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Fence Post Calculator: 8' On Center: Total Lineal Feet divided by 7.868 + 1= Number of line posts needed. Sort By: 1 4 x 7' Round Treated Fence Post Our Price: $7.89 . Email me a CASH & CARRY PRICE. 4 x 8' Round Treated Fence Post Our Price: $8.59 . Email me a CASH & CARRY PRICE. I noticed the bottom of the fence post where it meets the ground all of the post had been painted with something black with the consistency and texture of tar. I am pretty sure this is something done to prevent the post from getting in contact of water. Wish I had thought of that, and curious if this is a common procedure

The wood will asorb moisture, above the tar, and probably wick it in behind the tar, if that happens, then the tar seal would be holding moisture in the post. I would pour concrete, have it come a few inches above the ground, then once it has cured, anhcor yoru post to it, they have little brackets that you anhcor to the concrete and then your. Save time and money on the job site by ordering your treated posts pre-cut and pre-drilled according to your specifications. We pre-drill and pre-cut your posts before treatment so even the cut and drilled areas are protected by the treatment process. Clients report huge savings after they figure the expenses of on-site labor, equipment rentals, and other expenses associated with on-site. Apply high-quality exterior acrylic latex caulk, or silicone specifically designed to adhere to concrete, at the base of the post. Note: This will seal the gap between the concrete and post that's caused by freeze/thaw cycles Post Protector: A Tar Coating Just Doesn't do the Job! August 7, 2018 by Ken Chatham-Kent, Ontario: Pole Barn builder, JN, is a proponent of including 'additional decay protection' for in-ground, pressure treated posts but was never satisfied with his approach

Rural King is America's Farm and Home Store. Our product offering includes all types of farm supplies, clothing, housewares, tools, fencing, and more Western Red Cedar naturally resists rotting and insects, resulting in a durable, long-lasting fence system. All wood will rote eventually.To extend life of post using PT or Cedar make sure that you.. Paint a thick layer of the preservative on your post. Keep the post in the bucket where it's been soaking. Use a 3 in (7.6 cm) brush to apply a thick layer of wood preservative across the bottom 2 feet (0.61 m) of the post. Work in long vertical strokes

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  1. Brush the bottom third or bottom half of the fence post with waterborne copper naphthenate, a wood preservative that is free of arsenic and chromium. Does wood rot underground? Wood kept constantly dry, continuously submerged in the water or mud, or buried deep underground does not decay
  2. In this video I show how the old timers use to treat/protect fence posts from rotting. They would reuse or as we say today re-purpose old motor oil.Check out..
  3. Product Overview For use to seal a wood fence, this Fence-Post Black Beauty Asphalt Fence Paint will provide a weatherproof finish. It can cover 75-80 sq. ft. per gallon on wood surfaces and 100 sq. ft. on metal surfaces. With proper maintenance, the pain extends the service life of the fence

No Dig Grand Empire 4-in x 4-in W x 4-1/2-ft H Black Steel Universal Fence Post. The Grand Empire fence is a versatile fencing solution that will add style and elegance to your garden or walkway. The post features a powder-coating for added durability and to help prevent corrosion so your fence will last for years to come Fill up the interior of the PVC pipe with 150 degree melt roofing tar. The pole is protected from water for at least a couple hundred years. In an interior situation there is no way water will get onto the pine pole Prepare the tar you will apply to the lumber. Thin the tar with paint thinner before application. Add 2 parts tar and 1 part thinner to a mixing container, mixing with a paint mixing stick. For example, if you use 1 quart tar, then add 1/2 quart paint thinner and blend. The thinned tar will ensure thorough penetration of the wood pores

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I would tar all parts of the post that sit in contact with the concrete and and any parts sitting in the soil; to do this, mound the concrete with a ramp leading away from the post. Fencers often placed posts in dirt because they could put up the fences more quickly, but these posts tend to rot A Postsaver Pro-Sleeve is a heat-shrinkable sleeve lined with a meltable, bituminous liner. Pro-Sleeves are heat applied to wooden fence and gate posts to create an air and watertight barrier around the vulnerable ground line section of the post In reading some of the posts, many say tar the bottom of the fence post before putting it in concrete. The idea is that wood and concrete don't play well. Does this mean tar up the entire portion that would that sits in concrete? What's the rule, 40% of the fence post should be in the ground? If so, then that means tar up 40% of the fence post

