Cisco iosd ipc task high cpu

Cisco Bug: CSCus05540 - ASR1k: CPU hog by IOSD ipc task

  1. Symptom: %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task is running for (2135)msecs, more than (2000)msecs (5/5),process = IOSD ipc task. Traceback=1#774977074def686f1c6a3bfefed59cfc :400000.
  2. on Cisco 3650 switch version 3.6 03.03.05SE and high cup due to fed process and i have only IPv4 running if i put ipv6 mld snooping will CPU come down ? kindly let me know. 3650-sw01#sh processes cpu sorted | ex 0.0
  3. Intermittent High CPU In the event that the high CPU on the switch is intermittent, it is possible to set up a script on the switch to automatically run these commands at the time of high CPU events. This is done with the use of the Cisco IOS® Embedded Event Manager (EEM)
  4. High CPU caused by pdsd, iosd processes (3850 switches) Experts, we have encountered similar cases in one of our sites. device information: Cisco DNA Software Demo Series - Cisco ThousandEyesRegister nowWednesday, May 12, 202110:00 am Pacific Daylight Time(San Francisco, GMT-07:00)SaaS applications and cloud-based services are increasingly.

Some Cisco IOS commands cause a spike in the CPU utilization Symptom: High CPU because of linux_iosd-imag. We did not see any CPU with show process cpu sorted but monitor platform so pro r0 shows linux_iosd-imag is showing close to 92% CPU High CPU on a Cisco router may be defined as the condition where the CPU utilization on the router is above the normal usage. In some scenarios the increased CPU usage is expected while in other scenarios it could indicate a problem A capacity issue is one of the symptoms of high CPU utilization on Cisco IOS routers. However, a capacity issue is almost never a symptom of high CPU utilization with hardware-based forwarding switches like the Catalyst 4500

From the output, it is clear that the Cisco IOS daemon consumes a major portion of the CPU along with the FED, which is the heart of this box. When CPU usage is high due to interrupts, you see that IOSd and FED use a major portion of the CPU, and these subprocesses (or a subset of these) use the CPU High CPU on a Cisco router may be defined as the condition where the CPU utilization on the router is above the normal usage. In some scenarios€the increased CPU usage is expected while in other scenarios it could indicate a problem. Transient high CPU utilization on the router due to IOSD ipc task 5 1 2 500 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0. I believe that this bug, or a variation of it, is present in 16.3.7 as well. We have been fighting a high CPU issue with SISF switcher since upgrading to 16.3.7 as well and initially applied this to just the trunk links as described. After a number of attempts to resolve this issue failed and even.. Hardware-based forwarding switches and Cisco IOS® Software-based routers use the CPU in many different ways. The common misconception is that high CPU utilization indicates a depletion of resources on a device and an imminent crash

Cisco Bug: CSCuw14345 - High CPU due to IP Connected Rou process and Low Memory Symptom: High CPU on 4500 due to CMI Process under IOSd. PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process 4675 3090065 83728603 552 32.37 43.48 43.99 0 iosd 4629 3777088 42273224 2019 3.40 11.19 11.54 0 ffm 93 I 3650165 6969219 0 19.99 8.44 7.11 0 Cat4k Mgmt LoPri 92 I 4172285 2676035 0 14.55 15.33 14.88 0 Cat4k Mgmt HiPri 21 I 1830400 9266424 0 3.11 25.44 32.11 0 CMI IOSd task <. Hello Everyone,I'm trying to figure out why my router's CPU suddenly started running really high causing our network to slow down. Networking. Cisco. Cisco 2901 CPU Running High. by linux4life. This person is a verified professional. 407 11340 5420 2092 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 l4f mgt task 408 0 1 0 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 L4F OOB Process. [Amur-MR3]IOSD crash reported@spi_iosd_ipc_process_inbound_mts_msg. CSCuv61208. High CPU when configuring Flexible Netflow (due to CFT Timer Proces) CSCus65095. Cisco IOS and IOSd in IOS-XE : evaluation of SSLv3 POODLE vulnerability. CSCus06143. CSR1k SSLVPN: Mask unsupported virtual-template type VPN from config. Symptom: After upgrade to 16.5.1a we are seeing high memory issue: kwan-walker0315-users#show processes memory sorted Processor Pool Total: 878762336 Used: 360229168 Free: 518533168 lsmpi_io Pool Total: 6295128 Used: 6294296 Free: 832 PID TTY Allocated Freed Holding Getbufs Retbufs Process 0 0 356674056 42598104 287183848 0 0 *Init* 73 0 36264168 1339688 35014312 0 18228 IOSD ipc task 421 0.

