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Thanks to Pepperonin for supporting us on Patreon and making this video possible! Support us here: http://bit.ly/2qBHcvfLooking to lay siege to your neighbor.. The first part of the trebuchet we are putting together is going to be the frame. The lumber we will be using is two 28 inch 2x4's, two 5' 2x4's, two 50 2x4's, and four 58 2x4's. For hardware we used 2 wood screws

If you want to do hand calculations to design a trebuchet with the best range, you will need to understand the physics involved. Figure 2, below, shows a diagram of a trebuchet with the main parts labeled. L1 is the distance between the pivot and the counterweight's attachment point in meters (m). L2 is the distance between the pivot and. Build your own miniature medieval launcher--and see how physics and engineering can help you get the best distance! way to build the trebuchet. You can modify your design based on your own. Make a coat hanger trigger. Straighten out a coat hanger and cut a length about 15 inches (38 cm) long. Make a small loop on one end of the wire and attach some string to the loop. Bring the swing arm of the trebuchet down so that the counterweight is in the air where h is the distance the counterweight can drop, and α is the angle that the projectile makes with the horizontal at the start of its flight after leaving the trebuchet. The distance that the counterweight can fall, given by a little geometry, is readily seen to be h = l 1 (1 - cos( θz)) = l1 (1 + sin( ψ z) Set up the trebuchet. 2. Set out a meter tape starting from the front of the base and lay on ground. 3. Move the arm to position 1. 4. Load the trebuchet. 5. Launch the trebuchet. 6. While the trebuchet is bieng launched, time the throw from when the projectile leaves the sling to when it hits the ground. 7. Record the distance and time on a.

Virtual Trebuchet 2.0. VirtualTrebuchet is a web based trebuchet simulator that will allow you to quickly evaluate different trebuchet configurations. To begin, enter the parameters of your trebuchet in the input boxes on the left. Next, press the submit button located under the inputs. Finally, watch your trebuchet go According to the Mojing, the traction trebuchet was 17 feet high with four feet buried below ground, the fulcrum attached was constructed from the wheels of a cart, the throwing arm was 30 to 35 feet long with three quarters above the pivot and a quarter below to which the ropes are attached, and the sling two feet and eight inches long Here is the most generalized data I can give as to how to build a trebuchet of the size and scale of your choosing: The swing arm must be constructed in such a way that the axle upon which it rests is located 1/5 of the distance between where the counterweight is anchored and the end of the swing arm itself The optimal trebuchet design is one that launches the payload the farthest horizontal distance. This makes sense intuitively since range is a key factor when staging an attack on an enemy. The challenge then, is to find the optimal design to maximize the range

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Hunter Lyon 3JB Trebuchet Efficiency Trebuchet A trebuchet is a catapult based on counterweights. It was used in the middle ages as a siege weapon to break down castle walls. They seemed to be well developed by the 14th century. Basic trebuchet design includes a frame supporting a pivot bar. A lever arm swings about the pivot bar My friends and I built a trebuchet for high school physics with almost 700 lbs of counterweight, tried to do a floating arm design but couldn't get the supports strong enough for that kind of weight. We ended up going with a traditional design, but still got bowling balls over 200ft. As has been said, the sling design is a major consideration

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The trebuchet's range could be adjusted simply by adding to or subtracting from the mass of the counterweight. The biggest and most powerful trebuchet ever made, Warwolf, stood over 4 stories tall, weighed 30 tons, had a throwing arm 50 ft. long with a 20 ton counterweight, and could hurl a 300 lb. stone a distance of 900 ft some aspects of trebuchet design. 1.1. History of the Trebuchet The trebuchet was first invented in China around 500 to 300 B.C. and was used in Europe after 600 A.D. It replaced other forms of artillery and was used until the invention of cannons and gunpowder. [1 Design your own trebuchet to fling a projectile at a castle wall. All of the dimensions of the trebuchet can be adjusted, as well as the masses of the counterweight and payload. Select a target on the Launch tab, or just see how far your projectile will go

Gurstelle has built plenty of trebuchets, including a DIY design using wood and PVC that he named Little Ludgar after Edward's trebuchet that leveled the Scots. The longer that lever and the heavier the weight, the farther the projectile goes, says Gurstelle, noting that the counterweight has to weigh approximately 100 times the object you. A trebuchet. There is a difference between a trebuchet and a catapult. A trebuchet uses a sling and has a counter-weight which, as it is dropped, forces the long arm up to pull the sling and the projectile along a slide at the base. The counter-weight uses the pull of gravity to provide the force necessary for the arm to swing upwards

