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Setup Instructions. Connect the blue Ethernet cable to the Internet (blue) port on the back of the Vonage HT802 adapter. Connect the other end to an open Ethernet (LAN) port to the back of your router, router/modem or managed switch on your network.; Connect the power supply for your adapter to the Micro USB 5V 1A DC port on the back of the Vonage HT802 adapter and plug other end into a power. The Grandstream HT802 is 2-port Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that lets you use analog phones with Vonage. A Factory Reset is needed when used with a prior service or when moving to a different Extension. Setup instructions apply to the following models: HT801, HT802, HT804, HT808, GXW4212, GXW4224, GXW4232, and GXW4248. NOTES

HT802 Telephone Adapter The Vonage HT802 telephone adapter connects to your existing broadband internet connection to provide you with telephone service for up to two phones. Uniden UIP1869V Adapter and Telephone Use the Uniden UIP1869V adapter with your Vonage phone service through your high-speed internet connection When my Vonage adapter of 7 years stopped working, I checked out my options on the Vonage site, Amazon, and Best Buy. The Vonage site surprisingly has an option that costs 8 times more and yet offers nothing additional. I finally bought this product from Best Buy (same price as Amazon, but available immediately) and the installation was a breeze

ht801 Designed for users looking to connect their analog devices to a VoIP network, in either a home or office. The HT801 is a powerful analog telephone adapter that is easily deployable and manageable

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  1. Vonage - HT802 Telephone Adapter. Model: HT802 SKU: 4932300. User rating, 4.5 out of 5 stars with 137 reviews. 4.5 (137 Reviews) Be the first to ask a question; $5.99 Your price for this item is $5.99. Clearance. Save $4. Reg $9.99. The regular price is $9.99. Sold Out. Customer rating. 4.5
  2. Discussed in dslreport. (google unlock HT802). Using u-Link NT to unlock can be completely solder less. You need to apply 2.3-2.4v to the SPI flash as descri..
  3. Configuring the HT802: These instructions are based on Grandstream HT802 firmware version; if you are running a different firmware version, some menus/settings may be different. These instructions are also based on using the HT802 in its factory default configuration, which obtains a dynamic IP address automatically from your router.

The HT801 is a single port analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows users to create a high-quality and manageable IP telephony solution for residential and office environments. Its ultra-compact size, voice quality, advanced VoIP functionality, security protection and auto provisioning options enable users to take advantage of VoIP on analog. Vonage HT802 - VoIP phone adapter. Key Features and Benefits: Unlimited , nationwide calling: anywhere across the U.S., Canada and Mexic The HT802 is a 2 port analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows users to create a high-quality and manageable IP telephony solution for residential and office envir onments. Its ultra-compact size, voice quality, advanced VoIP functionality, security protection and auto provisioning options enable users to take advantage of VoIP on analog. Troubleshooting your HT801/802 device. Make sure your device is connected to the internet, power, and your phone. Reboot your modem, router, and device. Try dialing both 7 digit and 10 digit numbers. If you are still having issues please contact our support team via email at support@nuvio.com or call 866.482.2173; Factory resetting your HT801.

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  1. The HT801 Phone Adapter connects to your existing high-speed Internet connection and your existing telephone to provide you with phone service. This phone adapter supplies a single-line connection. (If an additional line is needed, ACN offers the HT802, which accommodates up to 2 phone lines. The HT802 can be added once your service is active
  2. Grandstream HT802 vs Obi202? Close. 1. Posted by 4 years ago. Archived. Grandstream HT802 vs Obi202? I hacked an old vonage linksys box for my parents so they could use it for a single SIP line but it keeps disconnecting from vitelity. Thinking of getting an Obi202 but they are pricey. Any one actually try the HT802? Or other alternative ATA.
  3. password. Its supposed to be my account number but that doesn't work either. Not sure I'd agree that these ATAs are cheap - in the UK HT801/2 are at least 36UKP new. Sure, there's a few ATAs you can buy on eBay cheap enough but I rather like the.

Grandstream HT801 ATA Setup Updated: 10/6/2020 1:39 AM The Grandstream HT802 is an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) that allows analogue phones to be used with Vonage Forum discussion: Alright ATA pros chime in here. So from what I gather the only difference between the HT802 and the HT812 is the extra LAN port. The extra LAN port would be advantageous if there.

