upper reaches of Alaska
  2. However, AI operation in MSFS2020 is VERY different from FSX. Unfortunately, Asobo has not released the SDK on AI traffic. So, we're discovering things by accident. AIFP allows you to select any stock or custom aircraft saved in standard MSFS2020 for use as AI
  3. If you are installing into FSX or P3D, also install the FSX version after installing the FS2004 files. 7. If you want worldwide classic AI traffic, download files 1-10 (at least) from my AI Aircraft Page and install them. Follow the instructions in the traffic file download to allow the use of modern traffic when you desire. 8
  4. MyTraffic X Editor* - is an advanced AI Traffic configuration utility allowing the generation of thousands of flight plans at the click of a button, all based on user adjustable parameters
  5. First: you can set your sliders for AI traffic to zero within FSX menu. As UT2 injects the traffic and the density is solely controlled by the sliders within UT2 UI, no need to leave the AI slider in FSX anywhere else than at 0%. You are right that the traffic sliders in FSX have no control over UT2 AI

FlightSim.Com - AI Live Traffic Release

FS Painter AI Models; JCAI; Kyle's AI Works; Mr JB; United Traffic Team; Recent Posts. BA Cityflyer Embraer E170 (FSP) April 26, 2021; BA Cityflyer Embraer E190 Fleet (FSP) April 25, 2021; Air Canada Express Embraer E175 Fleet (FSP) April 24, 2021; Air Canada Express Dash 8-300 opb Jazz (HD) April 24, 2021; Air Canada Airbus A220-300 C-GNBN. ICE AI Traffic for FSX (6.00) version 6.00 is an application marketed by the software company ICE AI Traffic Group. Sometimes, users choose to remove it. This can be easier said than done because doing this by hand requires some advanced knowledge related to removing Windows applications by hand FSX/P3D/LiveTraffic: Fully supported using the PSXT add-on, and via LiveTraffic (see X-Plane entry for details below). Aerowinx PSX: Fully supported natively. Allows injection of up to 7 aircraft (PSX limitation). Traffic is shown both in the windshield and the TCAS system. X-Plane: Supported via the LiveTraffic plugin Copied all of my FS9 aircraft (85 of the ones I use for AI only) into the new AI Aircraft folder. Then copied my traffic.bgl (made with Ultimate Traffic) from FS9 into the same scenery-world-scenery folder in FSX. Renamed FSX file trafficAircraft.bgl to trafficAircraft.old. Now have all of my Ultimate Traffic AI in FSX The more AI traffic you have installed, the longer it will take for your computer to load the simulator - for obvious reasons. I personally am quite happy to put up with this delay. Your display might take an FPS hit if your AI traffic slider is pushed up to high - depending on the processing power of you computer of course

Haze Gray Studios is bringing us a lot of fun with their Global AI Traffic Pack: US Navy for FSX and P3D. One of the most fun things to do with helicopters (isn't it ALL fun anyway???) is to land on the moving deck of a ship. The good folks at Haze Gray Studios know that and bring us over 250 (!!!) of them for us to play with - Community: this folder contains 2 package folders with corrected traffic BGL files (1 package for airliner traffic, and 1 package for GA traffic). 1.) Disable the original stock traffic BGL file: - Locate the fs-base-ai-traffic folder in your Official package cache. - Replace the layout.json file with the one from the Official folder in this zip

AI traffic Liveries packages have to be adapted to work in MSFS. There is also some shaking and jittering visible when taxiing, that needs to be fixed. This document contains the steps to be taken to let PSXseeconTraffic generate real life traffic in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020), so you can get an idea Aer Lingus BAe RJ85 for FMAI model. Aer Lingus is currently leasing 2 RJ-85s from Cityjet, both of which feature the airline's latest livery. These textures are intended for the Fernando Martinez (FMAI) BAe 146-200/RJ85 ai base model, available here.The original base model was designed for FS9, but a conversion for use in P3Dv4 can be found here (original base model still required) AI boats: the AI boats (Artificial Intelligence) are managed by the same AI system that provides aerial traffic since FS2002. In FSX, it can also handles boats. In FSX, it can also handles boats. The features offfered by AI boats are very powerful : you can add your own models, define accurate schedules and routes to follow Word of AI. World of AI Packages. Please note that the download links will start working when the packages are released in the AVSIM / Flightsim libraries MSFS Global AI Ship Traffic FSX, P3D and MSFS2020 Three years after the start of this project the complete package is now available on www.avsim.com, www.flightsim.com, www.flightsimnorway.com, and www.simviation.com The new package Global AI Ship Traffic V1 includes all files and corrections published in the project previous to April 2016..

