Motherboard back USB ports not working

Plug the USB device into a few of the ports on both the front and back of your computer. If the device doesn't work in any of the ports, there's likely a problem with its hardware. If your device starts working when plugged into different ports, then the first port probably has a physical problem that needs to be fixed It could be that the data transmission in the USB ports could dead but power could still be running through the ports. You can check this by charging a device through the ports that are suspected to not work. If it doesn't charge or even even tran.. Motherboard DH61HO back usb ports not working Since am using the board DH61HO after 4 year of use the usb back ports stop working then i took to repair it but, many say they can do nothing after a while i go to a computer market there i go gor repair my usb ports he says he replace the ports but after repair only two are working and now that is.

The USB ports of motherboard have four pins. If the port is not working, then firstly you have to check the ground pin. Because of the connection problem on the ground problem, the motherboard USB port can't work. So firstly, you have to ensure the secure connection of the ground pin If you are struggling with USB 3.0 ports on the back of your PC or on a laptop, you can skip this suggestion. You will need to open your case to access the motherboard. Switch off your PC first and unplug it from the wall. The image we have above, provided from ASUS, showcases what a USB cable looks like and where it needs to connect Check if the cable which connects the USB port from the front panel is still connected securely to the motherboard. If it appears to be OK check that the setting that allows the computer to control power to the USB ports has been unchecked I have a problem my 2nd row of back usb3 ports they are not working at all devices connected to them are totally dead in and out of windows according to the manual these are ports USB3_E56_E78 the 4 above them and the 2 below are working fine not sure why these are not i checked the bios and those ports are showing up as enabled i am using a 5930k have SLI 780s and a X-Fi Titanium HD in the. The computer runs fine, but no usb devices work with it. Theres ports on the back of the motherboard,and I've also plugged in the front panel usb ports on my case into the motherboard. If I plug an..

What to Do When Your USB Ports Aren't Workin

USB 3.0 not working? This video is how to fix your PC's 3.0 USB ports on a ASUS Motherboard. My USB's stopped working after a failed update to Insider Previe.. The motherboard USB ports stopped working on the back of the computer except for two ports. I'm running mouse and keyboard off a USB hub and my external hard drive off the other port. My BIOS is up to date and the USB ports are enabled

HP Mb Elitedesk 800/880 G4 L22109-001 L22109-601 L01479

Why aren't my motherboard back USB ports working? - Quor

Yes, I mean no USB 2.0 device works on any port. With the ports on the MB I mean not the case USB ports, so I am plugging the devices directly to the MB. The PS/2 keyboard does work in the BIOS, but if I am in the BIOS using the PS/2, the USB keyboard does not work in the BIOS, the PS/2 does work. Also in the OS the USB keyboard/mouse is not. Try hitting the appropriate key on the USB keyboard. If it doesn't work, make sure that there's no USB hub in-between, like a desktop hub, or a monitor's USB ports. If necessary, try different USB.. Hey friends, I have a problem with my Gigabyte motherboard. When my device is turned on and I connect a USB device to it, I do not see any reaction, As if they were broken. But if I connect my USB device when the device is turned off and then turn on the device or restart the system after connect.. Page 1 of 2 - USB Ports not working after new motherboard - posted in Windows 7: So i upgraded my computer today and replaced my motherboard, ram and processor. Everything seemed to work fine untl.

Asus X53S K53SV motherboard

If the USB controller is what failed, it would explain the problem -- since there's no way to add USB ports by means of an express card, you'll need to replace the system board. To be absolutely sure it's a hardware problem, do a factory restore of the system (F8 before Windows loads) -- if that doesn't solve the problem, replace the system board My motherboard is Asus m4n68t -m le v2...Ever since i purchased this motherboard my front panel ports are not working...Back side ports are working fine...I checked with Real tek and VIA HD Audio driver..But none solved..In my System tray it always shows Digital Audio(HDMI)..But my Monitor is connected via VGA not vi The problem of USB Ports not working in Windows 10 could be due to the drivers for USB Ports getting corrupted. This issue can be fixed by uninstalling all the Faulty device drivers and allowing Windows to automatically reinstall the drivers back on your computer (Scroll down or see my pinned comment for solution)Can anyone help? I understand that it's an old shitty computer and it's most likely my motherboard, but I.