Dig a hole with a shovel about 10 inches beneath the area where the fence post will rest. Add about 10 inches of gravel to the hole. Gravel is a loose rock that supports the wood fence post but creates drainage, eliminating pooling of water beneath the wood posts 1,668 black tar y fence post products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which fencing, trellis & gates accounts for 2%. A wide variety of black tar y fence post options are available to you, such as nature, heat treated, and chemical We anchor Cedar fence posts into the ground in a way that eliminates wood-to-ground contact. That's where a Cedar fence post usually fails- at the ground line

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Dig a hole two to three times the diameter of the fence post and 24 to 48 inches deep. The posts stand upright best when you bury one-third of the total post length, but you might not be able to.. The top-selling product within Cedar Wood Fence Posts is the Outdoor Essentials 4 in. x 4 in. x 8 ft. Western Red Cedar Fence Post (2-Pack). Can Cedar Wood Fence Posts be returned? Yes, Cedar Wood Fence Posts can be returned and have a 180-Day return period. What are the shipping options for Cedar Wood Fence Posts A well-constructed fence can protect privacy, define your property, and enhance curb appeal. But before you decide to put one up yourself, learn how to set your fence posts properly to ensure that. Dig a hole 6 inches deeper than you need. Add 6 inches of gravel. Pound it down with a fence post. Add more to bring you back to 6 inches

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  1. Creosote. Coal-tar creosote is widely regarded as the premium method of preserving timber fence posts and there are many examples still going strong after decades of being in the ground
  2. Master Halco 3-1/2-in x 3-1/2-in W x 7-1/2-ft H Galvanized Steel Wood Fence Line Post. Get added strength, durability, longevity and wind resistance with the PostMaster. Replace the need of a wooden fence post for added support. It can be easily concealed from view to maintain the beauty of your wood fence project
  3. Modern treated posts will last for 20-40 years. They do sell tar treated posts at specialty fence/cattle places. I've never used them before and don't see the point to doing so. We have a skid loader mounted post driver and just pound them right in for 6 strand cattle fence
  4. You titled the piece Fence Post Foam Vs Concrete. However, It seemed like 75% of the text was a story about the entire project . . . and not the product. I clicked on your post to read about the product and after starting to read about the old fence post, neighbors, your dad, etc . .
  5. CCA Treated Post, 5-6 Diameter, 8' Tall Please call your local Agri Supply for pricing. The CCA posts are is treated to deter decay, rot, and insect damage.This CCA treated wood post is excellent for use in constructing agricultural fences. This post is 8 ft. tall and the diameter can vary between 5 to 6 inches
  6. Coal-tar creosote is widely regarded as the premium method of preserving timber fence posts and there are many examples still going strong after decades of being in the ground. This is also the..

The story of an old time Texas homesteader who makes his own treated fence posts from cleared wood and used motor oil. By Bob and Sue Buckner Papa John Bunyan Harrell holding two of his motor oil.. If a fence post fails without any sign of a pest infestation, it's likely that the failure was caused by moisture that rotted the wood over time. To help slow such deterioration, add pea gravel or.. Fence posts should be buried sufficiently deep in the ground. Between a half and third of the post is a good standard. If you're installing a panel fence, you may want to consider supporting your fence with thicker posts.. put tar on the bottom 3 1/2 feet of it then covered with a plastic post cover then put it on top of 3 inches of. After the Cypress posts were no longer available Southern Pine trees were debarked and treated by dipping them into a barrel filled with creosote oil made from coal tar. More modern mills were built which used a machine to peel these small trees and pressure treat them in a cylinder or retort under pressure