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This lesson focuses on trebuchet design. Teams of students construct trebuchets from everyday materials. They then test their trebuchets to determine the farthest distance they can hit a target with a marshmallow projectile. Design and build a trebuchet Test and refine their designs Communicate their design process and results Age Levels: 12-1 The traction trebuchet, which was a rather simple design were the force for firing was provided by men pulling down ropes. And the more complex counterweight Trebuchet were the force was provided by a counterweight, although it gives a rather simple impression, it was a quite complicated machine once you dive into the dynamics of it A trebuchet to demonstrate at a Renaissance faire could be several times larger than this, if you have sufficient space to launch its projectiles, but you'd have to design it to be taken apart for transport and reassembled on site unless you have a pickup or trailer to haul it around in

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  1. The rule we used was, when the counterweight and projectile weight were well balanced, the length of the sling line (L-3 in this image from Seuss Trebuchet) is the same as the distance from the fulcrum to the release hook. In addition, we always tie our sling line a short distance from the hook itself
  2. Now the efficiency of the trebuchet will cause this model to be off by quite a bit. But once you have a working trebuchet, we find this model works well when we vary m1, m2, or h. We assume we have a take off angle of 45 degrees above the horizon. This solution is based on the classic max range ballistics problem - 45 degree take off angle
  3. The arm of the trebuchet is without a doubt the most important part of the trebuchet and it is also one of the most difficult parts to build. I have some advice for you here that should help you make a successful trebuchet so you can get the most distance out of it
  4. A well-built trebuchet should be able to hurl an eraser a few feet. Do not get discouraged if at first your trebuchet launches the eraser straight up in the air or fails to release it at all. You should be able to tinker with your design a bit (see recommendations at the end of the procedure) to get your eraser to launch
  5. Using this trebuchet, my 8-year-old son set the all-time record for best design at the 2018 Vermont Pumpkin Chuckin' Festival. His lightweight 20-pound, 41-inch tall trebuchet threw a 3-ounce ball 266 feet — scaled up, that's equivalent to 780 feet in the heavyweight division
  6. Thus, as shown in the Manuscript, Trebuchet Mechanics, the greatest range possible is Rm = 2*(m1/m2) h, where h is the distance the counterweight of mass m1 falls, and the mass of the projectile is m2. The second law of thermodynamics of the trebuchet says you can't even get really close to that ideal limit
  7. e the proper angle

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According to Donald B. Siano, in his analysis of trebuchet physics (Trebuchet Mechanics, March 28, 2001), the optimal release position and design, based on his definition of range efficiency is.. Trebuchet simulator capturing all the essential physics of a trebuchet, and useful as a design aid. To aid designers and enthusiasts (and anyone who wants to win a trebuchet competition), I created a trebuchet simulator, programmed in Microsoft Excel which simulates the motion of a trebuchet, and is very useful for trebuchet design What I'm really looking for is a formula for a trebuchet that I can input the desired initial velocity after launch and mass of the object, and from that figure out how long the long arm, short arm A counterweight trebuchet acts like a giant see-saw. Hanging from the short arm of the beam is a heavy counterweight. From the long arm, a sling holds the payload, usually a rock. In the Trebuchet Gizmo™, you can design your own trebuchet to attack a city or castle The first hurdle to overcome was getting past the formidable defences - a 6-foot high wooden fence with reinforced gate. Thus I began to design a weapon capable of reducing them to rubble. The Insensible is a 5.85m* high counterweight trebuchet including an added 2m of sling

It is fairly weak on the power, but can still power tennis balls, golf balls, and even baseballs an appreciable distance while giving the user a stable machine with which to learn the finer aspects of tuning. Without any further ado, here's the link: Ripcord's Tennis Ball Trebuchet Plans (.zip file, 418 KB) at a distance of 160 meters. The most powerful trebuchets, in contrast, could launch missiles weighing a ton or more. Furthermore, their maximum range could exceed that of ancient artillery. Recovering Lost Knowledge We have only recently begun to re-construct the history and operat-ing principles of the trebuchet. Schol-ars as yet have made no.

