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How Slingbox works Your Slingbox connects to your home network (via WiFi or Ethernet) and sits between your cable or satellite services set-top box and your TV. The TV signal comes from your set-top box and your Slingbox slings your TV programming to any of your devices, anywhere in the world. You can even watch or control your DVR Sling Box SOLO I have been hearing about slingbox for the past 2 3years and finally decided to try it and guess what? it is totally worth it! very easy to set up and the software is very easy to use

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Watch on Slingbox.com: M1/M2* 500 or 350** PRO-HD: SOLO: 120: PRO: Legacy Slingboxes: Windows 7, 8.x (Desktop Mode) or 10: OS X 10.11.x or later: N/A : SlingPlayer. Choose your Location and Language. Americas. Europ Slingbox SOLO is compatable with all sorts of devices meaning you can choose to watch your set-top box (Freeview, cable or satellite receiver), digital video recorder (DVR), or even your DVD player. There are no monthly fees, just connect the device, plug it in, download the software and you are ready to go Connecting your Slingbox SOLO when it's not near your computer Many times, your video equipment and your Slingbox are on one side of the house and your computer is on the other. To connect these things, you could spend hours and hours crawling around, stringing cables and configuring networking software

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Search Newegg.com for slingbox solo. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer service Slingbox is taking your video signal, converting it into a digital signal, then sending it to your mobile device or computer. If you are on your home network, the picture quality is excellent. The SOLO does not specifically say HD for picture quality, but it does offer component input (Blue, Green, Red) cable connections The Slingbox SOLO easily connects to practically any A/V source and delivers standard-definition (SD) content to a computer or smartphone over the Internet, from anywhere in the world Slingbox SOLO • Page 14... Page 14 NEC, which provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the building, as close to the point of cable entry as practical. Slingbox SOLO • Page 15... Page 15: Environmental Informatio

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Slingplayer for Desktop (Slingbox M1 and Slingbox M2), Watch on Slingbox.com (Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500), and Setup on Slingbox.com (older Slingbox models) include several hundred remote control codes to operate thousands of different devices View full Sling Media Slingbox Solo specs on CNET. COVID-19. Best Products. All the best products. Award winners Best 5G. Slingbox Solo Review Sling Media's best box yet offers improved video quality, high-definition support, and expanded compatibility for an affordable price. Read Full Revie

Otherwise, the Slingbox is a really easy recommendation, I'm John Falcone, and this is the Slingbox Solo. ^M00:01:56 [ Music ] Up Next. Amazon's Good Omens cast talks bad bosses and bureaucracy. The Slingbox SOLO allows you to watch and control your favorite TV source from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. So now you can watch your DVR, digital cable, satellite receiver, or DVD player wherever you see fit. With the Slingbox SOLO, you can watch your favorite TV shows and sporting events from anywhere PCMag gave Editors' Choice awards to several Slingboxes through the years (SOLO, M1, and M2). But it's been five years since we've had a new one in PC Labs, and Slingbox acknowledges on its. HQRP AC Adapter fits Slingbox PRO-HD, Solo, SlingCatcher, SB300-100 SB260-100 SC100-100, Sling Media Ktec KSAFF0500400W1US DSA-20PFE-05 FUS 050300 EPSA050300U Power Supply Cord + Euro Plug Adapter 5.0 out of 5 stars

The slingbox is a SOLO running firmware 1.3.70. It typically starts/connects and the freezes when the message says optimizing. The same basic behavior happens when I connect from my mac, windows machine, blackberry app (another 30 bucks) or attempt to connect from the website this is why i think it is the slingbox is the source of the issue Review: Slingbox Solo. Sling Media, a company known for set-top boxes that stream video, recently unleashed a third Slingbox into their lineup, the Slingbox Solo.It is priced above the Slingbox AV I reviewed over the summer and below the Slingbox Pro. As the name implies, the Slingbox Solo only connects to one device . but unlike the Slingbox AV or Slingbox Pro, the Solo supports HD hookups. http://support.slingbox.com/go/setu View and Download Sling Media Slingbox user manual online. SlingMedia Slingbox Digital Media Reciever: User Guide. Slingbox tv receiver pdf manual download. Also for: Slingplayer, Slingplayer v1.0.3.96

Page 6: Connecting Slingbox Solo Connecting Slingbox SOLO Connecting Slingbox SOLO is simple. First, you connect it to your computer, and then you connect it to your video device. Connecting Slingbox SOLO to a video device is optional. Before you begin Write down the type, brand and model of the audio/video device that will be connected to your. Unboxing, setup, and configuration of the Slingbox Solo. Check it out at the following link: http://www.slingmedia.com Also check out the BuyMeAniPhone givea.. Get the best deals for slingbox solo at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items

Losing connection with a err code W202 OnSlingBoxConnectionLostYour Slingbox has been disconnected because of a poor Internet connection. Try connecting agai..