Bug information is viewable for customers and partners who have a service contract. Registered users can view up to 200 bugs per month without a service contract Symptom: A number one symptom is high memory utilization on 4500 switches. Excessive memory exhaustion is seen under the CMI IOSd Task process; it may also bee seen under Malloclite: Switch#show process memory detailed process iosd sorted Processor Pool Total: 939524096 Used: 882140640 Free: 57383456 I/O Pool Total: 29360128 Used: 195160 Free: 29164968 PID TTY Allocated Freed Holding Getbufs. A vulnerability in the IP Version 4 (IPv4) processing code of Cisco IOS XE Software running on Cisco Catalyst 3850 and Cisco Catalyst 3650 Series Switches could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause high CPU utilization, traceback messages, or a reload of an affected device that leads to a denial of service (DoS) condition. The vulnerability is due to incorrect processing of. We have ASR1006 with ASR1000-ESP40 and it seems strange on our SNMP monitoring its showing Max CPU utilization 70% and avg 35% but when i check on command line numbers are totally different, what is the best command to check CPU utilization on Cisco which give correct info.. We are pumping 4Gbps on this router and running BGP with bunch of ACL and netflow

Hi friends, we have implemented a new VSS scenario with two WS-C4500X-16 switches.After the Installation we found that CPU utilization of the device is quite high. Some time the... Catalyst 4500 VSS - high CPU Utilization-iosd - Networking - Spicework According to Cisco 3.7.3 has a possible issue with the FED (Forward Engine Driver) which can take cpu 0 to 100%, while it should not affect network performance. I am looking to others who may have taken the leap and if they got the expected result. We have been able to investigate which port is driving the high cpu, Ten Gig Interfaces High CPU Utilization IOSD ipc task Net Background Concepts and implementing routing protocols. Several Cisco IOS processes executed on the router enable BGP to run. Use the show process cpu | include BGP command to see the amount of CPU utilization due to BGP processes. This table lists the function of the BGP processes and shows that. High CPU in Flexible NetFlow cache ager P. CSCun68322. Support BGP graceful restart for VPN AF in platforms without MPLS. CSCuo29389. NTP clients of Cisco 3900 loses sync sporadically, due to high offset variations. CSCuo67247. High CPU due to NHRP process on Cisco ASR Routers in DMVPN Phase 3 after upgrading to Cisco IOS XE Release. CSCup4333

Cisco 3850 - High CPU Usage (fed and iosd processes

Description High CPU on a Cisco router may be defined as the condition where the CPU utilization on the router is above the normal usage. 63 3132 11143 281 0.07% 0.07% 0.07% 0 IOSD ipc task 5 1 2. CPU utilization for the last 5 seconds. The second number indicates the percentage of CPU time spent at the interrupt level. one minute: CPU utilization for the last minute. five minutes: CPU utilization for the last 5 minutes. PID: Process ID. Q: Process queue priority. Possible values: C (critical), H (high), M (medium), and L (low). Ty.

I have two access switches that host servers that have high cpu and ip snmp processes. 6509E and Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) Task Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Task Name 25 0 1 0 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 IPC Punt Process 26 263700 81909707 3 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 IPC Periodic Ti the computer changes the task on which it is currently working. Context switches can be quite expensive in terms of CPU time because all of the processor's registers must be saved for the thread being taken off the CPU and restored for the thread being put on the CPU