The trebuchet will rock back and forth, achieving a distance of a full gymnasium floor. Make sure everyone is standing off to one side and not directly behind or in front of the ma-chine. There are lots of resources on the internet that discuss the history of the trebuchet, phys-ics behind the design and differ-ent sized launchers. This is The mightiest of the mechanical siege weapons and the latest to emerge during the Middle Ages, the Trebuchet used the physical principles of leverage and centripetal force to hurl the largest, most deadly payloads toward their targets. Simple in principle, the trebuchet employed a sling arm powered by a falling load The angle we use commonly for a projectile is 45°. Here to attain the escape velocity (at least close to), you must use at least a million ton counter weight, a 10 lbs projectile, and a trebuchet more than 2 mile long, and use an angle of 90° would be helpful..! Theoretically possible I would say.. One thing that made the trebuchet a last resort for many besieging armies was that the trebuchet was difficult and expensive to build making other less costly and skilled methods had failed. Some advantages of the trebuchet is the great distance away you can from your target and still be more effective at destroying your targets defenses A Trebuchet attacking a Castle. Trebuchets with Siege Engineers get 17 range, a value that is only matched by Turkish Elite Cannon Galleons with Artillery. Tatar Trebuchets with Timurid Siegecraft have even longer range (19)

the counter weight has on the distance a projectile travels. To do this you will be using K'nex to construct a trebuchet. A trebuchet operates by using the energy of a falling counterweight to rotate a throwing arm around a pivot point, resulting the in the release of a projectile attached to the upper end of the throwing arm Trebuchet. Design your own trebuchet to fling a projectile at a castle wall. All of the dimensions of the trebuchet can be adjusted, as well as the masses of the counterweight and payload. Select a target on the Launch tab, or just see how far your projectile will go Significance and Application. Here is phsstpok's Rule expressed in two versions of the same simple formula: MR = BR*20. or. BR = MR/20. Generally, you design a trebuchet with the idea of obtaining the maximum range or distance at which you can throw the payload

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Trebuchets were all the rage in the middle ages. This catapult type machine allowed armies to hurdle heavy stones over long distances with tremendous force. Unlike other catapults, the trebuchet incorporates a sling. The sling allows objects to be thrown further and faster than the throwing arm alone. But to get a. For instructions on how to build a trebuchet and more details see trebuchet.com or any number of websites dealing with trebuchets and pumpkin chuckin' contests. For example, here are plans for a tennis ball trebuchet.This is a 30 inch (axle height) Trebuchet and it is a working model suitable for learning the fundamentals of Hinged Counter Weight Trebuchet The result of this intended improvement on the ancient catapult design was: With a Sloped Arm. 1. The cross-bar which checked the arm of the catapult was soon knocked loose through being struck in an upward direction. 2. The range of the projectile was unsatisfactory through the arm being wound down only a short distance from its state of rest. 3

Instruct groups to draw out their catapult designs on paper, thinking about the distance they need to launch the candy pieces, how the catapult will hold the candy piece, the cability to adjust the launch distance, etc. Groups bring their designs to the instructor who signs off on it and provides design advice if necessary Digication ePortfolio :: Kaylee Werner by Kaylee Werner at Elizabethtown College. Trebuchet Project In Middle Age warfare, the trebuchet was a common siege machine found on the battlefield. The basic trebuchet design utilizes a counterweight to rotate an arm about an axis, in order to launch a projectile with distance and accuracy. The trebuchet revolutionized warfare for hundreds of years, an Description []. The Trebuchet (also jovially referred to as the Trenchbucket) is a mainline medium weight BattleMech considered to be a fine blend of long- and short-range fire support for a unit of its size. Unlike many other pre-Clan 'Mechs, the Trebuchet was designed from the beginning to work as part of a lance instead of functioning as a standalone model Step 1: Functional Requirements. Design a trebuchet or catapult that meets the following functional requirements: Launches a rubber ball that weighs 27 g. See the required distance in the grades section below; Is made of: 1/4 acrylic rod for the main am pivot point; rope or string of your choice - I bought some 2 mm braided nylon rope