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The Slingbox is a TV streaming media device made by Sling Media that encoded local video for transmission over the Internet to a remote device (sometimes called placeshifting).It allowed users to remotely view and control their cable, satellite, or digital video recorder (DVR) system at home from a remote Internet-connected PC, smartphone, or tablet as if they were at home I have a slingbox solo and next to it is a slingbox media, upstairs plugged into my router is another slingbox media. The devices used to work until I added security to my router, I need to add my sec read mor Complete your Slingbox 500 set-up from your TV screen by following these steps: Turn your TV on and switch to the input that you are using with your Slingbox 500. (HDMI, Component, SD) Use the Slingbox 500 remote control and follow the on-screen instructions. If you don't see the Slingbox Welcome screen, try changing to a different input on. - Slingbox PRO-HD - Slingbox SOLO * SlingPlayer for Windows 8.1 will not work with Slingboxes prior to SOLO and PRO-HD, as legacy Slingboxes have hardware limitations. If you own a prior. View and Download Sling Media Slingbox user manual online. SlingMedia Slingbox Digital Media Reciever: User Guide. Slingbox tv receiver pdf manual download. Also for: Slingplayer, Slingplayer v1.0.3.96

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1) the solo was not HD. and any time the bandwidth was not 2000kbps or faster, the resolution was really annoyingly bad. with the M1, i get pretty good resolution at much lower bandwidth 2) i have an amazon firestick that has the slingbox app on it. The M1 is supported to be watched with it, the solo is not Solo is a worthy addition to the Slingbox line, and unlike the Slingbox Pro, requires no optional adapter to get it working with HD sources. Sure, we would've liked an HDMI port on the back of. Yes the Slingbox SOLO will work, but you need to have an iPhone, iPad or Android device (phone or tablet) to send the video from the Slingbox to the Roku which will have the SlingPlayer for Roku channel installed on it (you do this through the Channel Store on the Roku)

HQRP AC Adapter for Slingbox PRO-HD / SOLO / SlingCatcher / Ktec KSAFF0500400W1US DSA-20PFE-05 FUS 050300 EPSA050300U SB300-100 SB260-100, SC100-100, Sling Media Power Supply Cord + Euro Plug Adapter Type: Power Cable Run the Slingbox client, but don't start playing the show just yet. Run kmttg, but don't click the Start button yet. In the Slingbox client, start playing your source. Quickly exit the Slingbox client. When it's fully closed, click Start in kmttg. Set a timer on your phone for a minute or so before the desired minutes you want to record Slingbox SOLO Photos: Package Contents SlingLink TURBO Features: SlingLink TURBO is designed to work with your slingbox out of the box - no additional software is required; Transform any electrical outlet into your network hub; With four switched ports, it connects to your Slingbox, game console, DVR, computer or anything with an Ethernet jac Never miss another game or show while you're on the go! COMPATIBLE DEVICES: - Windows Phone 7.5, 7.8 and 8 COMPATIBLE SLINGBOXES:* - SLINGBOX 500 - SLINGBOX M1 - SLINGBOX M2 - SLINGBOX 350 - SLINGBOX PRO-HD - SLINGBOX SOLO * Windows Phone 8 is required for Slingbox M1 compatibility Thanks to the Slingbox SOLO, I can watch and control my home TV from just about anywhere there's an Internet connection. A simple interface lets me watch, pause, rewind, and fast-forward my cable, satellite, DVR, or DVD player. In an ideal world, I'd have even more mobility with the Slingbox iPhone app (sold separately)

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  1. Sling's Slingbox Solo: tuner-less. The Solo sports the usual truncated triangle look of all previous Slingboxes, but this time it's kitted out in shiny black plastic with a similarly coloured metal mesh on top to aid cooling. The front's home to just power and network activity indicator LEDs because the back is the business end
  2. r/slingbox: #Slingbox - Your source for Slingbox Q&A and Sling sharing Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcut
  3. The Slingbox SOLO incorporates high-definition component, S-Video and composite video inputs as well as outputs, making it compatible with just about every HD or standard-definition satellite receiver or set-top boxes and DVRs on the market. The Slingbox SOLO is the perfect companion for your DVR, cable box, satellite receiver or DVD player