Sorry this item did not work for you, I keep a few around now because new Motherboards no longer have USB 2.0 Ports on the Back I/O Panel post edited by bcavnaugh - 2018/02/28 18:35:02 Affiliate Code: E5L3CTGE12 & Associate Code: 9E88QK5L7811G3H NoDarkSkie I just received the board and everything seems to work, except the 3.1 USB ports. Asus z97 USB board. 3.1 is enabled in bios and usb boot initialization is set to be full (so that all usb devices work during boot) 3.1 controller is enabled in bios (charging disabled) I didn't actually install OS yet and have not installed any drivers If the USB ports still do not work, the wires connecting the USB board to the motherboard USB pins might not be securely connected. The computer might need to be serviced to connect the USB board wires to the motherboard connectors

All USB ports on PC are not working and no video signal? Thread Could be so many things to go wrong but revolt of USB ports indicate that it's the motherboard who wants to quit her day job. if there is a jumper to reset CMOS, do that too, but leave it unplugged overnight. Plug it back in, make sure you move the jumper back, and see if. The front usb port in the front of the case is a little piece that has a little cord that connects to the motherboard. The back usb slots are part of the motherboard and works but when I plug the. To increase battery life, USB 3.0 ports are disabled by default. You can double click Smart Manager icon on the desktop and active USB 3.0 function by clicking it OK , so for a while now they USB ports (all 4) on the back of my machine that are on the Motherboard do not work when I boot up, nothing I plug in to them loads. The top 2 and the 3.0 , just behind the alienware head and the power button work just fine thankfully . I have uninstalled through Device.

If the issue can't be solved and all USB ports does not work, please contact ASUS Support for assistance. If the USB keyboard or mouse do not work on this motherboard, but works on another motherboard, it means the USB keyboard/mouse is not compatible. Please refer to USB Keyboard and mouse in Device QVL list of this motherboard on ASUS. USB KB/Mouse plugged into the USB ports at the PS2 connector. Worked fine on the F1 BIOS the board shipped with. As soon as I updated to F2, USB KB/Mouse stopped working in BIOS (still work fine in Windows). An old PS2 KB works fine, so it's not a show-stopper, but it would be great if it could get fixed in an upcoming release Unplug the computer. Press the power button for 5 seconds

If you get the same usb port failure again using a brand new hard drive, chances are you have a faulty Motherboard. HP's are now known for using low quality Motherboards and have done so for like 10 yrs. now since they shipped their factors offshore. I have a Business Customer who was a Windows7 computer and has 3 of the 8 usb ports that don't. It is likely a motherboard issue / failure, I have had issues like this before although before my computer wasn't booting up and usb ports on my motherboard were powered but not powered fully and..

Asus K54L Motherboard

Question I have an Intel Desktop motherboard which posts but usb ports won't work and it won't boot to windows. Trying to flash a new bios but it's not working: Motherboards: 5: Mar 26, 2021: Question Motherboard powers on but no display & USB ports don't work, no beeps ? Motherboards: 8: Mar 22, 2021: Y: Question All usb and hdmi ports not. The USB port at the back works, but the one at the front does not. This is usually due to the extension line that links the front USB ports to the motherboard. The ports at the back are integrated into the motherboard so they have less pressure on them Really strage issue, the USB ports on the motherboard are not working, but the front panel case ones are. Its only the USB port, the ethernet, HDMI etc all work... Ive checked device manager, but i cant decipher which are front vs back panel Im using the MPG Z490 Gaming Plus Intel i3 10th Gen L120 If you can't charge your phone through a USB port, its +5V power source is gone. On a desktop, those ports are powered by either the +5Vstandby supply or by the regular +5V supply, and with some motherboards this can be configured through jumpers The problem of USB Ports not working in Windows 10 could be due to the drivers for USB Ports getting corrupted. This issue can be fixed by uninstalling all the Faulty device drivers and allowing Windows to automatically reinstall the drivers back on your computer. 1. Right-click on the Start button and then click on Device Manager