This is my MSFS ai traffic with fsx converted models

  1. Traffic Global P3D/FSX Default Ai Traffic ! Default Ai Traffic ! This topic has been deleted. Only users with topic management privileges can see it. M. mikee last edited by . Hello , I have noticed that in some airports I get Default traffic plus Traffic Global Traffic ! I am running Prepar3DV4.5.3 !.
  2. High Quality AI Repaints for FSX/P3D. For the FSX AI Bureau Boing 737-800 SSW Model *Updated with OneWorld Sticker
  3. utes or more after other flights
  4. The way Flight Simulator-X controls traffic is more or less superficial. It may be sufficient for beginners, but once you get a shade more familiar with it, you'll probably notice soon that a lot of things are missing. Things like copilot support, missed approaches, departure and arrival procedures (SIDs/STARs)..
  5. FSX AI Traffic Files - location. Guest. Posted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:26 am. Hi, I create my own airlines/traffic flights on FSX. The traffic files are always saved to Scenery/World/Scenery folder. The files are no longer there, but the aeroplanes are still flying around as if the files are still there

Flight1 Software, Flight One Software, Flight Simulator X, Flight Simulator 2004, Ultimate Traffic 2, Ultimate Traffic, Ultimate, Traffic, AI Traffic, AI, Airlines. AI Flight Planner Please Be Aware . . . Don't Mix FS9 and FSX Traffic Files: FS9 traffic files are compatible with FSX. However, as described more fully in the User Manual, if FSX sees a compiled-for-FS9 traffic file, it will generate AI traffic for that file and any other compiled-for-FS9 traffic files it sees; but, it will not generate traffic for any compiled-for-FSX files FSX AI Traffic Aircrafts - Screenshot 2 Model of plane An-2 on a ski for traffic of the USSR in FSX SP2 and Acceleration with graphic accelerators DirectX 11 and DirectX9. With other versions MS FS it was not tested! Model simple enough, two LOD's. Animation is made only for ski and the air screw If you search for military AI aircraft, repaints or flight plans you have come to the right place. The compilation below is supposed to be the reference for military AI. To ensure links remain valid I only accept reliable community places like AVSim, FlightSim or pages from well-established individuals like Ray Parker or Mark Heimer

AI Traffic North America General Aviation - Orb

FSX - AI Fishing boat Traffic V1. This package than 8 AI Fishing boat and AI ship traffic routes for the Baltic Sea for FSX. Fishing boat route for default FSX and for VFR Poland Region NW version. By Robert Jastrzebski. 12.5 MB when I compiled the traffic in the traffic global app, I still keep getting 75 kb as the file size of the Traffic_Global_Airlines.bgl. And also will you know if it works if fsx steam updates its scenery files when starting fsx steam. Also, is there post to be a addon in fsx steam for traffic global when your in the game doing a flight Don Grovestine's AI Flight Planer Ever since the release of FSX AI flight plans were the topic of many discussions. Things had changed from FS9 onwards, and FS9 and FSX flight plans did not coexists per se. TTools faced the same problem like AFCAD - both tools did not (could not!) cope with new requirements from FSX

FSX AI Traffic Schedules Sea traffic of the ships of projects 1123, 1134А and 1134Б. Includes a file bgl, and also three initial files for the information and proof-readings at the desire AI traffic. FSX/P3D AI Traffic Links for Those not Covered by WOAI. Note: There may be aircraft in the flightplan that we are missing. We recommend substituting some aircraft with existing aircraft. In addition, some airlines recently changed their names, however the AI livery did not follow this update. It may be necessary to change the ATC. Easily add the most popular series of general aviation aircraft in the world to your simulator's AI traffic at one time. Features included: A total of 57 separate visual models covering Cessna's long production history of civilian single-engine aircraft I downloaded and placed the bgl file into my scenery world scenery folder but all traffic is still coming in and leaving on RWY 31. My AI traffic is WOAI. Can someone tell how to fix this so traffic will fly the checker board approach. Thanks

