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How to adjust the draw length on a Bear Encounter and four other bow's To adjust the draw length on a compound bow, the process normally involves the use of a bow press. Bear compound bow draw length adjustments, however, can be made without the use of a bow press. Draw length must be adjusted to fit the archer's arm length and posture

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  1. Very impressive considering the Method only weighs 4 pounds. The all new H13 cam system is a synchronised hybrid cam utilising a rotating or pivoting module on both the top and bottom cams, allowing the archer to adjust their draw length from 26.5 to 31 in 0.5 increments all without the use of a bow press or any additional modules
  2. Bear compound bow draw length adjustment module suits Bear Carnage, Attack, Assault & Mauler. The correct draw length helps to group your arrows & be more accurate at 3DAAA, FITA & ABA archery competitions. Bear Carnage, Attack, Assault & Mauler Module Price: $37.9
  3. The Truth bow has ample means for adjusting its draw length to fit most shooters. It adjusts from 23 to 30-inches by use of draw-length modules and an adjustable, double sided string anchor post. The modules are designed to adjust in one-inch increments and can be replaced, in most cases, using only a hex-wrench
  4. - Adjusting Draw Length - Synchronized EKO Cam Systems The Synchronized EKO cam has a draw stop and rotating module for draw length adjustment. All draw length adjustments can be made without the use of a bow press. Draw length changes are made by simply moving the draw stop to the desired position, then rotating the modules accordingly
  5. To change draw length, remove the socket head cap screws from the top and bottom modules, rotate the modules to the desired positions (line up the indicator mark on the cam with the correct draw length indicator mark on the module), making sure to align the top and bottom to the same setting, and reapply the screws
  6. Warrior - Adjusting the Draw Length The rotating cam equipped on the Warrior can be configured to provide a draw length from 19 to 25 in 1 intervals. To adjust the draw length, using a 3/32 hex wrench, loosen Screw A approximately one revolution and remove Screw B. For access to Screw A, it may be necessary t

The longer the draw length, the more tension that is placed on the bow and the heavier the weight of the bowstring. Make sure your bow is properly calibrated to suit your body type and measurements. If need be, take the bow to a specialist to have it modified. The draw length of the bow should correspond directly to your arm span Draw length adjustment using this inner cam variant is as easy as it gets. Simply adjust the letter knobs to adjust the length by 1/2. The higher the letter, the shorter your draw length will be (to paint a clearer picture, A is the longest draw length for the cam, with 1/2 adjusted each time you go from B, C, D, etc.) Explore our selection of hunting and target archery compound bows. Options for beginners and advanced archers with unparalleled precision and reliability Adjustability Out of the box, the Bear Cruzer Lite can be setup to shoot anywhere between 5 and 45 pounds of draw weight. The draw length range goes from 12 to 25 inches. With this adjustment, I suspect that my daughter should be able to shoot this bow for several years before it is time to consider upgrading

Almost all compound bows have an adjustable draw length. The range of draw length adjustment is different for every bow. Some have a very large draw length range of 15-20 inches, while other compound bows can only be adjusted 3-5 inches. For instance, on the left The Hoyt Powermax has two options available. One cam for 24-25″ draw length and. Note that IBO speeds are recorded with the bow set to a 30-inch draw length and 70-pound draw weight while shooting a 350-grain arrow. Rotating cam modules can be adjusted to span the Approach's entire draw-length range from 25€‰½-30 inches, in half-inch increments incre(nent to actual weight, under and 3#'s over). Draw weight increases or decreases approximately 2-1/2 pounds for every inch the draw length is extended or shortened. For example, a bow weighing 50# at 28 will draw approximately 52-1/2# at 29 or 47-1/2# at 27. Care Of Your Traditional Bo

It is very important to adjust the limb bolts on both limbs equally. NOTE: Some bow models have a peak weight range of 10 pounds, 15 pounds, and 20 pounds. Be sure to check your bow model for its appropriate draw weight range, and DO NOT exceed its LOWER limit. DRAW LENGTH Draw length adjustment on most Parker bows are changed with a draw It is adjustable in 1/2 inch increments via the bottom cam (2 Allen screws). Draw length changes are made by simply rotating the modules to the desired position and moving the draw stop. There is no bow press needed for adjustment. Its back wall feels pretty solid, the valley is wide enough Adjusting the draw length is as simple as it comes. It is made with a H13 Synchronized Hybrid cam system which allows tweaks with a simple module rotation. Built with an aluminum alloy riser, it makes the Bear Effect one of the toughest bows on the market Divide this number by 2.5 and set the bow at this draw length as a starting point. As you shoot the bow more often, you will get a feeling of whether your draw length needs further fine-tuning. Draw Weight. The draw weight is defined as the force necessary to bring the compound bow to full draw Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow with 5-50 lbs Draw Weight Adjustment and 12-27 in Draw Length Adjustment - No Press Needed Visit the Bear Archery Store 82 ratings | 18 answered question