High Memory Usage Cisco 7604 Hi all, I have a Cisco 7604 that all of sudden memory usage is to 86% I have a npe-225 engine in it with a DS3 connection. Any thoughts Find answers to high cpu utilization from the expert community at Experts Exchange Submit 60 0 12 0 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 IPC Apps Task 61 15384 912158 16 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 RedStateMonitor Cisco Citrix Databases Exchange IT Administration Java Microsoft Access Microsoft Exce High CPU Utilization Specific Processes Congestion IOSD ipc task Net Background Concepts WAN Open Source Interconnection 7 Layer Model PDU Powered by GitBook. SNMP Engine. SNMP Engine. results matching No results matching. As of June 1, 2015, Cisco is providing the SHA-512 hash value for all Cisco IOS Software releases that are published on Cisco.com. Administrators can compare the SHA-512 value published on Cisco.com and the SHA-512 value calculated by a third-party utility to verify the integrity of a Cisco IOS image

The very top of the graph lists the actual CPU utilization for the 1-minute interval, which fluctuated between 60 and 80 percent utilization. For worm attacks, examine the following information in the output of the show process cpu command: ARP, IP Input, CEF, and IPC processes The module describes how to monitor problems relating to process failures, stuck processes, and high CPU consumption processes. It also identifies the types of information to capture before contacting Cisco Technical Support. Interprocess Communication—Describes how IPC occurs in Cisco IOS XR Software Memory leak under process RECMSPAPP in IOSd. CSCvh91443. Cisco 4000 Series ISR crashed due to CPUHOG Net background. CSCvh92378. High CPU utlization with presence feature when reset is issued under voice register global. CSCvh97818. The show voice call <x/y/z> missing print out dsp statistics in Cisco 4000 Series ISR. CSCvi01558. iBGP dynamic. %CPU %CPU RunTimeMax Priority Average %CPU Total Target Actual Target Actual Fg Bg 5Sec Min Hour CPU GalChassisVp-review 3.00 0.21 10 35 100 500 0 0 0 9:3

from our multilayer switch to GSR made CPU process high. // Net Input is a process that handles unknown types of Packets. These packets get sent directly to NULL, thus being black-holed. The CPU is spiking because your input queue is getting hit hard with whatever these packets are and is having to make a send to Null/discard decision If you suspect that one of these processes is causing the high CPU usage, you can use its ID to find it in the Task Manager and identify the faulty process. Open the Task Manager (press Control + Shift + ESC), IOSd: This is the Cisco IOS daemon that runs on the Linux kernel Cisco Confidential 26 • If the packet cannot be forwarded in the IOSd fast path, it gets punted in the usual IOS manner to an IOS process for process switching • Remember that most transit traffic is processed by QFP running its own code and IOSd doesn't see it • Although statistics is updated in IOSd via IPC messages, e.g.

I have a Cisco ISR4431 acting internet edge router that has been randomly rebooting every 5 days or so. When it reboots it takes anywhere from 10-60 minutes before it is back up and network traffic is flowing normally. It is running BGP and routing for a /19 and /20 network so it should be a relatively small load for this class of box The L3 Rx Low i think very high, but i don't find info the Cisco web from this L3 Rx Low problem :( Do my router answer from packets from cpu? (like flood?) Thanks Laci Nemeth Laszlo wrote: > Hi! > > My 4506 worked fine to yesterday with 10% cpu usage. But yesterday the cpu usage > go to 100% I recently ran into some problems where the Adobe Reader process (Acrord32.exe) was using the maximum available CPU resources constantly. Even after Adobe reader program is closed, the process remains running in the background continuing to use all of the available CPU resources. Through research I found that the issue has been reported on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 2003 (TS and Citrix.

Troubleshoot High CPU Usage in Catalyst Switch - Cisc

Looking at our Core Router CPU graphs the CPU is... Home. Home. Networking. Cisco. Core Router CPU - What's too high? by Taurus07. on Mar 27, 2014 at 16:34 UTC. Cisco. 3. Next: and outbound causing high CPU utilization. Are you running CBAC rules on the router for firewalling? 12 48120 3852948 12 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0 IPC Event Notifi 13. ASR 1000 was designed for high availability (HA). The ASR 1006 is a fully hardware redundant version of the ASR, and its RP and ESP are physically backed up by a standby unit. IOSd runs on the RP (as do the majority of the XE processes), and the RP is backed up by another physical card with its own IOSd process