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  1. Buy Vonage HT802 Voip Modem Available in India online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Vonage HT802 Voip Modem Available in India reviews, ratings, features, specifications and browse more Vonage products online at best prices on Amazon.in
  2. The HT801 is an ideal single-port ATA for large scale commercial IP Voice service deployment. It is also a good choice for road-bound employees who can tap into the company IP Voice system using an existing analog line in their hotel rooms. Grandstream HT801 ATA Features and Specifications. 1 FXS port for analog devices; 1 10/100 Ethernet Por
  3. I installed this version over version on my HT802 and the device could not register any longer (port 5060 forwarded to ATA on router)
  4. Page 1 Obtaining HT802 IP address Placing a phone call done by connecting the computer to the same hub or switch as the HT802. The HT802 is by default configured to To make the outgoing calls using your obtain the IP address from DHCP... Page 2: Way Conferencing IP address convention example: call is established between phone A number. 2
  5. Gough, I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for your explanation of the call progress tone configuration. What I know about this subject is dangerous (haha), and out of all the research and Googling I did for my new HT801, (same as the HT802, but with only 1 FXS port), your article was the only search result that came up with a working solution for me, (i.e., apart from one very long.
  6. HT801 is by default configured to obtain the IP address from DHCP server where the unit is located. In order to know which IP address is assigned to your HT801, you should access to the Interactive Voice Response Menu of your adapter via the connected phone and check its IP address mode

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GRANDSTREAM NETWORKS HT801/HT802 Firmware Release Note Page 5 FIRMWARE VERSION PRODUCT NAME HT801 and HT802 DATE 12/13/2017 IMPORTANT UPGRADING NOTE • Once HT801/HT802 is upgraded to, downgrading to 1.0.2.x firmware version or lower is not supported. ENHANCEMENT • Added support for DHCP option 33 Copy the SIP password from the prompt that appears. You may be required to provide this to Vonage. 6. Call Vonage at 678-257-2715. Provide them the Account Number from your W/O. And tell them you are provisioning the 2 Port for a Grandstream HT802 ATA. Page 4 7. Vonage will sign into the Customers Online Account and finish setting up the 2 Port del adaptador Vonage Box™ y enchufe el otro extremo en la fuente de alimentación. Se recomienda el uso de un dispositivo de protección contra sobrecargas. Paso 5 Confirme que el LED de arriba del adaptador Vonage Box™ es de color azul. Espere que se encienda el LE

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There are a lot of ATA's out there, and believe it or not, they are not all a good fit. It is important to know what you are getting into when purchasing yo.. Grandstream: HandyTone 802 (HT802) ATA Modified on: Tue, 6 Oct, 2020 at 2:57 PM Grandstream's HT series of Analog Telephone Adapters (ATAs) offers a ton of features at an affordable price point. They are trusted and deployed by some of the world's largest service providers. The HT802 is a 2-port FXS, with 10/100 Mbps ethernet and no router My parents and me are still using Vonage Linksys ATA from 14 years ago. I was buying Cisco SPA112/SPA122 for many years for friends and relatives with FPL. It is similar to old Linksys ATA. Cisco suddenly increased the price from $50+ to $90+. I switched to Grandstream HT801/HT802 when they first released as new model like 4 years ago Vonage wants to lock you into $24 a month after you get hooked on it and that's way more than Magic Jack. I dunno. ===== -= Cloud 9 =-Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/01/2018 10:31PM by JoeyPogoPlugE02. Reply Quote. habibie. Re: Grandstream HT-802 VoIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) June 02, 2018 06:22AM.

Grandstream HT801 is a compact, single port analog telephone adapter. With one FXS port and one Fast Ethernet port, the HT801 is an inexpensive solution for integrating an analog endpoint such as a legacy telephone into an IP or VoIP network Grandstream HT802 is a compact dual FXS-port analog telephone adapter for connecting your analog telephone to your LAN, integrating your existing phones with your VoIP system. Plug 2 phones into the FXS ports and the HT802 into an IP-PBX. This ATA support T.38, which means you can also connect your fax machine to your LAN via Fax over IP Ed ecco il Grandstream HT801. A differenza del suo fratello maggiore (HT802) gestisce un solo account VOIP, ma è la soluzione migliore per le utenze domestiche, dove la linea è solitamente una sola. Consigliato per la semplicità di configurazione, e anche per la ricchezza di parametri

