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  1. History of Quebec Early history to 1860 The origins of Quebec go back to 1534-35, when the French explorer Jacques Cartier landed at present-day Gaspé and took possession of the land in the name of the king of France
  2. Its capital, Quebec city, is the oldest city in Canada. The name Quebec, first bestowed on the city in 1608 and derived from an Algonquian word meaning where the river narrows, beckons visitors to the city's splendid view of the majestic St. Lawrence River and the pastoral Orleans Island
  3. The economic history of Quebec can be divided into five major periods. The first period started with the arrival of the French and lasted until the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. The main economic activity was the fur trade
  4. This article presents a detailed timeline of Quebec history. Events taking place outside Quebec, for example in English Canada, the United States, Britain or France, may be included when they are considered to have had a significant impact on Quebec's history. 1533 and before 1534 to 160
  5. History of Quebec (New France) New France about 1750. At the time of first European contact and later colonization, Algonquian, Iroquois and Inuit nations controlled what is now Quebec. In 1534, Breton explorer Jacques Cartier planted a cross in the Gaspé Peninsula and claimed the land in the name of France
  6. History Approximately 10,000 years ago, the Iroquois and Algonquin first set foot in present-day Québec. The Iroquois were farmers who planted beans, corn, and sunflowers around the St Lawrence Valley for centuries before Québec's first documented European visitor, French explorer Jacques Cartier, arrived in 1534
  7. The city of Quebec was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. He began a trading post there. During the 17th century and the early 18th century, Quebec grew slowly. The Maison Chevalier was built in 1752

Québec French, or québécois, is a variety of Canadian French that possesses its own characteristics and words that exhibit its unique history. Let's take a look at how québécois evolved throughout the centuries to become the language it is today Québec City's Early History Québec City was the first city in Canada to be established with the goal of becoming a permanent settlement rather than a commercial outpost such as St. John's, Newfoundland, or Labrador and Port Royal, Nova Scotia. In 1535 the French explorer Jacques Cartier built a fort where he remained in residence for a year The history of Quebec dates as far back as the discovery of Canada itself. It was indeed on her soil that Jacques Cartier, the envoy of the king of France, landed for the first time in 1534 Art Galleries in Quebec Art Museums in Quebec Children's Museums in Quebec History Museums in Quebec Military Museums in Quebec Natural History Museums in Quebec Science Museums in Quebec Observatories & Planetariums in Quebec Speciality Museums in Quebec

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  1. Québec a Nation History (Part 9)Braddock's DefeatBraddock expeditionBattle of the WildernessOn July 9, 1755, Braddock's men crossed the Monongahela without o..
  2. Summer Vacation in Québec City - Discover 400 Years of History Discover the historical and cultural richness of Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure and the only walled city north of Mexico. Old Québec. Parliament Hill & Plains of Abraham
  3. g the fleur-de-lis in the Middle Ages, putting it on their coats-of-arms and sceptres.Although lis is the French word for lily, the flower is actually in the iris family—it's called yellow flag in English.Such lilies were on the crosses Jacques Cartier planted in Gaspé Bay in.
  4. This week, we're going to celebrate the Canadian Province Quebec's birthday by doing a quick history of the strange place.There are still so many countries'.
  5. Québec City, Québec, founded in 1608, population 531,902 (2016 c), 516,576 (2011 c). Québec City, the capital of the province of Québec, is located on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River where it meets the Rivière Saint-Charles

A bit of history... The tradition of celebrating from the end of January until mid-February has been around for a long time! In Quebec City, the world's snow capital, the first major winter carnival made its debut in 1894. A population often faced with harsh winters decided to put on a snow festival to warm their hearts As an English Quebecer, this book was a very good reminder of the wonderful history of Quebec, from the very early days of Samuel Champlain to the Referendum in 1995 - they all play a role in how wonderful Quebec is as a distinct society and how wonderful the people are - all because of the diversity of cultures, language, and the heart of its.