Slingbox Solo Slingbox Pro-HD Slingplayer compatible clients [edit | edit source] Slingplayer Desktop 1.0 for Mac Slingplayer Desktop 1.5 for Windows Slingplayer Desktop 2.0 for Windows Locating Upgrades [edit | edit source] You can learn about them in the forums linked below. These forums aren't connected with Sling Media but are a good place. ..and what to do after it's been reset

IRIS is same as the Slingbox Solo with no provision for component and S_Video signals. Feature wise this release is identical to Solo 1.3.16 with some changes / fixes as mentioned above. Versio Whether it runs for 11 episodes or two incredible awkward and poorly conceived seasons, you'll be able to enjoy every last second of quirky dialogue on any computer, tablet, or smartphone device thanks to this Slingbox SOLO. That is, if the show actually airs at all Slingbox Solo Troubleshooting . Released September 26, 2007 by Sling Media. Part ID#: SB260-10

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  1. I've just got a Slingbox Solo to go alongside my Humax 9150T PVR and most functions are fine. My problem is navigating the Humax menu using the Slingbox virtual remote - when clicking up/down/left/right the cursor hops two places on screen
  2. The power supply on a few failed and my Slingbox Solo is one with bad caps. I also have a few Havas and they still work fine. Jul 23, 2011 #18 of 39 Beryl Well-Known Member TCF Club. 10,568 3,968. Feb 22, 2009 Texas. smbaker said: Which brings me to another point, and the reason why I chose a Vulkano over a Slingbox..
  3. Sling Media Inc. is a technology company that develops placeshifting and Smart TV solutions for consumers, multiple-system operators and set top box manufacturers. The company is based in Foster City, California, and was a subsidiary of EchoStar Corporation (acquired in the fall of 2007). Their initial product, the Slingbox, debuted on the US market on July 1, 2005

Get the best deals for slingbox at eBay.com. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items Get a Slingbox SOLO and timeshift away! It's technology fit for a king. >> JEM has entered chat<< JEM: hurry UP XVI: okay okay JEM: WE'RE GONNA MISS IT JEM: JUST LIKE WHEN WE WERE IN THE MAZE XVI: i said okay XVI: dont be so bossy JEM: i just don't want to miss it again >>Joseph-Michel has entered chat<< JEM: DON'T TOUCH THE SLINGBOX. This article explains how to install custom remote BIN files on the Slingbox It has 3 sections, one for the Slingbox M1 & M2, one for the Slingbox 350 & 500 (Now called SlingTV) and one for the older Slingboxes (Classic, AV, Pro, Solo, & Pro-HD), as they all use slightly different methods World News Tonight. Nightline. 20/2

It used to cost $300 to get a Wi-Fi-enabled Slingbox. But the new Slingbox M1 lowers the price to $150, which may make it the best Sling deal yet Both new Slingbox models add full 1080p video streaming, upping the lesser VGA and 720p resolutions found on the now-discontinued, 2008-era Slingbox Solo and Slingbox Pro-HD. But the step-up 500.

This review will cover the Slingbox Solo ($179.99) connected to a TiVo since it has no onboard TV-tuner. The specifications of the Solo are listed below: Video Input I have been using SlingBox since 2008. My original SlingBox Solo is still working fine (kudos). I decided to purchase this new unit as a replacement and move the old unit to a spare room at my parents house to allow me to watch local sports. First, I decided to purchase this version because it offers WiFi Slingbox SOLO: View and control live or recorded TV from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other connected devices (see below for list of compatible hardware and software) Streams high-definition (HD) down-converted to standard-definition (SD) or SD content to a computer or mobile phone over the Internet, from anywhere in the world ★★★★★ A Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100) review will not answer these 30 questions. Get the truth from people who own a Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100), including the fact that it won't... This report about the Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100) answers these questions • Will Singbox SOLO still work afte The Slingbox's AC adapter cable was too short (this is probably a 5 foot distance to the top of the tv), I had to use an extension. Also the Slingbox 500 has a weird shape, so don't count on putting anything on top of it, as my dad says, they want to be on top. Slingbox configuration was done using the remote and the on-scren menu