Motherboard DH61HO back usb ports not working - Intel

How to Fix USB Ports Not Working TechDi

  1. I have had many computers in my working space over the years. While some lasted long enough to be called dated, some just gave up too soon. Of all the problems, a dead USB port is the most common issue any Windows users may face. The dead USB Port problem is common with cheap Windows machines, but your outrageously expensive laptop is not immune to USB port failures either
  2. Could be so many things to go wrong but revolt of USB ports indicate that it's the motherboard who wants to quit her day job. You could reinstall Windows though
  3. case USB ports and motherboard USB ports not working Build Question i am building my first PC and i was able to finally get the case and CPU fan on but the USB ports are not working both motherboard and case i reconnected the USB cables inside everything is connected properly i think.also the power button only works when i turn it on not to.
  4. Sometimes, the power supply fails to supply the power to USB ports. This can result in USB ports to stop working. Follow this method to fix this issue. Step 1. Unplug your laptop's power supply, along with the charger plug. Step 2. Now, restart the laptop. Step 3. Reconnect the USB device to the USB port of your laptop. Step 4
Asus Z97-A Motherboard Z97 LGA 1150 ATX

I have two working USB ports in the back, and that's it. The motherboard is Asus Maximus IV Z68, and the USB ports that aren't working are the 3.0 ones with Renesas controller. The front port USBs work, and they are the 2.0 USBs The on-board USB 3.0 port function like a 2.0 port before OS USB 3.0 driver load. If you reboot the OS, during this reboot BIOS phase, BIOS is Smart enough to avoid downgrade the USB 3.0 port back to 2.0 functionality before OS USB 3.0 driver load If you get the same usb port failure again using a brand new hard drive, chances are you have a faulty Motherboard. HP's are now known for using low quality Motherboards and have done so for like 10 yrs. now since they shipped their factors offshore. I have a Business Customer who was a Windows7 computer and has 3 of the 8 usb ports that don't. Press the Windows key and the R key to open the Run box. When the Run box opens type in devmgmt.msc, then click/tap on OK. Click/tap on Action and select Scan for hardware changes. This will force..

I verified that I had connected the USB 2.0 header to the motherboard, which I had. I then took off both side panels and the top panel. I removed the USB/audio/fan control assembly and looked underneath where the USB ports are mounted. To my relief, I found the USB 2.0 connectors were not seated into the back of the port headers The USB stick must have damaged only that USB port. I would avoid using that stick of memory again. You will need to replace the USB module housing both USB 3.0 ports as both front ports use the same module and connections to the motherboard. You will probably have to go to HP for the part

USB 3.0 Ports Aren't Working? Here's How to Fix The

I have done all of those. The system restore restored nothing. The BIOS shows it's all enabled. I do find that some ports are actually dead. On the back 2/4 are not working (as it won't even light up the laser on the mouse). It just makes no sense [motherboard] USB 3.0 Ports Not Working, USB 2.0 Ports Are I've searched around trying to find a solutions to the problem but so far, nothing I've found has helped Software issues related to USB 3.0 ports or any other ports on the motherboard result from motherboard in many cases. If so, install or update your BIOS to the latest version can fix the problem. Before that, you need to know your motherboard name at first

SOLVED: One of my usb ports Stopped working - Desktop P

Hi, Like the title says, USB 3.0 ports are not working, The two at the back of the mobo and the headers on my case. I have already tried installing the USB 3 driver that gigabyte has on its website for my mobo but when I try to install, it says that it cannot find supported hardware There is usually a setting in the bios to clear settings / bios reset. Try it if it is there as sometimes a bios update can cause strange issues. Though knackering the usb ports in windows is a new one on me. It does not roll back the bios version, just sets all the settings to their default values Most of the USB ports stopped working on my GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 motherboard a few weeks ago. I requested RMA and sent the device to Gigabyte. I got the device back with status: No trouble found after tests with multiple configurations. I put it back to the system but still getting the same issues USB Ports Not Working/Not Recognized on Windows 7/8/10 (6 Fixes) This is mostly applicable if the faulty USB ports are on a separate chip that is linked to the motherboard via a connector as it is with the laptop below. Windows will automatically install back your USB controller drivers