Wait 60 seconds after plugging your HT802 in. Pick up the phone connected to the HT802 and dial *** on it. Please have a pen and paper ready. You will hear a message - Enter a menu option, then enter 0 2 on your phone. You will now hear a message giving you the IP address of your HT802 such as - and write this number down The Grandstream GS-HT802 is a smart - and secure — solution for those looking to connect their analog devices to a VoIP network at home or in the office. Built with Grandstream's industry-leading SIP ATA/gateway technology, the GS-HT802 is equipped with dual FXS ports and a single 10/100Mbps port for fast speeds and a stable connection Instructions for Factory Reset: 1. With the Fongo adapter powered on, unplug the blue Ethernet cable from the Internet port. 2. Locate the pin-sized-hole labeled Reset on the back of the Fongo adapter 2 product ratings - Grandstream GS-HT802 2 Port Analog Telephone Adapter VoIP Phone & Device Black. C $55.00. or Best Offer. S p o n s o r e d. GS-HT813 Gateway ATA HT813, 1FXS, 1FXO by Grandstream. 3 product ratings - Vonage Grandstream HT801 Single-Port Analog Telephone to VOIP adapter box 961-10. C $37.49. From United States. or Best. VoIP ATA: Cisco SP112 or Grandstream HT802 Some people tell me the Grandstream ATA suffers from a quite short live expectancy, though when it's working it seems to be reliable. The only complaints on the Cisco ATA I've seen so far were based on the magnitude of settings you could fiddle with which, I guess, is rather a pro than a con

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Online ordering is disabled until further notice. Please call 0207 993 9000 for assistance, Monday - Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 am I tried to connect to the configuration on the Grandstream HT801 by putting in the IP address of the adapter on the address bar and it always states that IP address refused to connect. I have tried resetting, contacted the customer support at grandstream, checked proxy settings, firewall, etc to no success... what could I do..

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The primary differentiator between HT801 and HT802 is the number of phone lines you get. With the HT802, users can access two lines. Moving up in the Series - HandyTone's HT812 features an integrated gigabit NAT router, which increases speed. This is included at no additional cost and ultimately can lead to a more stable connection Grandstream HT802 Dual FXS Adapter SKU: 02-123063 Grandstream's HT802 is a Dual FXS Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with a sleek, modern design that is suitable for any residential or business setting that wants to turn their analog phone into a VoIP system Grandstream HT802 - 2 Port Analogue Telephone Adapter. Designed for users looking to connect their analog devices to a VoIP network at home or in the office. The HT802 is a powerful analog telephone adapter that is easily deployable and manageable. It comes equipped with 2 FXS ports to create a high-quality network solutio This item Grandstream HandyTone HT801 ATA. Bewinner VoIP Phone Adapter for Voice-over-IP, VoIP Gateway with 2 Port Internet Phone Adapter RJ-45 Network Interface SIP RJ45 Cable For PAP2T, Support SIP V2 Protocol, DHCP(UK) Yealink W60P IP DECT Bundle Package (Includes 1 x W56H Handset & 1 x W60B Base Station) - Silver / Black

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48 volts? WHAT? I've never seen a phone ring on 48 volts. I spent over 25 years at AT&T, and it was always 85 to 105 volts AC (20Hz). 48 volts DC was the standby voltage normally available on an idle line. That was then, before VOIP Before you begin, ensure that you've created your extension in the My Account Portal, https://my.maxo.com.au/. To retrieve the details of an existing extension, or create a new extension, to the My Account Portal and select SIP Trunks from the menu. If you're creating a new extension, click the Add Extension button, fill in the details and click Save. For additional information on. Vonage Grandstream HT801. Vonage Grandstream HT801 Adapter Box + Power Cables VOIP Phone Adapter $ 30.39. View Details. Zoom product. VONAGE V-PORTAL PHONE ADAPTER. Open Box Vonage HT802-VD Home Phone Service w/ Free Mobile App Phone Adapter $ 31.95. View Details. Zoom product The Vonage Mobile app for iPhone ® and Android™ devices lets everyone—including people without a Vonage plan—make free voice and video calls, and send free texts, video messages and photos to anyone with the app, anywhere in the world.** You also get great low rates on international calls to anyone who doesn't have the app Insert the power adapter into the HT802 and connect it to a wall outlet. The HT802 Analog Telephone Adaptor is an all-in-one VoIP integrated device designed to be a total solution for networks providing VoIP services. The HT802 VoIP features and functions are available using a regular analog telephone

Grandstream HT801 ATA - ~$30 or so from Amazon. Do NOT get a Vonage version or it will be locked. You can find Vonage branded HT802 (2 phone line) on Ebay all day for $10, but unless you want to do some soldering, don't bother. Grandstream also make a lot of these devices, most of them support pulse dialing manufacturers and suppliers of vonage from around the world. Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of vonage Vonage Manufacturer Vonage America Model HT802-VD Part Number HT802-VD Mounting Hardware Vonage Box^Ethernet Cable^Power Adapter^Quick Start Guide Batteries Included No batteries required No Includes Rechargable Battery No Manufacturer Vonage America Item model number HT802-VD Product Dimensions 10.01 x 10.01 x 2.69 cm; 117.93 Grams ASI Compare Vonage vs Axvoice. Find out whether Vonage or Axvoice is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Vonage and Axvoice and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below The Grandstream Handytone HT801 a single port analogue telephone adapter that is designed for users who want to connect their analogue devices to a VoIP network, either at home or in the office. With its ultra compact size, voice quality, advanced VoIp functionality, security protection and auto provisioning options enable users to take.