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Compare 4-inch x 4-inch Rigid Plastic Solar Light Post Cap in Black for Deck or Fence Post . Veranda 4-inch x 4-inch Rigid Plastic Solar Light Post Cap in Black for Deck or Fence Post (485)-Compare 42-inch H Aluminum Deck Railing End Post in Matte Black . Peak Railblazers 42-inch H Aluminum Deck Railing End Post in Matte Blac The lifespan of a fence post is directly related to the composition of the soil and the type of post that is used. There are some techniques to know that will expand the life of the post set in dirt. In this article we will go over the different techniques that will help guide you in the process of putting your fence posts in the ground

Fence Posts. Seals Concrete. Trash Containers. Farbertite Water-based Coal Tar Coating. A unique, water-based, coal tar coating that provides exceptional adhesion, flexibility and corrosion protection for concrete, wood or steel construction components that may be exposed to aggressive environments,. Best fence post, Osage Orange (hedge apple). My grandparents always poured their used motor oil on the fence post, especially corner post. 20 years ago, the county dribbled oil on the county roads to keep the dust down How to Cut Through Blacktop for a Deck Post. In some cases, installing posts for a deck above a driveway or a court calls for cutting the blacktop to install the footing and post anchor. When. Copper naphthenate, invented in Denmark in 1911, has been used effectively for many applications including: fencepost, canvas, nets, greenhouses, utility poles, railroad ties, beehives, and wooden structures in ground contact

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The permeating and restorative qualities of this product is nothing like I have ever seen for restoring old fence posts. Permeates DEEP, DEEP, DEEP and dries (at 70F and above) in an hour. I don't have to rip out my 70 fence posts and replace them with 70 new fence posts. Let that sink in. Word of caution Fence post correctly set in ground using Postcrete. Safety Concerns When Digging Fence Post Holes. Before you start digging any fence post holes, first consider any potential dangers that may be in the ground. In many cases electric cables, water pipes, gas pipes and fibre cables are present below the ground and can easily be damaged by shovels. Agricultural posts have a variety of uses. They can be used as fence posts in agricultural areas or used to grow hops and other produce that requires vertical space. It is to be noted that Idaho is a fence-out state, meaning it is up to the landowners to fence livestock out of their land in rural areas. Ag Fencin I had two fence posts that I had dug into place a few years ago for a fence/backyard project where I moved a man gate and installed a big 8 ft gate. I had a 4x4 post and a 6x6 post I had concreted with Sono tubes and post bag concrete (quickrete was the brand). These two came out quite easily Fence Post Rammer. When you need to erect a new garden fence or stock fencing for the farm. Tar posts; Soak post-treatment; Distance between posts for Wire Fencing. Stock fencing like we use in France is called Mutton grillage and post distance of 3m is fine. If you intend to use a simple tensioned wire or electric fence system distances.

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Bug and tar remover can also remove small amounts of paint from when another vehicle bumps into yours or you rub a bumper against a painted fence post or garage door frame (though it won't. Two-inch galvanized steel pipe makes a wonderful fence post. After the pipes/posts have been set and the concrete has dried overnight, galvanized steel brackets are used to bolt 2-by-4 wooden. fence post in it. It'll only destroy the top of the post). You might want to slam pretty well the entire spike into the ground (you can access the bolts by digging out that section a little). Be sure to water proof the bottom part of the fence post well. I used tar. And of course...it sucks if you try to drive them into a spot wher Pine Tar is for exterior applications and creates a stain-like finish. Ideal for barns and outbuildings, wide plank siding, decks, porches, fences, fence posts, etc. It is available in a light and a dark finish, as well as pigmented: black, brown, and red. Green will soon be available, too! No additional solvents are needed needed

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I built a large fence several years ago and researched this topic myself. After talking with a lot of fence builders and doing online research, I concluded that the best way to go was: pressure-treated posts installed on top of a gravel base, and concrete all the way up to ground level at the edges of the hole, with a taper in the concrete surface so that it is above ground level where it. Tar Heel Fence Co. is the Triangle's Premier Fence Company. Chris Apple is the owner/operator of Tar Heel Fence Co. He is a native of Durham, NC and has over 20 years of experience in the fence industry. The goal of Tar Heel Fence Co. is to set industry standards in the Raleigh, Durham, and Triangle markets This timber is treated with 100% Coal Tar Creosote. 100% Coal Tar Creosote has been used for over 150 years to impart reliable service life to timber in many uses. Avoid contact with skin. Handle with gloves. Wear a dust mask and eye protection when sawing or machining. Dispose of off-cuts, sawdust etc safely