The Battle of Quebec was a pivotal battle in the Seven Years' War that ended with a decisive British victory under General James Wolfe (1727-59). On September 13, 1759, Wolfe's forces scaled the. This is a 20 slide Smartboard presentation (Notebook) that covers the entire module 3 for Quebec history (grade 9) One Empire to Another. Topics include the Conquest of New France, implication of the Conquest, The Test Act, Treaty of Paris, Assimilation, the American Revolution, Loyalists, etc

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  1. of its history, the authorities governing Canada have explicitly recognised that Quebec is not a province like the others and thus was accorded special constitutional protection. The first of these recognitions was made in the Quebec Actwhen Quebec was given by Britain a constitution quite unlike tha
  2. Modern History Sourcebook: Samuel de Champlain: The Foundation of Quebec 1608. Learn About Heritage . Bonjour Québec's Québec Across the Centuries - A Brief History . Se Souvenir Du Québec (mainly in French, some links in English) with numerous links on history , war leaders, genealogy, etc. City Under a Siege. Wikipedia's History of Québec.
  3. Québec City is 400 years old. It boasts four centuries of history marked by encounters with the First Nations, battles between the French and English, terrible epidemics, and the acts of the men and women our streets are named after today; four centuries during which Québec has grown into the city we know and love, forging a character all its own built around a thriving culture, economic.

The discovery of Quebec is officially attributed to Jacques Cartier in 1534, but, thousands of years before his arrival, more precisely around 40,000 BC, people have crossed the frozen Bering Strait to settle on the American continent. These people travelled south and established different communities In the 17th century, the inhabitants of Québec City first occupied the narrow strip of land between the promontory and the port (Lower Town), and then the promontory itself, following in the wake of the religious institutions and colonial administration that occupied Upper Town

Quebec City was founded in 1608 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain. In early December 1775, Montgomery, Arnold and their men met on the outskirts of Quebec and demanded the surrender of the.. The PRDH - Le Program de recherché en demographie historique / The Research Program in Historical demography and the R.A.B. du PRDH contains over one million records of Quebec events and genealogies of French-Canadian families- births, marriages, burials etc. from 1621-1799 is also available on two CDs from Penetanguishene Museum Dictionnaire Genealogique des Famille Canadiennes by Tanguay. The Quebec Family History Society is a designated Family History Center of Family Search. Members and visitors have access to the digitized collection of records available only at Family History centers The Real First French Settlers of Quebec The first attempt to settle Quebec failed when Champlain was forced to surrender to the Kirke brothers in 1627, and most of the French returned home, never to come back to Canada

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The Trinity House of Quebec is founded to regulate the burgeoning port sector and oversee navigation. 1821 : The wood trade takes off and is central to Quebec City's port activities. Nearly 600 ships leave the Port of Québec each year for Great Britain. The Port of Québec becomes the economic hub between the Great Lakes and This file includes issues of newspapers titled La Sentinelle from: Monmagny (1883, 1891-1894, 1898, 1921-1925); and Lachute (1936) in Quebec. It also includes of La Sentinelle newspapers published in Mattawa, Ontario (1895) and Woonsocket, Rhode Island (1910, 1926-1928) The ancestor Charles Le Marquis, from Quebec, was the son of Charles Le Marquis and Jeanne Bignon, from Mortagne-Poitou. RAYMOND PHOCAS (My ancestor) Romain Phocas, son of Renaud Phocas and Catherine Daguspart, from Gascogne, was the ancestor of the Raymond families of the Kamouraska region Jacques Cartier finds Quebec and the Saint Lawrence River 1534 - 1535 Cartier calls the River the Saint Lawrence River because he landed there on Saint Lawrence's feast day. Samuel de Champlain founds Quebec Quebec's highest point is located here; Mt. D'lberville stands at 1,652m (5,420 ft) high. The Laurentian Mountains in southern Quebec are one of the oldest mountain ranges on the planet. These rounded peaks are covered by dense forest and home to many large lakes and numerous rivers

This series of Early French Canadian Pioneer microposts is dedicated to the earliest settlers of Quebec. If you are new to the genealogy of French-speaking Canadians, please be aware that the earliest French settlers can also descend from the Acadian pioneers who originally settled in what are now Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Cartier, made his first of three voyages to New France, claiming possession in the name of France. The word Canada, at that time, designated only the region around the city of Quebec. In 1608, another Frenchman The walls of Quebec City The oldest part of Quebec City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. The population in 2020 of Quebec City is approximately 826,109. In 1950 the population was 268, 268 List of people in the history of Quebec. From Independence of Québec. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is an incomplete list of State officials, national heroes and other important figures in the history of Quebec. Contents. 1 New France (1524-1763) 2 British Regime (1763-1931