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Brand: GRANDSTREAM, MPN: HT801 N. Review (mpn: HT801 N for sale) HT801 N GRANDSTREAM Handytone 801 HT801 Voip Adapter Fxs Ethernet Ports Ht8. Simple choose the Paypal option when proceeding through checkout. GRANDSTREAM handytone 801 HT801 voip adapter one fxs ethernet ports ht8 times buy now and save (HT802 FXS Port) Edit this file using an external application (See the setup instructions for more information) File links. The following page links to this file: Grandstream HandyTone 802 - HT802; Metadata. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file.

Rates exclude high speed internet service, activation fee, premium services, Vonage compatible equipment, taxes and shipping. If you subscribe to plans with monthly minutes allotments (for example, Residential Basic 500), all call minutes placed from both your home and registered Extensions® phones will count toward your monthly minutes allotment Vonage Grandstream HT801 Analog Telephone VoIP Adapter - New, Open Box. C $34.65. C $43.32. shipping: + C $6.79 shipping . Vonage GrandStream Analog VOIP Telephone Adapter Model HT802. C $19.33. shipping: + C $10.86 shipping . Cisco ATA192 Multiplatform Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA192-3PW-K9) - Brand New. C $73.64 اكتشف مجموعة ht802 المعقدة في Alibaba.com. تسوق ht802 لتعزيز الإنتاجية والعمليات السلسة

Grandstream IP Phone Compatible with Vonage Business: Grandstream GXP1760 IP Phone. Grandstream GXP1780 IP Phone. $49.99. Grandstream DP750 DECT VoIP Base Station. $35.95. Grandstream HT801 Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) $33.99. Grandstream HT802 Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) $32.99. Metroline, Inc. • 2250 Meijer Drive • Troy, MI 48084. Grandstream HT802 Price: $32.83 from Amazon; $32.99 from IP Phone Warehouse; $49 from VoIP Supply; 8. Poly OBi312 Adaptor. This Voice over IP telephone adapter has two ports: one FXS and one FXO. Through the FXS port, you can easily plug a fax machine and an analog phone. It also enables you to utilize your legacy device into the IP network I have a Grandstream Model HT801. I called Vonage, some consultant not really knowing about resolving the issue, just disconnected the call. I have been a client of Vonage for 20 years and made a.

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Grandstream HT801 Analog Telephone Adapter. The Grandstream HT801 is a single port analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows users to create a high-quality and manageable IP telephony solution for residential and office environments.. Supports 1 SIP profile through a single FXS port and a single 10/100Mbps port; TLS and SRTP security encryption technology to protect calls and account The following guide will help configure Grandstream adapters with your sipgate basic residential account and applies to all adapters from the HT series, e.g. HT 502 / 503 / 701 / 702 / 704 / 801 /. Seems to be a good price. Currently $65.95 sold by Amazon. Edit: They have this in Terms and conditions:Non-furniture orders less than $50 (before taxes, after coupons and price matches) are subject to a minimum order handling fee of $9.95. So it is best to buy some SD card or USB stick to get to $50 HT802 writeSIPFile, No space! [HT8XX Series Analog Telephone Adapter] (7) Setting up remote phones? [UCM62xx/UCM6510 IP PBX Appliance] (9) Grandstream UCM 6510 [UCM62xx/UCM6510 IP PBX Appliance] (13) Captive Portal Splash Page Voucheur + mail [GWN7610/7600/7600LR WiFi Access Points] (1 Ooma vs. Vonage: Plans and Costs. As with all product decisions, price likely plays a major factor in your decision. Vonage's North America plan offers unlimited calls within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you sign up for a 1-year contract, rates are $9.99 for the first six months and $24.99 thereafter

It's a Grandstream HT802. Dial tone didn't sound quite right more like a contant bit higher tone. So I logged into the ATA, dug a bit & the on the FXS Port1 tab, SLIC settings were USA1, changed this to AUSTRALIA Also found dial tone setting strings & got the dial tone sounding like Aust typical dial tone. Updated, Applied & rebooted. But still. Grandstream HT801 Installation Guide | Voyant Resources Setup Instructions. Connect the blue Ethernet cable to the Internet (blue) port on the back of the Vonage HT802 adapter. Connect the other end to an open Ethernet (LAN) port to the back of your router, router/modem or managed switch on your network.; Connect the power supply for you How to Fax over VoIP. Faxing over VoIP successfully; VoIP Mechanic recognizes that not every fax machine comes with implicit easy to find instructions for slowing down the BAUD rate to 9600. Adding to this problem is that most recent fax machines transmit at higher speeds than 9600, so we have started to list some fax model's instructions to lower the transmission speed to a baud rate of 9600.