Timber posts can be cut off at ground level. Concrete posts can be broken off at ground level, hopefully depending on your set concrete level, just below then covered up. After this new holes dug and a new fence line set. Worst case scenario is it will be the first and last posts that will have to be completely removed I paint the post section going in the ground and about 6 more inches above ground with roofing tar and then pack enough dirt to hold the post straight and finish with mixed concrete . It has worked for me and lasted over 25 years now on 6x6 treated post Fence posts are the back bone to any type of border, keeping it secure from intruders or extreme weather conditions. Wooden fence posts can be stabilised with steel or iron extenders for additional strength or support, especially if the area is particularly large or unstable. Or, for a low maintenance alternative to timber browse our range of.

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The tar will seal the posts and allow the concrete to stick to the post. Once the posts are set and leveled give them a full day to dry. If you start nailing rails and slats to the posts before the concrete has had adequate time to set the posts will be knocked out of level. The most secure and durable fence should be built with three rails. Life of fence posts and sleepers in the ground. Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by Dr Bodgit, Jan 30, 2017. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Dr Bodgit Super Member. Had a couple of people round to quote for some fencing and a gate in the back garden, about 9m length overall. I had in mind 2m tall Palisade fencing with big square wood. fence posts out of the ground & part of the fence over. So I want to do the replacement posts properly & soon. If you want your wooden posts to last a long time I suggest you paint some roof tar on the bottom two feet of the post,posts will rot fast sitting in moisture,.I mix my concrete in a wheel barrow real well before pouring in.

Tar Heel Fence Company, Youngsville, North Carolina. 328 likes · 2 talking about this. Welcome to Tar Heel Fence Co. The Triangle's Premier fence company. Please feel free to contact us with all of.. Tar Heel Fence Company, Youngsville, North Carolina. 328 likes · 1 talking about this. Welcome to Tar Heel Fence Co. The Triangle's Premier fence company. Please feel free to contact us with all of.. Poly coated fence post last decades. Poly coated treated wood posts. Red barn treated fence and posts. farm. Building Products Plus supplies treated posts throughout Texas and Louisiana. Whether you need a single bundle or multiple truckloads, call us at (800) 816-0335 TOLL FREE or contact us online for a quote Gulf Coast Lumber sells rugged southern yellow pine pressure treated wood fence posts and poles for domestic and international projects.We will ship direct to you from one of our many facilities. Be it pressure treated round wood fence posts for farms and ranches with a 30 year warranty, to NON-tapered wood posts, or pressure treated wood barn poles, we can provide you with superior products. Some fence installers report that wrapping the post base with sheet copper or galvanized steel prolongs the life of their posts. While post wraps and barriers seem to offer some increased longevity, any gaps, holes, or voids behind the barrier or wrap will compromise the barrier and make it less useful

About Pine Tar | Material Specifications. This is The Finest Stuff 100% Organic: Authentic Pine Tar also referred as Stockholm tar is a pure, natural wood preservative made in Sweden.Pine Tar has been used since ancient times for creating a water repellent vapor barrier on wood and rope and for its gentle antiseptic effect For fence post setting in concrete, you can use a lean mix, with only a third the cement needed for a walkway mix. A mix of 1 part (by volume) cement, 3 parts sand, and 5 parts gravel is good. remove the shingles and fill the open spaces with tar or sand. ALIGNING THE POSTS. Many people consider the aligning of fence posts to be one of the. Wrap fence around side of corner post (90 degrees around the corner. This will make it pull more on the fence post that the staples. Add staples to every horizontal line in the welded wire. Skip the vertical wire, the welds will give if the tension is high