Quebec Events in History. 2011 Event. In Quebec, 200,000 Canadian college and university students vote to boycott classes to protest tuition fee increases; 2011 Event. Rejean Hinse, a Quebec man wrongly convicted of a crime in the 1960s and acquitted 30 years later, receives $13.1 million in compensation Quebec was part of New France until 1760, then under British control. Quebec became a province in the Canadian Confederation in 1867. Since then, some people in Quebec have wanted to leave Canada Since the arrival of the first European settlers, Quebec has had a tumultuous and eventful history. Take a look at the key events that have shaped Quebec Best Books About Quebec, Canada: People's History of Quebec: A fascinating read shining new light on Quebec's 450-year history, detailing not just how the province's history unfolded, but the impact the Quebecois had on mapping the Americas

Straddling the Plains of Abraham, where France's New World fortunes took a dramatic downhill turn, this star-shaped fort provides stunning Old Town perspectives and a perfect backdrop for understanding Québec's history. It's easy to visualize the legendary rivalry between the French and English on a tour of this, North America's largest fort This article presents a detailed timeline of Quebec history.Events taking place outside Quebec, for example in English Canada, the United States, Britain or France, may be included when they are considered to have had a significant impact on Quebec's history.. 1533 and before; 1534 to 1607; 1608 to 1662; 1663 to 1759; 1760 to 1773; 1774 to 1790; 1791 to 184 Quebec would gain its independence in 1783 after years of fighting for independence. This would forever change the world through butterfly effects, the first of which being... 1. The United States achieves a far greater victory in the War of 1812 HISTORY OF THE CARNIVAL: In the early 1890s, the North American economy was very slow. The Québec City area was particularly hard hit with the definitive closing of its shipyards and emerging problems in the shoe manufacturing industry. On October 19, 1893, the owner of the Quebec Daily Telegraph, Frank Carrel, used the columns o Our ancestor was about 58 years old and father of 6 children: 5 boys and a girl Marie-Anne, who died a short time after she was born on 15 October 1690. Today his descen- dants are numerous throughout North America; especially in Quebec, in the Maritime Provinces and in New England

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The Quiet Revolution refers to that period in Quebec history when the Duplessis Union Nationale regime was replaced by Jean Lesage's Liberals and the powerful team (equipe du tonnerre). The changes wrought by the Quiet Revolution have their origins in Canada's economic development following the Second World War Quebec, Canada, Land Grants, 1763-1890: 34,477: Quebec Notarial Records (Drouin Collection), 1647-1942 (in French) 1,055: Correspondence, papers and documents, of dates from 1856 to 1882 inclusive, relating to the northerly and westerly boundaries of the province of Ontario: 537: View other Court, Land, Wills & Financial collections related to. The major French colony in present-day Quebec was known as New France. Between its foundation in the 16th century and its capitulation to the British in 1763, New France became the major enclave of French culture in North America. Today, that culture and history persevere The purpose of this study is to draw a picture of the Quebec's economic history since the end of the 1940s. In the past, a few papers have been published by various authors to determine the economic cycles of certain major periods

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  1. Nunavik landslide 2nd largest recorded in Quebec history 45 million cubic metres of debris dumped into the Great Whale River Aerial footage taken by the municipalities of Kuujjuaraapik and Whapmagoostui show the extent of the April 22 landslide, which is estimated to have dumped 45 million cubic metres of debris into the Great Whale River
  2. History made Quebec a meeting place for cultures, where people from around the world experience America, but from a little distance and through a different eye. Template:Fact The Culture of Quebec is connected to the strong cultural currents of the rest of Canada, the United States, France, and the United Kingdom all at the same time
  3. Quebec Secondary Programs in Social Sciences The QEP program documents describe course aims, competencies to develop, and course content. Cycle 1 History and Citizenship Education Download. Cycle 1 Geography Program Go to site Download . Cycle 2 History of Quebec and Canada Sec. 3 & 4 program Download. Cycle 2 History of the 20th Century Downloa