Vonage offers flexible and scalable voice, messaging, video and data capabilities across Unified Communications, Contact Centres and Communications APIs Contribute to danry25/HT802 development by creating an account on GitHub. These are dumps of HT802 ATAs, and eventually (maybe) instructions on how to play around with them This particular scenario is a bit difficult as it is a customer who owns and manages the Grandstream HT802 ATA (analog telephone adapter), connecting to our V.3600 modem. So I could not contact the Vonage Business group without an account, but the consumer side of their business assured me the HT802 would not support the transport of modem data Grandstream/SONIC HT801 Single-Port Analog 3-Way Voice Telephone Adapter. AU $30.95. Free shipping. Vonage VOIP ATA adapter Grandstream HT802 2 port. AU $20.64 + AU $6.39 shipping. GRANDSTREAM HT502. AU $31.61 + AU $5.16 shipping. Picture Information. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom-. WhichVoIP Visitor Comments #4 : Posted by Kent . I'm trying to find an ATA to run an auto dialer for temperature sensor alarms. I'm on a VOIP PBX system at the location required. would prefer the ATA to set up as an H.323 endpoint

Grandstream HT801/802 setup and troubleshooting

New and used surplus equipment in Computers/Tablets & Networking > Home Networking & Connectivity > VoIP Phone Adapter USED Vonage HT802 Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter VIOP Phone • Amazingly simple device that gives you Unlimited calling anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, using your high speed internet. • Works with any touchtone phone; activate your device online, plug your phone into the Box and the Box into your internet router Compare Vonage Business vs Axvoice. Find out whether Vonage Business or Axvoice is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Vonage Business and Axvoice and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below

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Grandstream HT802 vs Obi202? : VOI

Grandstream HandyTone HT802 Configuration and Review. Callcentric.com DA: 19 PA: 33 MOZ Rank: 52. Enter the password for the HT802 in the password field; The default administrator password for the HT802 is admin; After entering the password you should see a screen that looks similar to the one below: STEP 4: From the top menu bar, click on FXS Port 1 and configure your settings in-line with. How to configure your VoIP hardware or PC/App softphone. Included Call Packages; Freedom Bundle PBX HANDSET INCLUDED Included call packages from $32.95/month; Freedom PBX Outright or BYO phone options with included call packages from $29.95/month; Telehealth Hosted PBX Fixed-price plans for telehealth with full Hosted PBX syste Some suppliers recommend the Grandstream HT802 or HT 812, whilst I have also been strongly recommended to choose from the Cisco SPA 112 or SPA 122. I'm using the single port HT801 and it works well without any dramas. The config options can be rather daunting for the first time user but you won't need to touch most of them and in any case. Configuring Grandstream HT801, HT802, HT812 and HT814 FXS Gateways; Configuring Grandstream GXW4216, GXW4224, GXW4232 and GXW4248 FXS Gateways; Other additions: Import / export of SIP Trunk Templates. Ability to opt-in and out of call recordings in queues. Added distinctive ringing for multiple queues. Added chat toasters to incoming chat messages - httpconfig.vonage.net pointing to the IP address of your web server - time.vonage.net pointing to an NTP server, for example If you are using Tomato or DD-WRT, go to Administration -> Scripts (for Tomato) or Administration -> Commands (for DD-WRT) and under the firewall script add the following (replace with the.

Reflash Vonage HT801 - Gateways and ATA

Grandstream extend the power of advanced communications that user will enjoy. Get our collected resources such as datasheets, installation guides, and videos Grandstream GVC3202 Video Conferencing Solution (6947273701996 Conference Phones By Brand) $ 2499.00 ($2,461.52 after rebate The Grandstream GXP2200 is a six line multimedia VoIP phone that runs on the Android Operating System 2.3. This means With the GXP2200 you get all of the standard features of an HD enterprise Grandstream phone combined with vast number of Android applications including Skype, Google Voice, Facebook Twitter and more

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