CPU CPU Switching Fabric IP Stack IM Netflow VLAN PPP ARP Drivers CPU Ingress CPU FIB Ingress AIB & IDB • High Availability - Hot Standby and Process Restart task read boot task write boot task execute bgp ! area 0 area 1 interface pos 0/4/0/0 For a router, this is perfectly acceptable and no reason for alarm. The CPU is forwarding packets and using the CPU to do so, and the total CPU usage is not high enough to warrant further investigation. Of course, this also depends on the normal baseline level of the CPU. However, on a switch, this same output is a reason to investigate %CPU %CPU RunTimeMax Priority Average %CPU Total Target Actual Target Actual Fg Bg 5Sec Min Hour CPU GalChassisVp-review 3.00 0.21 10 35 100 500 0 0 0 9:36 S2w-JobEventSchedule 10.00 0.91 10 9 100 500 1 1 0 47:16 Stub-JobEventSchedul 10.00 5.14 10 39 100 500 5 5 3 196:33 Lj-poll 1.00 0.01 2 1 100 500 0 0 0 1:17 StatValueMan Update 1.00 0.18 1 1. High CPU usage is likely just a sign that another application is requesting data via WMI. However, prolonged high CPU usage is a sign something is wrong. WMI Provider Host shouldn't be using lots of CPU resources all the time. Restarting the Windows Management Instrumentation service may help if it's stuck in a bad state

2.2 High level rootkit 2.2.1 Gnu Debugger (GDB) [6] GDB is an embedded GNU debugger that is present inside every Cisco networking device (switch, router). GDB is used by Cisco developers for online debugging of the operation of the device. There are three modes of GDB operation that are activated only by privileged user IPC can send page mappings this the only way to set up address space task creation creates fixed # of threads task/thread manipulation can set/get PC, SP, state, &c need capability, initially granted to task creator L3/L4 paper discussion. This paper is about performance. What is a microsecond? Is 100 usec bad The Cisco ASR 1000 provides switchover times of less than 50 ms RP to RP (or IOS daemon [IOSD] to IOSD for the ASR 1002-F/ASR 1002/ASR 1004). Stateful switchover (SSO) refers to the capability of the control plane to hold configuration and various states during this switchover, and to thus effectively reduce the time to utilize the newly failed. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time Enrol, DMTXR v4.0.1 - Deploy, Maintain, and Troubleshoot Cisco IOS XR Delivered in Live Online & Onsite Classroom Instructor-Led Training by experts wit

High CPU caused by pdsd, iosd processes - Cisco Communit

BRKARC-2001 © 2009 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public 4 ty Cisco Routing Platform Positioning Branch Head Office / WAN Aggregatio Cisco High Availability (HA) enables network-wide protection by providing fast recovery from faults that may occur in any part of the network. With Cisco High Availability, network hardware and software work together and enable rapid recovery from disruptions to ensure fault transparency to users and network applications A digital signal processor (DSP) is a specialized microprocessor chip, with its architecture optimized for the operational needs of digital signal processing. DSPs are fabricated on MOS integrated circuit chips. They are widely used in audio signal processing, telecommunications, digital image processing, radar, sonar and speech recognition systems, and in common consumer electronic devices. Cisco IOS XE Software, Version 03.10.01. 7761919K bytes of eUSB flash at bootflash. 1x ASR1002-5G/K9 w/ Rackmounts. 2x C13 to C14 Power Cord. 1x RJ45 to Serial Console Cable per order. 1x ASR1002-SIP10