Some Experiments with Trebuchets. The trebuchet is an ancient siege engine used for throwing large rocks. It was invented in China in about the 4 th century BC, came to Europe in the 6 th century AD, and did not become obsolete until the 16 th century, well after the introduction of gunpowder.. There are various kinds of trebuchets. The latest and best kind consists of a long pivoting beam, a. If you watch closely when a trebuchet fires, you'll see the sling whip around the end of the throwing arm. The sling becomes an extension of the throwing arm. This means the projectile has an even greater distance to travel, adding even more speed. Another difference between a trebuchet and a seesaw is the weight conducting an Unofficial Secondary Distance Competition. In this second event, the same trebuchet must be used from the accuracy event. The top three scoring teams of the distance will also be awarded trophies. This event will also include awards to be given to the team with the . Most Innovative Trebuchet Design. and the team with the . Mos While Trebuchets were common siege engines in Medieval Times, Leonardo's take on the most powerful weapon of the time was unique - his design used one main mast, different from all others before! Based on his drawing from the Codex Atlanticus, da Vinci's Trebuchet was a design likely made for the Duke of Milan in about 1482, to impress.

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Effect of a Trebuchet Arm Length or Counterweight Mass on Projectile Distance A trebuchet is a siege weapon most commonly used in the middle ages. It uses gravity to propel an object. There are competitions held today called Pumpkin Chunkin ' which use trebuchets to launch pumpkins as far as possible Other articles where Trebuchet is discussed: catapult: An exception was the medieval trebuchet, powered by gravity. In this formidable weapon, the long end of an arm on a pivot was hauled or winched down and then released, allowing a heavy counterweight at the short opposite end of the arm to drop and swing the long end upwar

Design Fab Trebuchet (1) Problems and Opportunites > > Types of Trebuchets: - Floating Arm Trebuchet: A modern day variant of a fixed counterweight trebuchet that doesn't have an axle fixed to the frame and uses wheels parallel to a track. The counterweight is forced to fall in a direct path that increases the conversion of energy to the. 3) Trebuchet: The trebuchet is bit different in model when compared to the above two catapults. It is made with a long arm (balanced on a fulcrum) and short arm (to counter balance). The Trebuchet was designed for max power and distance. What kind of energy is used in a catapult All hail the trebuchet! Ah, the mighty trebuchet. It is by far my favorite of all the siege engines. It is far more sophisticated in design than other types of catapults. When properly tuned the distance and accuracy are incredible. Getting to this point can be a real pain in the rear end if you're not sure what to do

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Trebuchet is a large medieval siege engine for hurling missiles consisting of a sling on a pivoted wooden arm set in motion by the fall of a weight.The trebuchet was first coined in China and then later progressed on the West wherein there were multiple variations in the design and methods of working.. Trebuchet main features include heavy load carrying and a flexible strap or belt used in the. distance between launch zone and target will be dictated by the type of projectile you choose. For younger children, 5 feet is fine; older children may build catapults that can launch a projectile over 20 feet. Try making a few catapults in advance as examples. GETTING READY DESIGN A CATAPULT 45-60 minutes Grades 3-5, 6- It's a great learning experience with its hands on building and simple but in-depth physics. This kit has won science fairs, been used for summer camps and after school programs, featured in Best of shopping magazines, in-class demonstrations and more. It's fully adjustable release pin makes it the most customizable mini trebuchet for sale

Trebuchets are large mobile weapons that can launch projectiles similar to cannons and catapults, but whereas cannons and catapults use explosive power and tension respectively to launch projectiles, trebuchets use a falling weight to launch its projectiles, similar to a lever simple machine. Trebuchets became more prominent online after the /r/Me_Irl Meme Renaissance, where memes were created. Trebuchet. By GregF007 the LEGO ball can be thrown a maximum distance of about 15-20 feet). Model dimensions: duh... I forgot to measure them, but you get a sense of the scale from the hand in the above photo. This is the top portion of the A-frame design. By GregF00 The Battle of Xiangyang (traditional Chinese: 襄陽之戰; simplified Chinese: 襄阳之战; pinyin: Xiāngyáng zhizhàn) was a protracted series of battles between the invading Mongols of the Yuan dynasty and Chinese Southern Song forces from AD 1267 to 1273. The battle was a significant victory for the Mongol Empire and ended a 30 year defensive campaign waged by the Song dynasty, allowing. In the Trebuchet Gizmo, you can design your own trebuchet to attack a city or castle. 1. From the Tools menu, drag the Help icon over each red dot on the trebuchet to see the name of the part. Use letters to label each part on the diagram to the right. A) Counterweight, B) payload, C) fulcrum, D) short arm, E) long arm, F) sling, G) prong 2 Contact Ripcord Ripcords Tennis Ball Trebuchet Designed for hurling tennis balls, this 30 inch (axle height) Trebuchet is a working model suitable for learning the fundamentals of Hinged Counter Weight Trebuchet. The base is 34 inches long and 31 inches wide, making it suitable for many projects that are restricted to 1 meter dimensions