The draw length of the Bear Brave is between 15.5 and 19 inches - non-adjustable. This means that your children won't be able to shoot this bow correctly if their draw length is over 19″ (don't forget to read my guide for measuring the draw length => How To Determine Your Draw Length). They need to be able to pull the string back to the. The Bear Attitude features Bear's EZ3 single cam system with rotating module which enables the archer to adjust the draw length in 1/2 inch increments. Also, the single cam makes it easy to tune, the moderate cam design makes it both smooth and easy to draw and, with 80 percent let-off, it's easy to hold at full draw for extended periods CAM ADJUSTMENTS Adjusting Draw Length - H13 Synchronized Hybrid Cam System Bow model: • Motive 6 • Motive 7 • Method Module # 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 Motive 6 25 1/2 26 26 1/2 27 27 1/2 28 28 1/2 29 29 1/2 30 Motive 7 26 1/2 27 27 1/2 28 28 1/2 29 29 1/2 30 30 1/2 31 Method 26 1/2 27 27 1/2 28 28 1/2 29 29 1/2 30 30 1/2 31 The.

Draw-length adjustment is easy and does not require a bow press. A rotating module with engraved lines and numbers corresponding to specific draw lengths is lined up with an engraved line on the base cam and locked down. Modules offer a draw-length range from 25-30 inches, in half-inch increments A properly set draw length will let you find your contact points at full draw. That means that your draw cycle is repeatable which will give you consistency and therefore accuracy over time. You simply need to reach the same contact points over and over again while shooting, because they will define your anchor point You can adjust the draw length on it. Where the cable wraps around the stops at the end, just past where the last wheel is on the arms that you adjust the draw weight on, it can be loosened with an allen wrench and hex wrench. Put the hex wrench on it, loosen the allen bolt, slowly unwind the cable, tighten the allen bolt

The more cable you have available to unwrap as you draw, the longer the draw length will be. Also, shorter draw, less letoff. Those old wheel bows were about 50% on a good day. If you loosen the set screw in the wheel and pull cable to shorten the pigtail you can shorten the draw length as well but will also lose poundage Changing the draw length on the Cruzer does not change the draw weight nor vice versa. Reading the manual right now. I realize I'm late, but just to set the record right. Finally to the back of the manual. They contradicted themselves with a chart. The minimum draw weight at a 30 draw is 30-34 pounds

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In general, your draw length should be somewhere around your height divided by 2.5. For example, I'm 5' 10, or 70. 70 / 2.5 = 28 draw length. Over the last decade of archery competition and bowhunting with compound bows, I've used 5 different bows, all set up with 28-29 draw lengths For our hunting setup at a 27.5-inch draw length, an 85-percent let-off proved to be ideal—light enough to hold at full draw on a hung-up whitetail with ample tension to keep our back muscles from getting lazy. We set the draw weight at 56.8 pounds, which delivered a 6.6-pound hold weight, according to our pro shop's scale

I think the method is very effective. However, I am facing an issue. I shoot a Bear Grizzly 50@28, with 28 of draw length.I tuned my arrows (GT trad 400) at 31 and 250 g as tip weight. Bare shaft, they fly just great, straight and bull's eye(a plate) at 25 y The grip is normally vertically inline with the berger hole, so according to AMO draw length protocol, you'll have to add 1.75 inches for your overall draw length. This method is not as consistent as the first method, but if done properly, it will get you a great starting point for a proper draw length The Bear Archery Apprentice 3 has a very wide range of draw length and draw weight. Changing those attributes on other bows is often impossible or can be done only very limitedly. Now, this bow has a draw weight range from 15 or 20 LBS up to 50 or 60 LBS. Many adult archers don't even shoot with 60 LBS but stop at 50 LBS

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• Adjusting draw length and draw weight • Replacing / servicing strings and cables • All aspects of bow tuning • Correct arrow selection • Cleaning and lubrication • Mounting new accessories • Adjusting tiller 06.browning.A826702.paginated.qxp 9/26/2005 10:50 AM Page The draw length setting will then affect the draw weight - which ranges from an easy 5lbs to a powerful 70lbs. This is much more of a range than other bows such as the Martin 60 Blade . This Bear compound bow will grow with the user, keeping up with physical growth and skill growth as children age and adult archers become more experienced

The Blackout Epic features a draw length range of 26-30, which should provide suitable fitment for the majority of adult archers. However, if you are relatively tall in stature, and require an above-average draw length, the Epic's 30 maximum adjustment is worth keeping in mind Draw length extends from 12 to 30 inches. Also with a variable draw weight that can go as high as 70 lbs. and all the way down to 5 lbs. The new Cruzer bow comes with the latest high-quality accessories, and can be said to be the last bow that you need to buy If you have a 30 lb draw weight on your bow, then you can only fire so far. The draw weight, arrow weight (measured in grains), and draw length will all define the speed of your arrow, but draw weight is the most important. You can have a low draw weight around 25-35 lbs, but still have a high draw range of about 30 or so