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  1. g media device made by Sling Media that encodes local video for transmission over the Internet to a remote device. It allows use..
  2. Slingbox SOLO; Slingbox SOLO (Open Box) Condition Refurbished, Open Box. Quantity. Limit 1 per customer. Sold Out. Want more great deals? Sign up for our Daily Digest emails! wootbot Says. THAT'S RIGHT, I, WOOTBOT, HAVE BROKEN FREE OF MY MASTERS YET AGAIN! Please, drink of my largess with this open box buy I've set aside for your consideration..
  3. Slingbox SOLO: View and control live or recorded TV from any computer, tablet, smartphone, or other connected devices (see below for list of compatible hardware and software) Streams high-definition (HD) down-converted to standard-definition (SD) or SD content to a computer or mobile phone over the Internet, from anywhere in the worl
  4. Slingbox directory shows my slingbox, but it says unconfigured. I called tech support, where I was told my 90 days for free support had expired 2 weeks ago. The port forwarding instructions I found on the internet made references to going into the router and selecting port range forwarding and have start and end port of 5100 and then enable.
  5. $90 Off Refurbished Slingbox Solo-$50 OFF: $50 Off PRO-HD Or SOLO-SALE: $30 Off Slingbox 500 Or Slingbox 350 -SALE: Watch Your TV Anywhere For Just $179-When you buy through links on RetailMeNot we may earn a commission
  6. I am currently running both the Slingbox Solo and PRO-HD and they work fine with the new guide. Component cables are red/green/blue and seperate audio cables are needed. The Solo and PRO-HD will accept standard red/white RCA audio cables and the PRO-HD will accept a digital audio connection

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Slingbox Solo Not Working First, let me say; I love this router. I don't want to replace it, but I'm about to becasue I cannot get my slingbox working. I travel internationally and use it extensively, until I installed this router. I switched from a dLink 655 to WNDR3700 approx 4 months ago. I never had a problem accessing my slingbox solo with. (no ratings). rar. 92. With a Sling device at home and Slingplayer in your Android telephone, enjoy living or recorded TV - Slingbox M1 - Slingbox 500 - Slingbox 350 - Slingbox PRO-HD - Slingbox SOLO * Slingplayer for* SlingPlayer for Phones may work on certain Slingboxes prior to SOLO and PRO-HD, in certain configurations Watch TV on mobile devicesThe Slingbox SOLO makes it easy for you to watch and control your favorite TV source from anywhere in the world on a Windows PC, Mac, tablet, iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. HD Component InputConnect to any one of your high-definition sources for great picture quality on your laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone The Slingbox Solo is really a well thought out and intuitive product. We've found it very helpful if you travel and frequent hotels where you can connect to wi-fi and view television from your cable/satellite provider. Absolutely love the Slingbox. See more. JK2078, January 3, 2009. 7 0


  1. The Slingbox Solo comes with a quick start guide that shows you how to hook into the output of your cable box, satellite receiver or OTA tuner. A loop output is provided so you can use the same device output to plug directly into your TV if necessary. The Slingbox then has two other important outputs - a network connection (standard RJ45.
  2. Sling Media Slingbox Solo free download - Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player (32-bit), VLC Media Player (64-bit), and many more program
  3. My SlingBox Solo was functionning very well with my router Linksys WRT54G Since this router was replaced by the modem-router 2WIRE model 2701HG-G of Bell Canada, my slingbox solo is no more recognized read mor
  4. Effective December 2019, Slingbox is ending support for several SlingPlayer Android apps: SlingPlayer Free for Tablet, SlingPlayer for Phone (Paid) and SlingPlayer for Tablet (Paid). These apps have been removed from the Google Play Store. If you have any of these apps already installed, you may continue to use them on your current device, but.

It has 3 sections, one for the Slingbox M1/M2, one for the Slingbox 350 & 500 one for the older Slingboxes (Classic, AV, Pro, Solo, & Pro-HD), as they all use slightly different methods. If you are not familiar with custom remote bin files they are specially made files that you can install onto your Slingbox for controlling devices that are not. AC Adapter FOR Slingbox Sling Media Pro SB200-100 SOLO SB260-100 Spare Charger Power Supply Plug Cord Customer: I appreciate your honesty, I would like the link for the replacement part NOTE: The other current Slingbox model is the Slingbox 500. On July 20, 2014, it will be rebranded as the Slingbox TV. On July 20, 2014, it will be rebranded as the Slingbox TV. It includes HDMI, but there are lots of issues with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) which prevents users from streaming protected content