If you experienced disappearing traffic in FSX:SE - I have an easy fix for you! SmallPartRejectRadius will prevent planes vanishing and popping in 0.3-0.5 mile distance. FSX tweak / fix guide. Difficulty: easy. Effect on performance: minimal to severe. Good for: all users of FSX Steam Edition. Disappearing planes - the proble Paints for the FAIB Boeing 737-400 model in OWG liveries. OWG is a new airline based in Montreal operated and run by Nolinor Aviation. It will start operations in December 2020 with 3 737-400s operating from Montreal and Toronto on services to Cuba in association with tour operator Hola Sun Repaint of the United Traffic Team (UTT) Boeing 787-9 in Air Canada colour scheme. Tail Design for OC used with friendly permission by Garry Lewis. Base files package for FSX/P3D Philippine Airlines Airbus A350-900 for the UTT Airbus A350-900 FSX / P3D base model. These are FSX / P3D textures only. The UTT Airbus A350-900 FSX / P3D base model is required This is a small software that allows you to place and control single ships or complete naval fleets in Flight Simulator X. Unlike previous software concerning AI ships and carriers, or missions, it doesnt need complex edit of traffic files or mission files. Just add when you are in free flight, a..

United Airlines 737-900 | FAIB - FSX AI Bureau

FSX AI Traffic Aircrafts - Screenshot 2 - Screenshot 3 Carefully read readme file inside of archive. → Size: 619 KB → Date: 11 years ago (26.03.2010 21:50) → Author: Sergey Ivanov aka Scorpio9999 → Uploaded by: Scorpio9999 (uploaded 29 files. The original ai-Models are made by Henrik Nielsen and belongs to his classic ai-fleet traffic package FSX/P3D Global Classic AI Ship Traffic V1. Posted Feb 12, 2021 03:51 by Erwin Welker FSX/Acceleration/FS2004 Porsche 911 Targa 4s-2018. Zip file preview. 8.83Mb (212 downloads).

They together brought a lot of AI aircrafts and traffics, which makes the default ones redundant. Naughty Fleet of Airplanes. To reduce overlapping and enhance system performance, the TrafficAircraft.bgl under X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\World\Scenery was moved to a backup folder so that no standard AI traffic is loaded Textures only for the FSPXAI - Embraer E-Jet for P3D4/5 AI traffic payware. Model and paint kit by Mitsushi Yukata with PBR textures. Two varaiations: old and new livery and models (the new model has large winglets). Paint by Joel Branchu for real traffic with the registrations Hi bawns, download the PAI installer into a folder of your choice (this comes with TTools), then download your AI traffic. Unzip your traffic and then run the installer, locate the traffic bgl then click install, the installer will then do it all for you The newest AI Traffic for FS2004 that equipped with the latest and most complete AI Flightplan and AI Aircraft of the airlines in Indonesia and in the world. & Granula Traffic for FSX v1.0 have been released too! You can enjoy it from our site! Reply Delete. Replies. Unknown Tuesday, 08 July, 2014 Trusted Windows (PC) download ICE AI Traffic for FSX 6.00. Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get ICE AI Traffic for FSX alternative downloads