Some back USB3 Ports not working - Page 4 - Asu

  1. The 4 USB ports on my Dell Inspiron 9200 (running Windows XP Home SP2) no longer recognize any USB devices attached. This started occurring after my computer refused to come back from Standby Mode. I eventually forced the computer out of Stand By mode by clicking the power button and typing on..
  2. Then another USB port seemed to go bad on the front of the device with it not recognizing a USB key hooked into it. Went into Device Manager and deleted all the USB ports including the ones keyboard and mouse were installed in. Rebooted brought all the USB ports back on - two ports still not working - one on the front, one on the back
  3. I recently got an oculus quest (not 2) and wanted to play a steam vr game using oculus link. When trying to set up oculus link my pc would not recognize the quest, when I used the included charging cable going into a usb c port on my motherboard. I have seen multiple youtube videos saying that link should work with the included cable rn
  4. The last thing you would want to do is dispose a still working motherboard due to a wrong diagnosis. While on the breadboard, connect the motherboard back to the power supply and power it up once again. plug in your USB charger to a low voltage source, such as a computer USB port, and test whether or not the Tablet is receiving a.
  5. The usb ports (2x2.0 and 2x3.0) at the front of the computer as well as the media card reader and my built-in bluetooth does not work. I've upgraded the chipset drivers to version 8.981.0.0000. My BIOS version is P11-A3, 2012-11-01
  6. To increase battery life, USB 3.0 ports are disabled by default. You can double click Smart Manager icon on the desktop and active USB 3.0 function by clicking it. Customer Servic
  7. Hi, i recently bought a VR Headset Oculus Quest 2, and OQ2 uses USB C gen 1 or 2 to link to the PC, but when i connect to the usb c on the rear panel the speed of the connection it's more like a USB 2.0, and full speed it's not available, the cable it's ok cause when i connect to my rtx2080 the also have a ucb c port the test runs fine

Re: Motherboard Ethernet port not working. Hello, In your BIOS setup program, under Integrated Peripherals there are two settings to be concerned about. Onboard H/W LAN - Should be set to enabled. If it is not set to enabled, change the value. Smart LAN - This is a cable diagnostic of the LAN port i tried what you said. it didn't work.i have tested the voltages from the 2 usb ports via a lead that i stripped back and then put my multimeter on after plugging into the two usb ports. the voltages seemed ok ie/ vcc to gnd. i tried installing the msi downloads with respect to the msi pm8m2-v but none of them worked and i'm not sure exactly which one i should choose. attached is a view of my. I've also been having strange USB problems with this board. Everything worked fine at first, but now I seem to have lost the front USB ports entirely - they're not working, even though they're connected to the motherboard correctly. When copying files from an external HDD, the back ports also lose the disks every now and then Both USB ports and PS/2 ports require +5v. Failing power supplies are common. If your power supply is malfunctioning, it may nor be producing enough of what is supposed to be accurate +5v power. In that case optical (CD, DVD) drives and floppy drives won't work either. Try connecting another power supply if you ca The front ports are connected, as Continuum said, with a internal USB cable that plugs into a USB header on the motherboard. There should be no difference other than a possible voltage drop, again.

Usb ports dont work after replacing motherboard TechSpot

  1. The USB 2.0 Ports on the rear of the motherboard don't work, nor do the USB 2.0 ports available via in the motherboard's two internal USB 2.0 headers, wrote one affected user on Reddit, who.
  2. USB controllers should fail back to USB 2 or USB 1 if their native driver is not loaded, which should work with any thumb drive. And my WAG is that it'll make the USB ports work, just not ever.
  3. Front 3.0 USB ports not working. Open up the case and check that the USB 3.0 cable is plugged into the appropriate header on the motherboard. If possible, try a different USB 3.0 header in order to check if it is the port that is defective
  4. On many laptops, the USB ports are on separate (small) boards, that connect to the motherboard with a cable. If the technician did not plugged those cables in, the system will show that all ports are functional (on the motherboard), but you will not be able to access any of them
  5. In some situations, when a laptop switches from battery to power cord, how the power supply delivers power to the USB ports may stop working. To verify this is not the problem, follow the steps below. Unplug the USB devices and power cable from the laptop. Leaving all the cables disconnected, restart the computer. Once back in Windows plug in.
  6. Making the on-board USB 3.0 port function like a 2.0 port is mainly to support OS installation or to support OS that does not have build-in USB 3.0 driver, so that the USB keyboard would still work if the user plug-in a USB keyboard or any other USB devices into the USB 3.0 ports before the OS is installed with the USB 3.0 driver come with the.

USB 3.0's not working??? How to fix USB 3.0 ASUS ..