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For an object that is 12 tall and works on only gravity to fire an object 33 feet attests to the beauty and pragmatism of the trebuchet design. Second, the accuracy of the trebuchet was uncanny. Hitting a 1 foot radius circle repeatedly from a distance of 33 feet amounts to a less than 3% error. Not bad for a small model with these detailed, easy to follow trebuchet plans and instructions. When built and tuned, this PVC Trebuchet stands just over 40 inches tall in the fired position and will throw a golf ball up to 50 feet Virtual Trebuchet is a free web based trebuchet simulator. Welcome to the original version of VirtualTrebuchet! Go to VirtualTrebuchet 2.0 for the most up to date version.. VirtualTrebuchet is a web based trebuchet simulator that will allow you to quickly evaluate different trebuchets After the initial assembly of our machine, we looked at areas we could improve in and made necessary changes. Our design has a large wooden base with two parallel pieces of wood in a vertical position. We complete that with a metal rod, attached to a set of rubber bands, to create the needed force for our projectile. Our design. wood base. Trebuchet Traction Trebuchet - Used people power to haul down the shorter end of the beam, which in turn flipped up a sling that was connected to the longer end. As the longer end reached its apex, the sling opened releasing a large stone or other object. Counterpoise Trebuchet- Worked the same way but

-For optimal distance, the sling should be 85% of the length of the arm from the fulcrum to the hook. 0.85 x 7.5=6.4 feet from the end of the line to the centre of the pouch. -One side is connected, one side is hooked on -When the hook passes 90 degrees, the sling will fly open, launching the payload The trebuchet was the first war engine to employ the principles of gravity and leverage to hurl a projectile. Renaissance and Enlightenment scholars considered this transition from the complex war machines of the ancient world to the comparatively simple design of the medieval trebuchet as proof of the superiority of classical knowledge Roughly speaking, a trebuchet has a few advantages over a catapult. First, it can handle heavier projectiles. A catapult's maximum weight tops out at about 180 pounds; trebuchets top out at. Built by TFOL Justin Fossum out of South Dakota, his trebuchet is composed of more than 9,000 bits of LEGO Technic. This marvel of engineering is capable of chucking ballistics (either marbles or bowls of pudding if you prefer) at speeds of around 75 mph and up to distances of 260 feet I am participating in a design competition based on lunar In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU). A key component of this design is transporting regolith-mined water from a water extractor in a Permanently-Shaded Region (PSR) to a delivery site. The delivery site is approximately 4 km horizontal distance and 450 m above the water extractor

Tip: Shelf widths at 12-inch increments are best because folded clothes average 12 inches across and 14 inches deep. Skip the drawers. Drawers add significantly to the price of a built-in closet. The Kolderer illustration above shows the requirements of safe trebuchet triggering being met - eg a good stand-off distance achieved by using a rope lanyard, and the 'gunner' off to the side rather than in danger at the rear. Modern reconstructions try to achieve these same conditions with a high level of reliability Among the three types of catapults, the range of the mangonel is the longest, and an object shot using it can reach up to a distance of around 1300 feet! Even though it is larger in size than the Ballista, it is small when compared to the huge trebuchet and has wheels attached to its base

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The WSU Trebuchet Contest and the Engineering Design Process For Teachers 7th - 12th Standards Launch a review of the eight steps in the design process with an activity that asks class members to design and build a functional trebuchet for the Wright State University Trebuchet contest Who knew STEM and physics could be so much fun? We did! Want to learn how to make a catapult with popsicle sticks? This Popsicle stick catapult design is an AWESOME STEM activity for kids of all ages! Exploring physics has never been so exciting for kids because everyone loves to launch stuff into the air. A catapult made out of popsicle sticks is the perfect kids' activity for simple physics Every dimension of the trebuchet is adjustable, allowing unlimited opportunity for testing and refinement of the design. Today, hobbyists and engineers build trebuchets to participate in distance contests such as the World Championship Punkin Chunkin contest. The record for a trebuchet throwing a 10-lb (4.5-kg) pumpkin is 864 meters

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The summer is wrapping up, but that doesn't mean fun has to stop. In the Trebuchet Gizmo, students modify the design of a medieval siege engine with the goal of throwing a boulder to knock down a castle wall.Students adjust parameters including the payload, fulcrum height, arm length, and sling length Design: The design of this trebuchet differs greatly from the basic design used by other students. Designed to make the best possible use of the potential energy of the counterweight by allowing it to fall perfectly vertically, while also designing the arm with multiple points of rotation so that the leverage and force applied changes as the beam rotates and allowing the arm to rotate through.