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Simply wrap the material around the post in such a way that the top of the membrane extends 2 to 3 inches above the ground, then proceed with normal installation. A 12-inch by 18-foot roll (enough to seal a dozen 4x4s) sells for $14.95. Post Seal also comes in a 109-foot-long bulk roll. Cofair Products, 800/333-6700, cofair.co 28 h/d galv fence post anchor Allows easy installation of 4x4 wood posts without digging holes or pouring concrete Can be used for a variety of applications where quick-to-install posts are neede Its all cedar for fence posts here(or PT). We burn that good hard Locust, Orange and all the Ash that's dying from EAB. Before there was PT lumber, my Dad used Spruce for his fence posts dipped in tar and surrounded by tamped gravel in the hole. They also lasted 25 years before rotting off at the top of the hole, and that's up here in the snow.

Homeowners can try to treat fence posts with insecticides and/or creosote (a compound made from the distillation of coal tar). An insecticide, such as Bora-Carem, can be mixed and sprayed on the wood fencing to kill wood infesting insects Y Fence Post. Surface treatment: Black star pickets: Black (Tar) Bitumen Coated. Galvanised star pickets: Hot Dipped Galvanised. Length: 0.45-3.0m. Unit weight: 1. I'm interested in wood fence durability in cold climates. I am planning on installing a 5ft picket fence using 10ft cedar 4x4 posts this weekend. The posts will be buried 5ft deep and spaced 5ft apart. Will be using a skid steer with a 10 auger to make short order of holes. I want to stay away from setting posts with concrete or foam because I may be moving the fence in a couple of years (and. Dig post hole so diameter of the hole is 3 times the width of the post (i.e., the hole for a 4 wood post should be about 12 inches wide). The depth of the hole should be 1/3-1/2 the post height above ground (i.e., a 6-foot tall fence would require a hole depth of at least 2 feet). Step

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If you want an inexpenive and long lasting way just treat the bottom of the post that are in the ground with roofing tar. Paint the roofing tar on the post and allow to dry before installing. Make sure you do the bottom really well to prevent wicking of water up the post, this is what causes rot Using a garden fence preservative will protect fence panels and posts from mould, algae and other biological threats such as insect attack. Deciding on which wood preserver is best largely comes down to colour choice and a preference between water-based or solvent-based wood preservers Fence, Railing and Vinyl Decking product sales and installation. Buy online or by phone (888)728-4695. We install within 150 miles of Pittsburgh If all else fails, the auto stores carry a product for removing tar from the exterior of cars & Rvs. Should work as well on a poly fence If you have a clay soil that might make drainage harder then dig your post hole an extra 100mm deeper than you need, fill this with ballast (no cement) and then tamp down with the end of the post. Now insert your post and concrete around the sides only. The ballast acts as a soak-away (to an extent)

Fences, Posts, Railings and Gates - removing fence post/reusing hole - Hey DIY'ers and pros. I removed a massive 4x4 w/concrete adhered to it; in a very cramped space between the house and a slab. ( The black fence post about 3 inches in diameter here don't last any more than about that 8 years and do rot right off at ground level. A few years ago had a good friend who worked for a sign company and he said they painted the full post EXCEPT the bottom for the water had to have a way out for it was impossible to seal the post Sevagiri Jali & Tar Center - Manufacturer of chain link fencing, metal fence post & wire netting in Satara, Maharashtra If you do tar the posts wrapping the tar in newspaper helps keep it off your hands and clothes. No need to remove the newspaper, taped in place with a bit of masking tape, disintegrates after the first few rains. My preference is to avoid using cement. Cement holds water against the wood and accelerated rot