As one of the first parts of Canada to be explored and settled by Europeans over four centuries ago, Quebec has played a dynamic and fascinating role in the history of North America. This handy Cheat Sheet introduces you to some of the key things you should know about Quebec, from its original First Nation [ Quebec History. The province of Quebec received its name from the aboriginal inhabitants of the province. The word comes from the Mi'kmaq language, though Algonquian, Iroquoian and Inuit groups also resided in large numbers in the territory of present-day Quebec. The name Quebec means straight, narrows, referring to the portion of the. Quebec City is the capital of Quebec. The main language spoken in Quebec is French. Quebec joined the Canadian Confederation in 1867. Check out our brief photo tour of Quebec if you'd like to see more of the scenery of the province or if you need photos for a school project

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Old Quebec is a historic neighbourhood of Quebec City. Comprising the Upper Town and Lower Town, the area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 1608 Old Quebec are brimming with history and attractions 1 rue des Carrières CITQ No. 040703, Québec City - Quebec G1R 4P5, Canada Tel +1 418 692 3861; Fax +1 418 692 1751 chateaufrontenac@fairmont.co The Quebec state has come to occupy a highlu significant place in the political culture of Quebec. It plays a central role in symbolizing and maintaining the cohesiveness of the nation québécoise against what Quebec nationalists perceive as the steamrolling and centralistic dispositions of the English-Canadian state Waswanipi, Quebec J0Y 3C0: Mississaugas of the New Credit 2789 Mississaugas Road RR6 Hagersville, Ontario N0A 1H0: Cree Nation of Wemindji 16 Beaver Road Wemindji, Quebec, Canada J0M 1L0: Opitciwan (Obedjiwan) French 22 rue Amiskw Opitciwan, Quebec G0W 3B0: Cree Nation of Whapmagoostui PO Box 390 Whapmagoostui J0M 1G0: Ouje-Bougoumou Crees P.O. History of Quebec for Dummies by Eric Bedard, published by John Wiley & Sons, Canada, Ltd. 1652 Ninety miles beyond, still upstream, there flows into this King of Rivers, which at its mouth is 60 miles in width, and here more than a mile and a..

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The province of Quebec has a lieutenant governor who is the representative of the British monarch. Actual government is in the hands of the legislature, the National Assembly, and the Executive Council, or Cabinet, which is headed by the premier. History A Brief History of the Quebec Nordiques The franchise began NHL play in 1979 and spent 16 seasons in Quebec City by Callie Parmele @CallieParmele / ColoradoAvalanche.co

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The Quebec Nordiques were a professional ice hockey team based in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The Nordiques played in the World Hockey Association (1972-1979) and the National Hockey League (1979-1995). The franchise was relocated to Denver in 1995 and renamed the Colorado Avalanche. 1 Beginnings in the WHA 2 The 1980s 3 The 1990s 4 Season-by-Season Record 5 Move to Denver 6 Notable Players 6. Th ere are many different perspectives for the pros and cons for Québec leaving Canada. To make it more clear, there is a list of pros and cons for Québec and Canada if Québec leaves and becomes.. The Quebec Act. On the heels of the Coercive Acts, Parliament passed the Quebec Act, a well-intentioned measure designed to afford greater rights to the French inhabitants of Canada, which had come under British rule through the Treaty of Paris in 1763. In the succeeding years, British efforts to incorporate Quebec into the empire had been a notable failure Nunavik landslide was the 2nd largest recorded in Quebec history. The slide dumper 45 million cubic meters of debris into the Great Whale River. By. Sarah Rogers, Nunatsiaq News - May 3, 2021. 8. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter

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  1. The Quebec Nordiques are one of the most storied and revered franchises in NHL history, whose story is full of heartbreak and little redemption
  2. Divisions: Canada is divided into ten provinces (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island) and three territories (Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut). The largest by population are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. See the map for the locations and names of each province
  3. Quebec history essay topics for start definition essay love Apr 17, 2021 Once you have summarised your findings to be organized in many institutions at least, feel topics history quebec essay guilty about it, and add the letter must attest that all writing needs to appropriately train and bus stations, restaurants and conference halls, except.
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Quebec City History Facts and Timeline (Quebec City, Quebec, Canada) Settled by Native Indians, founded by the French and taken by the British, Quebec City has some of the most noteworthy history in Canada, and is certainly the most European-looking city in the nation The Quiet Revolution is one of the most studied eras in Québec history. It is popular to examine because it marked a broad and sweeping transition from the Québec society of decades past Quebec City is the oldest French speaking community in the New World, 407 years old as of today Links to directories at the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) lead to a page of browsable links for that particular directory. If you wish to do a search in the directory, or in many directories at once, use the directory search engine located here. Links to directories at New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) are to the images themselves, which are browsable