Many motherboards have USB 3.0 controllers from different manufacturers, therefore it's worth to try to connect the Game Capture device to a different USB port, which is internally connected to a different USB controller. Other USB ports, such as USB 3.1 and USB 3.2 are backwards compatible and support USB 3.0 devices (just for test) use USB4_5 on its own and see which/if the ports work. if two of the ports work ok, then connect usb4_5 and usb6_7 and do the same. If any are then faulty use usb4_5 and usb8_9. but i would do a cmos/bios reset myself. If they are still kaput get urself a powered usb hub and plug it in the back usb ports USB ports not working. Tags: Asus / P5k se The specs indicate there are 12 USB ports available. 6 on the board in the back and 6 on headers. may have been a power surge or voltage spike and this may have damaged some components in the system and even on the motherboard. Since the USB runs off the 5Volt rail it is logical that items like. I'm not concerned with downloading updates or restricted updates from MS. Just if Windows 7 can be installed via USB 2.0 ports (not internal SATA) on an AMD AM4 socketed motherboard. Intel butchered their USB ports and I want to know if AMD also did the same or not. If they didn't that opens up more people to pick AMD over Intel going forward

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USB Ports on back of MOBO not working Tom's Hardware Foru

Of the 6 back USB ports (4 USB 3.0 in blue, and 2 USB 2.0 in black), 2 of the 3.0 ports are not functional. (The 2 other 3.0 ports are working after installing the ASMedia USB3.0 drivers) Plugging something into these nonfunctional ports will give power to the device, but the OS doesn't respond When a USB port fails to work or stops working, Windows PCs or laptops won't be able to read or detect these external storage devices. To make the USB port work again in Windows 10/8/7, you should check out the causes first. What Causes USB Ports Malfunctioning Here is a list of possible causes of USB Port not working issue Testing the mouse n another computer proved nothing wrong with the mouse, but it would not work dispite trying it in every USB port (4) on the back side of the mother board as well as a separate USB connecter mounted on the front of the computer case and cabled to a front side location on the mother board. Rear USB 3.0 ports on X79 not working. for a 5-year-old motherboard. Separate-controller USB ports are the first thing to fail, followed by add-in SATA ports. settings again just to see if.

Use Device Manager to disable and re-enable all the USB controllers. This lets the controllers recover the USB port from its unresponsive condition. The USB controllers represent the USB ports in Device Manager. If you are not comfortable with advanced troubleshooting, try the steps in the Workaround section 1) What RSturba said, Uninstall your USB ports (Controllers, Hubs, and Devices) I then do a restart. 2) If 1 doesn't work then try shutting down the machine, unplug the power cable, hold power button for around 10 seconds, put power cable back in, and turn on machine. This usually fixes the problem if 1 doesn't. Was this post helpful

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SOLVED: New setup, USB 2

Fix 2. Change the USB port. Is the computer's USB port working properly? You need to check the available USB ports one by one to see whether it is a computer hardware problem or a problem with the device itself. If changing to another port solves the problem, then there is something wrong with the previous port One big one is poorly shielded internal front panel cables which use high gauge wire and the length of the wire alone creates resistance which slows device communcation down, this problem does not exist on the mobo ports because they are directly connected to the controller with no china made cables in the way to interfere And doing an lsmod I do not see any usb modules loaded (usb_ehci for example). I tried passing noapic to the kernel boot string and it had no effect on this problem. The motherboard supports USB 3.0 but all the devices I have plugged into normal USB 2.0 ports

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Anyway, I put it back together and now the 2 USB ports on the right hand side don't work any more. I took it apart again to investigate and found that the connection where the flat power cord running from the USB drive to the motherboard was loose It is worth noting that your USB ports will function properly if they get the right power supply. So, we recommend performing the following troubleshooting steps: Unplug your laptop from the power supply You need to disable the USB ports on you motherboard, there are a set of jumper that are set to enable and disable the USB ports, refer to you motherboard manual and then disable it. Then go to.. If you're using a USB hub, disconnect from the hub and connect directly to USB ports on the back or side of the computer. Disable USB power management With some USB devices, the USB power management options can cause problems. To verify power management is not causing your problem, we suggest disabling it by following the steps below

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Here's how to do: Open Windows Device Manager. Click to expand Ports (COM & LPT). Right click on the target USB device The motherboard is where all of hardware of the computer connects to, including the USB ports. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be rebooted because things can go wrong, i.e. all or some USB ports suddenly stop working on how it is routed. All ports on a USB 2.0 motherboard can host any USB devices at all as long as the system and devices are healthy. This statement seems to agree with what happens when a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 device is plugged into the original rear connectors (they are routed to the appropriate port). My problem, then, is that although.

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