- Different behavior in Cisco ASR code when the bandwidth for a route is very high, that is, more than 10G. - Cisco IOS XE Release 2.6.2 and earlier releases send 0K when the bandwidth for a route is more than 10G. - Cisco IOS XE Release 2.6.2 and earlier releases use incoming interface bandwidth, when BW = 0 is received The Cisco IOS® XR Basic Troubleshooting (IOSXR201) training course is an instructor-led, lab-based, hands-on course that provides the knowledge and skill sets required to perform various basic troubleshooting duties using Cisco IOS XR Software in a typical network environment. high CPU consumption processes, and interprocess communication. As an IPC CID Designer Instructor, Kelly shares more than his personal experience as a PCB Designer. His connection to the electronics industry as an interviewer for I-CONNECT007's exclusive event coverage, REALTime with, allows him to query and share perspectives from some of the industry's most dynamic and influential personalities in the interviews he conducts Cisco IOS XE is released using consolidated packages and uses the same command-line interface as traditional Cisco IOS. Cisco ASR1000-RP The Cisco ASR 1000 Series Route Processor (RP1 and RP2) addresses the route-processing requirements of carrier-grade IP and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) packet infrastructures The notion is when you're performing CPU task, the CPU can divert power from the GPU and the same with the GPU. AMD says SmartShift technology provides up to 10% greater gaming performance and.

Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization - Cisc

View and Download Cisco ASR1002 - ASR 1002 Router software configuration manual online. ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers. ASR1002 - ASR 1002 Router network router pdf manual download. Also for: Asr1004, Asr1006 Ve el perfil de Esteban Araya Paniagua en LinkedIn, la mayor red profesional del mundo. Esteban tiene 5 empleos en su perfil. Ve el perfil completo en LinkedIn y descubre los contactos y empleos. Command Reference, Cisco IOS XE Bengaluru 17.5.x (Catalyst 9500 Switches) Chapter Title. High Availability Commands. PDF - Complete Book (13.84 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.46 MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices. ePub - Complete Book (3.26 MB

Cisco Bug: CSCus28046 - high CPU @linux_iosd-ima

Cisco IP Communicator has certain minimum requirements of the PC and operating system on which it runs. In the minimum configuration, Cisco IP Communicator consumes a substantial portion of the PC's CPU during calls. With additional CPU and RAM, the application will be more responsive and launch faster. Page 43: Hardware Requirement To configure Dead Peer Detection (DPD) with IPsec High Availability (HA), it is recommended that you use a value other than the default (2 seconds). A keepalive time of 10 seconds with 5 retries seems to work well with HA because of the time it takes for the router to get into active mode

Troubleshoot High CPU on ASR1000 Series Router - Cisc

The command get perf cpu all detail lists the utilization history of the CPU by Flow and Task. The first number within the parenthesis refers to the Flow CPU, and the second number represents the Task CPU. High CPU in Flow indicates the Firewall is busy processing packets; this includes the processing of functions such as: Session creation. • CPU core: number of core per CPU are increasing. 2,4,8,16, 64 • IOS XR: - Most of components runs in separate threath (eg IGP) - XR BGP run over 16+ thread's, all synchronized - Optimized for multi-core CPU's • IOS XE: - IOSd runs within single thread • NX-OS - BGP runs within single thread 12. BGP VPN enhancements 13 CVE® is a list of records — each containing an identification number, a description, and at least one public reference — for publicly known cybersecurity vulnerabilities. The mission of the CVE Program is to identify, define, and catalog publicly disclosed cybersecurity vulnerabilities

High CPU Utilization on Cisco IOS Software-Based Catalyst

Processor board ID FGL153620J3 4 FastEthernet interfaces 1 ATM interface 1 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Module 256K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. 126000K bytes of ATA CompactFlash. A central processing unit (CPU), also called a central processor, main processor or just processor, is the electronic circuitry that executes instructions comprising a computer program.The CPU performs basic arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/output (I/O) operations specified by the instructions in the program. This contrasts with external components such as main memory and I/O. Symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) involves a multiprocessor computer hardware and software architecture where two or more identical processors are connected to a single, shared main memory, have full access to all input and output devices, and are controlled by a single operating system instance that treats all processors equally, reserving none for special purposes

Catalyst 3850 Series Switch High CPU Usage - Cisc

IPC members strengthen their bottom line and build more reliable, high-quality products through proven standards, certification, education and training, thought leadership, advocacy, innovative solutions and industry intelligence. Certifications - Single CPU to Multi CPU Transition:- Platform Independent Bringup. - Software booting for Multi Cpu Platforms -Flash Boot -Network Boot - Software Upgrades,Core APIs, Infrastrcuture API's, Synchronization and others. - TME (Task Management ) and IPC Infrastructure. - Increase the speed of box boot up. - Speedy Inter Process Communication