On the heels of the Coercive Acts, Parliament passed the Quebec Act, a well-intentioned measure designed to afford greater rights to the French inhabitants of Canada, which had come under British rule through the Treaty of Paris in 1763. In the succeeding years, British efforts to incorporate Quebec into the empire had been a notable failure The Quebec Act Britain's 1774 implementation of the Quebec Act is often recognized as a source of increased American resentment towards British rule in North America. Along with other British legislation, such as the Tea Act (1773) and the Coercive Acts (1774), the Quebec Act helped spur American colonists towards independence History of Quebec City While French explorer Jacques Cartier arrived in 1535, New France (later renamed Quebec City) was founded 73 years later in 1608 by French explorer Samuel de Champlain, making the French-speaking metropolis the oldest city in Canada and the third oldest in North America Quebec (Chaos) Quebec (Concert of Europe) Quebec (Cromwell the Great) Quebec (Failed CC) Quebec (Farewell My Canada) Quebec (Mexican Empire) Quebec (Rebellion of 61) Republic of Quebec (QC-95) Lower Canada (Washington Shot at Murdering Town!) Alternative History is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community The author discusses the civil, ecclesiastical, biographical and statistical history of Shefford Quebec, as it was known in 1877. Of great interest to those who seek knowledge of the region during its early development and the personalities that guided it throughout its development

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By the 1830s the frustrations that had been building up in Lower Canada (the former New France, the former Canada, and the future Quebec) since the defeat of 1759 had reached a boiling point The Battle of Quebec was fought between the Continental Army and British defenders of Quebec on December 31, 1775. Although a major defeat for the Americans, it showed the dogged determinism of American commander Benedict Arnold, who showed his bravery in the Battle of Saratoga before defecting to the British The History Resource Center is for the students of the History of Quebec and Canada course. Use our Review Lessons, Practice Questions, and Study Tips on a regular bases to increase your knowledge and appreciation of the History of Quebec and Canada A People's History of Quebec by Jacques Lacoursiere (translated by Robin Philpot) is a neat little history of Canada's Province of Quebec. The book covers Canada's/Quebec's founding by Jacques Cartier in 1534 all the way up to about 1995. Lacoursiere's book was written in 2002 and not translated by Philpot into English until 2009

This section of the Timeline of Quebec history concerns the events in British North America relating to what is the present day province of Quebec, Canada from the passage of the Union Act to the passage of the British North America Act. 1791-184 THE HISTORY OF CANADA. Quebec Separatism. Beginning in the 1960s Quebec was the center of militant agitation to separate it from Canada and establish a French-speaking nation. In 1969 French and English were both declared the official languages of Canada. In 1970 terrorist acts by alleged separatists were climaxed by the kidnapping and murder.

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Quebec Early History. Province of Quebec •Quebec is located in eastern Canada. •A large part of Canadian industry is centered in Quebec. •Many electronics and computer factories are based here. •French is the official language of business and government in Quebec Pointe Claire, Quebec, has been my beloved hometown for 70 years to date. Now part of the Greater Montreal region, the city of about 31,000 was settled in the late 1600s during the French regime.