Best AI traffic? :: Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam

#3 Open your red Ttools icon, on the right hand side you will see a column FS2004 Traffic files, click on the traffic030528.bgl until it highlights it grey and press decompile. Now open the file in AI Utilites folder that downloaded with Ttools called Aircraft030538 this will open in notepad and list all of the default aircraft that comes with. MSFS2020 - AI Traffic Offline With Liveries Mod Pack - V.1.10 by Admin - November 14, 2020 9 This mod adds flight plans for several EMIRATES, QANTAS, AIRFRANCE, ALITALIA, BRITISH, DELTA, EASYJET, KLM, LUFTHANSA, RYANAIR, SWISS airlines using generic Asobo aircraft with low CPU usage and higher FPS

simMarket: FSX Traffi

AI Traffic vs FSX? Community. General Discussion. FlippinFlow. December 11, 2020, 3:52am #1. I've been playing FSX lately I noticed something missing with MSFS2020 but maybe it's my settings. Playing FSX I taxi up to the runway, and was told to hold short airbus on final by FSX ATC. So I waited, and then comes along an AI airbus. FSX (FS2004/FSX AI-Traffic Installer 24; FSX (FS2004/FSX AI-Traffic Installer 24. Click for a larger view. More Photos (0) Upload Photo. Author: WoAI/Quinten Kamsteeg. Added: March 15, 2011. Section: Flight Simulator X more flight simulator x addons. Category:. FSX / p3d Embraer E190 Panel With VC. This is a new panel for the Embraer E 190. The gauges are pretty much identical to the real aircraft with all switches and dials working. It includes a FMC with flight plans, VNAV function, radio tuners, and maps


Most scenery-specific traffic these days such as with the Orbx products are FSX format. What you can do is the following: Option 1: Download AI Flight Planner (AIFP) and convert all traffic BGL files to FSX format. Then you can run any traffic together as long as all traffic files are in the FSX format The leading AI Display and Management Tool for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, MS Flight Simulator X and FSX Steam Edition Starting from the idea of displaying flight information like you would find at any real-world airport, Super Traffic Board (STB) goes far beyond this by providing new and exciting ways of displaying your AI traffic flights and.

Traffic 360 BLG Checker. If you are seeing no AI traffic in FSX after installing Traffic 360, despite both the airline and GA traffic density sliders (found in the FSX display settings menu > Traffic tab) being set to 100%, you may have an old FS2004 format traffic database still installed into FSX Skysong Soundworks - Real AI Traffic Sounds $ 12.75. Add to cart. Publisher: Skysong Soundworks Date Added: Nov-23-2018 Version: File Size: 12.1 MB. SKU: SKS-125 Categories: FS2004 Sounds, FSX Sounds, Prepar3D Sounds Tags: Flight Simulator 2004, Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D, Sounds. Compatible With: Description Reviews (0) Video We have yesterday entered the final beta test and expect to launch an official mod for the Global AI Ship Traffic on the 26th February. Still there are issues e.g. missing wakes, but even with these minor issues this first version will give users realistic shipping all over the globe including everything from region specific fishing boats to aircraft carriers. A few screenshots from the. Hello to all: Have both Steam and the Box version installed. Recently started using Steam and I cannot get MY Traffic to generate anything. Followed all of the troubleshooting steps, but still nothing. This is my scenery config from FSX-SE - THis is the location of my Traffic directory [Area.129]..

Delta Airlines 747-400 | FAIB - FSX AI BureauUnited Airlines 737-700 | FAIB - FSX AI BureauCarenado Beechcraft C90B King Air FSX - Ariel CreationAmerican Airlines 767-300 | FAIB - FSX AI Bureau

Ultimate Traffic 2 for FSX: FAQ Forum Frequently Asked Questions for Ultimate Traffic II (check here first). 19: 85: January-16-2015 at 2:50am: General Discussion - Non Support Topics Only For all non-support discussion on Ultimate Traffic 2. 1011: 4352: Can't register Ultimate Traffic.. Realistic AI aircraft traffic at airports requires specifying multiple parameters in the WED scenery file. similar to what Heli Traffic 2009 did in FSX. Reply. Mutley Eugenius says: March 13, 2021 at 12:36 am. I do a lot of real flying to get my license. I am doing a lot of simming at home to practice and master the techniques that I learn. JustFlight Traffic X Manufactured by JustFlight. Traffic X is the latest generation of the hugely popular Traffic series of AI traffic programs from Just Flight, and is the new benchmark for Artificial Intelligence traffic expansions. New aircraft, more traffic - Traffic X employs completely reworked and updated aircraft for FSX with new and more detailed high-quality airline liveries

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