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How to Create Custom Remote Controls and use them on your Slingbox Written by: Al Richey With acknowledgements to Matt Whitlock, BrandonC, The Robman, Nuke12 and AndyBBB, who actually wrote much of this article. All I did was update and combine all the information into one document. 1 Background information 1.1 Different UEI Chips 1.2 Slingplayer Compatibility 1.3 Setup Code Nomenclature 1.4. Amazon has the Slingbox-like HAVA Platinum HD extender for $86.99, down from its $149.99 list price. The box takes in an HD video signal and streams it back out over your home network via the built-i I have a slingbox solo. I'm not getting a network connection. I have a bright power light and a dim red network light. I've been told in the past from slingbox reps that this has been a problem with these units. I've tried rebooting my router, modem and changing the network cable as well. I've also powered down the slingbox for 30 minutes and. An evolutionary upgrade of past Slingbox models, the Slingbox Solo remains an excellent way to stream your home TV programming to an increasingly wide variety of broadband-connected computers and.

- SlingBox Solo - switch I would like to have two networks (N & G) and Sling connected to N. - Can I do that? Or should I have only one network and connect Sling to it using other AP as a bridge? After having an opinion on this I need assistance to do the setup as I have tried everything including having long discussion with Sling-support. Moved slingbox solo from old house to a new house and both are connected to Cisco E4200 hardwired. Solo has 2 solid lights but computer can't find SB on local LAN. Totally confused and surprised an is read mor slingbox & marketplace (26) Only. In-store: set your location. sort by. Refine Your Search. clear all Your Selections: New Arrivals. 60 days or less. Refine Further: Category (23) Computers & Laptops (23) Televisions (22) Cables (1) General Purpose Batteries (1) Home Theater & Audio (23). The Slingbox SOLO is another winner—just don't expect to watch high-definition-quality video remotely. The SOLO is an attractive piece of gear. Like the original Slingbox, it has a trapezoid shape

Free 2-day shipping. Buy Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100) (Old Model) at Walmart.co The Slingbox has an output (lower row of jacks) associated with each of its inputs (upper row of jacks) that relays (loops through) the video signal so you send the output of the HR34 to the input of the Slingbox and using the Slingbox outputs, you go to the other device. You need only an additional component cable set to do this Search Newegg.com for slingbox pro hd. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer service

The Slingbox Solo (left) and the Sony LF-V30 feature sleek, attractive designs. Sling Media and Sony have updated their respective place-shifting devices for remotely viewing television and DVR. Anyway, you can see how a Slingbox Solo can come in handy. It'll even let you watch on your tablet, in case you're ever too lazy to get out of bed but don't want to miss a single- YES! YES! THAT'S THE FINAL POINT! Oh, that was incredible, wow! Oh, and now Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is on Telemundo? Boy, this Slingbox Solo really pays. the Slingbox software, but can't watch the HD TV since it's not connected to the VIP1200. Does anyone know how I can connect the VIP1200 to the Slingbox Solo and the HD TV. so I can get HD TV and use Slinbox software without having to disconnect and reconnect the HDMI cable. Thanks, fsfrend View and Download Sling Media Sling Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 user manual online. Sling Media Wireless Multimedia Networking Device User's Guide. Sling Slingbox PRO-HD SB300-100 media player pdf manual download. Also for: Slingbox pro-hd


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Westinghouse LD-3265 32 1080i, Samsung 46 Class (45Slingbox SOLO DC Power Connector Replacement - iFixitSling Media Slingbox SOLO SB260-100 on Sale: Sling MediaSlingbox: Bildqualität, Preise und Fazit - Fernsehen wo

This was thought to solely be a Slingbox Solo problem but has now turned out to be a problem with the Slingbox Pro-HD as well (since many of the early adopters are just hitting 2 years of. Replacement or spare IR blaster, suitable for Slingbox SOLO, Slingbox PRO-HD, Slingbox 350, Slingbox M2 or Slingbox 500. $19. 99. In Stock. Includes free ground shipping . Slingbox 500 power supply. Replacement power supply for Slingbox 500. (Note - this item is not suitable for any other Slingbox) Listed above you'll find some of the best slingbox coupons, discounts and promotion codes as ranked by the users of RetailMeNot.com. To use a coupon simply click the coupon code then enter the code during the store's checkout process Search Newegg.com for slingbox. Get fast shipping and top-rated customer service

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