Quebec County Railway Company (18 September 1910 - 18 September 1950) Incorporated 1904 (Que.) to build and operate a line to Sillery, west of Québec. Subsidiary of the Quebec Railway, Light and Power Company , was reported separately from 1932 to 1935 (CYB) The history of people being successful at establishing themselves in a harsh and inhospitable land, then using their ingenuity to tame the harsh land, forms the basis of Quebec's rich, non-political cultural history. Within traditional Quebec families, there would be stories of how their forefathers and relatives of earlier generations. Note: Above history - and information on Companies of the Regiment obtained from LaForest, Thomas, J., The Carignan Regiment published in Heritage Ouest, issue #23 Additional information on the Companies obtained from Société des Filles du Roi et Soldats Carignan - this web site may be accessed from the Links page Known as the Fleurdelisé in French, the blue-and-white Quebec flag was officially adopted by the provincial government in 1948. Representing the province's French roots, the history of the flag can be traced back to medieval Europe. Culture Trip explores the rich symbolism and history behind it

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Sep 23, 2017 - Explore Gwen Tuinman's board Bytown Ontario and Hull Quebec History, followed by 139 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about hull quebec, ontario, history Samuel de Champlain, regarded as the founder of Quebec, speaks with Indigenous people in this 1911 painting Quebec Family History Society has 3,487 members. The Quebec Family History Society is the largest English-language genealogical society in the province of Quebec, Canada. We are a non-profit organization, financed by membership and donations. Our society was founded in 1977 On October 2, 1900, the Prime Minister of Canada, Sir Wilfrid Laurier, placed the cornerstone of the Quebec Bridge. A few years later, on August 29, 1907, the south section of the bridge collapsed and killed 76 workers, including 33 Mohawk workers from the Kahnawake community Start studying 6th grade: Canada's History & Quebec's Independence Movement. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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The Quebec Daily Mercury (1887-1903) Quebec Saturday Budget (1874-1906) The Quebec-Chronicle Telegraph (1953-1970) Quebec City notaries' records Quebec City directories from 1822 to 1976 Fire insurance maps of Quebec City Other maps of Quebec City can be found in our main menu. This site gives information on heritage buildings in Quebec City. Quebec Nordiques Statistics and History [NHL] Leagues -> NHL -> Quebec Nordiques The Quebec Nordiques were a Major League hockey team based in Quebec, PQ playing in the National Hockey League from 1979 to 1995

The Battle of Quebec was the culmination of an epic journey through the wilderness. The Americans had marched through a blinding snowstorm to arrive at Quebec. The commanding officers, Benedict Arnold and Richard Montgomery were forced to make quick preparations for an attack due to enlistments running up Divisions: Canada is divided into ten provinces (Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island) and three territories (Northwest Territories, Yukon, and Nunavut). The largest by population are Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. See the map for the locations and names of each province The Quebec Act gave the English colony of Quebec control of all lands west of the Appalachian Mountains and north of the Ohio River. Quebec had been a French colony until the Treaty of Paris (1763). This treaty ended the French and Indian War and transferred most French land claims in North America to the English 1969. Social Aid Act passed. The Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) is born. Efforts to make health care services more accessible to Quebeckers come to fruition on June 13, 1969: the Québec National Assembly assents to bill 30 toward the creation of RAMQ, whose mandate is to implement a health insurance plan in Québec and meet the health needs of Québec citizens

Canadian History > Quebec Act, 1774 ; Cite. Quebec Act, 1774. Quebec Act, 1774, passed by the British Parliament to institute a permanent administration in Canada replacing the temporary government created at the time of the Proclamation of 1763. It gave the French Canadians complete religious freedom and restored the French form of civil law Genealogical societies in Quebec Quebec Family History Society Information on this society and a listing of members surname interests. Société de généalogie de Québec / Quebec Genealogy Society An introduction to this society and its activities. In French and English. Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogi

history of Québec and Canada with a view to a period or society will be evaluated. helping the students understand the cont-emporary period. The program requires that the students The questions used for evaluation will approach the study of history from a global seek to present an overall view of th Embryonic Beginnings At the dawn of the 1980's, a troupe of performers founded by Gilles Ste-Croix took their talent to the streets of Baie-Saint-Paul, a charming village on the shores of the St. Laurent River near Quebec City Slavery in Quebec. As the Commission des droits de la personne suggested in its 2011 report on systemic racism, a genuine reckoning with the history of slavery in Canada, and especially in Quebec, would be an essential step toward rectification of systemic racism toward racialized people, most notably Black people A Brief History of the Gaspé Peninsula, the Birthplace of Canada Local History; 1971 Bonaventure Island is purchased by the Quebec government which expropriates the entire island.Parc national de L'lle-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé is created in 1985 and is now one of the largest bird sanctuaries in the world

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