But also SYSV IPC enhancements for CRIU and network fixes. 2) SYSV IPC support patches for CRIU (shared memory, message queue and semaphores) were committed in kernel version 3.9. Show more Show les Caution Because debugging output is assigned high priority in the CPU process, it can render the system unusable. For this reason, use the debug commands only to troubleshoot specific problems or during troubleshooting sessions with Cisco technical support staff. It is best to use the debug commands during periods of lower network traffic and fewer users show memory Command. The show memory exec command is often used to check the amount of a router's free memory. In troubleshooting cases where router performance is the focus, this is a major command used to see the statistics about the router's memory PassMark Software has delved into the millions of benchmark results that PerformanceTest users have posted to its web site and produced a comprehensive range of CPU charts to help compare the relative speeds of different processors from Intel, AMD, Apple, Qualcomm and others. Included in these lists are CPUs designed for servers and workstations (such as Intel Xeon and AMD EPYC processors.

CSCvk32439 - IPv6 - SISF main thread consumes high CPU

PowerPC (with the backronym Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC - Performance Computing, sometimes abbreviated as PPC) is a reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA) created by the 1991 Apple-IBM-Motorola alliance, known as AIM.PowerPC, as an evolving instruction set, has since 2006 been named Power ISA, while the old name lives on as a trademark. - Scheduler, IPC-intensive workloads - TCP/buffer cache on high -load web servers - Process-model contention with multithreading (VM, ) • Motivates migration to fine-grained locking - Greater granularity (may) afford greater parallelism • Mutexes/condition variables rather than semaphore

Troubleshooting High CPU on the Catalyst 4500-E - Cisc

@mduanaa @yoshi Dearing, the wpa2_enterprise example and its certificates are surely 100% OK, many newers failed because they didn't have matched certificates between client and server, certificates verify based on RSA algorithm. It needs matched public key and private key. That's why we add the both server and client's certificates in the main floder, but you need build an server on linux at. IPC errors may occur when a Cisco 12000 GSR is configured with more than 1000 subinterfaces. [CSCdk79787] at the linecard or, in the case of an incomplete adjacency, packets sent to the RP for forwarding, which results in high CPU usage. Workaround: Use the clear cef linecard command. [CSCdk63572] %SYS-3-CPUHOG: Task ran for 2928 msec.

Examples. The following example shows system information for the SIP installed in slot 5 of the router: Router# show hw-module slot 5 tech-support----- show version ----- Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) cwlc Software (sip2-DW-M), Version 12.2(PIKESPEAK_INTEG_041013) INTERIM SOFTWARE Synced to V122_18_S6, 12.2(18)S6 on v122_18_s_throttle, Weekly 12.2(18.6.4)SX Technical. IPC namespaces isolate certain IPC resources, namely, System V IPC objects (see sysvipc(7)) and (since Linux 2.6.30) POSIX message queues (see mq_overview(7)). The common characteristic of these IPC mechanisms is that IPC objects are identified by mechanisms other than filesystem pathnames The main advantages of optical fiber networks include: increase of transmission distance (in some cases up to 120 km), high interference immunity, protection against unauthorised access (interference, inductive reading, etc.). The principle is based on the light that is used for the signal transmission 9) Glances. Glances is a cross-platform curses-based monitoring tool written in Python that uses the psutil library to fetch data from the system. Glance monitor CPU, Load Average, Memory, Network Interfaces, Disk I/O, Processes and File System spaces utilization. Install glances in your system with the following command Nice/Cybertech NTR 6.5 certification with IPC trading systems, Unigy and Alliance. CUCM 9.2 X, QSIG certification testing. Unigy, IQMAX, Edge and Pulse devices certification > %IPC-DFC2-5-WATERMARK: 2019 messages pending in rcv for the port > Card2/0:Request(2020000.7) seat 2020000 > > > Utilization of CPU either of Sup or linecards is acceptable (under 60%, > majority is taken by 'NF SE export thr' and 'NF SE Intr Task' processes). > > > Settings of netflow is following -> > > flow record SRC-IP-IF-DST-IP-IF-A

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