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As an experienced trebuchet designer, this author knows a few good website sources that supply trebuchet and catapult kits. Some offer full kits complete with materials, while others offer plans that lack the step-by-step instruction needed for a novice or lack clarity for even an experienced builder This data analysis further confirms our hypothesis that the 45 degree angle has the longest distance if the maximum distance the trebuchet will launch the projectile is greatest at 45 degrees. Although this wasn't part of our original intent of the experiment, it was an interesting trend that we noticed with the graphs A problem that occurred on day 3 was that the ball would get stuck in the sling. To rectify this problem, we created a new sling which, consistently fired tennis balls 15-20 metres. The rest of the day was spent analyzing the catapult and seeing what could be improved to fire a greater distance air resistance: design your mousetrap car to be slow moving and aerodynamic in order to decrease the force of friction and maximize the travel distance.. Distance Racers and Gearing. The gearing of a mousetrap car determines the acceleration and the travel distance. Gearing can be adjusted to increase and/or decrease the pulling force, the torque, the travel distance, and the acceleration of a.

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A counterweight trebuchet acts like a giant see-saw. Hanging from the short arm of the beam is a heavy counterweight. From the long arm, a sling holds the payload, usually a rock. In the Trebuchet Gizmo™, you can design your own trebuchet to attack a city or castle. On the purple bar, check that tool tips are on. Move your cursor. This is a safe, reliable, and easy to fire trigger. It uses a fulcrum and an offset center of tension for mechanical advantage. The small trigger string can be pulled from a safe distance away from the trebuchet. There is a length of chain attached to the back of base unit. It was marked in 10 centimeter increments Trebuchet definition is - a medieval military engine for hurling heavy missiles (such as rocks) DESIGN - BUILD - TEST - PLAY Performance Tip. Before beginning any project, it helps to have a sense of what the beginning, middle and end of the project looks like. For Best Results Read the Entire Document Before Beginning The Trebuchet can be built in less than 45 min. by a team of 2-3 people. Each team member can build When we throw things with a trebuchet, our xx represents a setting (say, the size of the counterweight, or the angle of release), and yy is the distance the projectile travels before landing

This webinar focuses on how SOLIDWORKS made the design of a 8 foot trebuchet fast and safe. Using Weldments, Simulation, and Motion this trebuchet came to life digitally, showing the scouts how cool engineering really is. The trebuchet turned out to be a huge crowd pleaser, and was able to throw an eight pound medicine ball 60 some yards When the materials are calculated correctly, catapults are capable of using stored energy to launch a payload a very long distance. While the trebuchet was the most consistent of the types of catapults, the mangonel is the most recognizable type, as it was used for targets that were lower to the ground in linear warfare (Lesson Courtesy the Cornell Center for Materials Research (CCMR). Level: Grades 5-12.Group size: 2-4 students.Time Required: Two or three 60-minute class periods. Lesson PDF. **Please note: Teachers who do not borrow the catapult kits from CCMR will need to gather and construct the materials for this activity — dimensions for the wooden materials are provided below The ball bearings land in almost the exact same spot despite the distance they travel, so you can be sure to hit your co-workers on the head as long as they aren't moving. He plans on increasing the trebuchet's launch distance in the future as well as make a more effortless loading technique for the projectiles The goal of this project is to determine if the length of the arm of a catapult affects the distance of an object thrown. Methods/Materials I researched catapults to determine the best type to use to test varying arm lengths.Instead of using a lever-style catapult such as a trebuchet, I decided to use a torque-style catapult where the moment ar So i need to launch a ball into a target using a personally created launcher using Autodesk and wanted to know the best design type and/or an idea (8th Grade Tech) - 3 inch diameter ball - weight of ball will be updated soon - 25 feet distance - has to be 1 foot by 1 foot or smaller - only 2..

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