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I have had success with posts by soaking for 24 hours, the bottoms of the posts in creosote, then wrapping in black plastic , placing in the hole and surrounding with concrete with a COLLAR of CONCRETE up to about 3 or 4 ins. above ground level, then when dry, sealing between the post and the concrete with linseed oil putty to prevent water. Wooden line posts can be placed every 50 to 75 feet to help keep steel posts from bending and improve fence stability. Various kinds of posts are available for electric fence line posts as the requirements for strength are much less than for nonelectric fences. Posts are available in wood, plastic, steel, and fiberglass The steel post could then be laminated around with some of the 5/8 cedar picket wood to look like wood. I think you would always have trouble with any wood post and would constantly have to be adjusting the gate so it would close right. If you do use steel be sure to paint it first and tar the inside of the post so it doesn't rust out Types of electric fence post: Plastic electric fence posts. Plastic fence posts are cheap to buy and quick to install and remove, making them a popular choice for temporary fencing. Our range of high quality plastic posts are available in a range of heights to suit all animals and have long spikes which keep them securely planted in the ground The fence posts around my house are 4x4 .40 ACQ posts and are still rock solid after 6 years buried in soil and subjected to NY weather. (Snow, Ice, Rain, 100* in direct sunlight and -10* in constant shade depending on the time of year

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At any rate, I believe that putting tar on the post will make it last longer. I also believe that if you do a search on fence posts you will come up with several methods from several different members on the correct way to bury a post underground. Now we can add puting black joe on the bottom of the post because I do believe this is the first. Metal fence posts and gate FREE $0 (nyc > Woodside) favorite this post Mar 12 Roof shingles, tar paper, vinyl fence sections $0 (njy) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Apr 2 CHAIN LINK FENCE $0 (jys > POINT PLEASANT BEACH) hide this posting restore restore this favorite this post Apr 6 Looking for. The concrete in the fence post's base is an excellent conductor of heat and attracts moisture which can form an ice lens around the concrete base, rendering it susceptible to movement. A pressure treated wooden post is not a good conductor of heat, particularly when wrapped with plastic or coated with tar; this helps prevent the up and down.

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Post: Putting wood fence posts in the ground. Brian64SS Frequent Contributor Posts 1201: 09-18-08 08:24 AM - Post# 1524748 I'm planning to put up a pressure treated wood fence. It will have 4 by 4 wood posts down about 4 feet (below the frost line). I don't want to put wood posts into concrete that will last forever Secure the fence post. Place the fence post in the hole. For larger posts it's worth putting some rubble around the base of the post to provide additional support. You can buy special post-fixing concrete mix, which will set extra quickly, mix this up as per the packs instructions. Pour the concrete into the hole and then make sure the post. I do wrap the post that is going to be in the ground in tar paper, stapled to the post . In Ohio, I've seen many wooden fence posts rot in the concrete footings. I might set a metal fence post in concrete. But for wood I'd just do 6-8 inches of gravel in the bottom and then dirt. I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted For centuries, the treatment of wood was a process of coating the wood with tar. The coming of the industrial revolution saw technological advances in wood preservation solutions and processes leading to the treating of wood in the 1800's using Creosote, a tar based preservative derived from a wood distillate. Fence Post Tops can be.

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So the fence in our backyard is a bit over 30 years old now, and a flood that had a couple feet of water running through the yard a few years ago has weakened several posts. The fence design is 6x6 posts at 8 foot spacing, with 2x8 stringers between to mount the slats, and a 2x4 top rail. Similar to this picture Each fence post user of necessity must be governed by the condi-tions that fit his ease and must of necessity make certain decisions before selecting a treatment. CommercialPressure Treatment The most effective fence-post treatment known is pressure treatment with coal-tar creosote or mixtures of coal-tar creosote with other oils. Obvi The lumber is PT. We set a few (about 50) treated post about 2 years ago and have had 3 or 4 rot out. My neighbor (old timer) said that they use to coat posts with tar before they set them in the ground and would periodically pour some kind of oil, probably used motor oil, at the base of the post to help keep them from rotting How Do You Protect Fence Posts Below Grade? Years ago, tar and creosote were used to coat fence posts below grade, however there are environmental factors to consider. Consult a paint and stain dealer who may be able to recommend a suitable sealant to help prevent water damage. Back filling fence post holes with gravel, instead of clay, or dirt. on the advice of a fellow I met at the lumber yard (who seemed to know a lot of fence building) I also painted the bottoms of the poles with undercoat tar. he swore that posts so treated will stay good as new for decades. Here's hoping. Followup question though. I might have dug my post holes too deep (~40) and too wide (10-12 diameter)

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