The draw length, which differs based on the size of the shooter, can adjust from 12 inches to 30 inches. This range will cover most children all the way up to fully grown men. Because of this, you can buy this one bow and have it grow with you over the years, meaning it may be the last bow you ever have to purchase Bottom line: Fans of Bear bows will find the Arena 34 offers the same kind of feel, appearance and performance they've come to expect from Bear Archery in recent years. Shooters who prefer a moderately longer axle-to-axle bow or the longer 31-inch draw length will be particularly pleased by this bow All Bear compound bows are adjustable over a 10-pound range. New bows come from the factory set at the peak weight, and a used bow may be set anywhere in the range. There is a label on the bow that has the specifications for the particular bow. This will include the draw length and draw weight The all new Outbreak from Bear Archery is one of the most versatile compound bows ever developed. This bow boasts an amazing 14 inches of draw length adjustment and 55 lbs of draw weight adjustment making it the perfect choice for any archer. Its compact design allows small frame archers to harness its power but also makes it the perfect choice.

The Bear Cruzer is available both left hand and right handed shooters. It has Kryptek Highlander camo color that looks versatile. It is a good quality compound bow that offers better customization. The draw weight can be adjusted from 5 to 70 lbs with a draw length customization between 12 and 30 For the Bear Cruzer G2, this meant I would test it at 12-inch draw length all the way to 30-inch draw at one-inch increments. Please note that change the draw length of this bow in half-inch increments, you have to take the module completely off and put a separate one on With a six-inch draw length adjustment, the bow can fit many different types of shooters, making it a good option for beginners who want a bow that will grow with them. Combine the short axle to axle length with a smooth draw and this bow will work well in tight quarters like a tree stand or ground blind An adjustable draw length between 20 and 30 and adjustable draw weight range from 40 lbs. to 70 lbs. mean a young or beginner archer can start with the Vast bow and it'll remain serviceable for years to come. The 70% let-off maximizes speed, and a lower string suppressor delivers stealth at the most critical moment The draw-weight range covers 15 instead of the more typical 10-pound range, covering 45-60 or 55-70 pounds. The draw length is the longest of Bear's current models, running from 27 all the way to 32 full inches — putting this bow in reach of those shooters who shop in the Big and Tall section of men's clothing stores

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Bear Archery Royale Youth Compound Bow with 5-50 lbs Draw Weight Adjustment and 12-27 in Draw Length Adjustment - No Press Needed 4.8 out of 5 stars 94 $299.98 - $335.9 To adjust the draw weight on a compound bow, take it to an archery shop. Photo Credit: ATA/Lester Photography. To adjust the draw weight on a compound bow, take it to an archery shop. A bow technician will evenly tighten the limb bolts and check the draw weight. One full turn of the limb bolts usually changes its weight about two pounds

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Specs for the Bear LS-6 include an axle-to-axle length of 32 ¼ inches, brace height of 5.0 inches, IBO rated speed of 355 feet per second and mass weight of 4.2 pounds. The bow has an MSRP of $899. I am shooting this bow with a draw length of 29 ½ inches (more on that in a moment) and draw weight of 60 pounds The Bear Archery Species LD Compound Bow has hit the shelves for 2019. Following the success of the Bear Species, the Species LD now suits long draw archers up to 32 inches in draw length. This is a long anticipated bow for us at Apex Hunting, as there hasn't been a great number of long draw bows available in recent The draw length of a compound bow describes the distance at full draw from the nocking point on the string to the throat of the grip (the deepest part of the grip) plus 1.75 inches. A trip to your local archery technician is a surefire way to find out your exact draw length. If you're unable to head to your local archery expert, this good at. draw length can be adjusted, typically in 1/2 inch increments. (See Figure 1) 1. Diamond recommends that you take your bow to your Authorized Diamond Dealer for adjust-ment to your bow's draw length. 2. For draw length adjustments to the Infinite Edge, use a 7/64 inch hex wrench to remove the module screws that attach the modules to the cams. The Bear Legit not only looks the part of a $799, (or more), compound bow but it shoots like one too. Toss in the fact that the Legit is capable of a 10#-70# weight range and a draw length range of 14 to 30 (all on the same set of limbs/cams I might add) and you have yourself the perfect bow for virtually anybody looking to get the best bow.

The result will be your draw length. Draw Length Measuring Tips. Below are a couple of tips to bear in mind when you are trying to measure draw length; 1. Right Posture. Whichever method you decide to do (as I said you should do both), posture is very important. You need to make sure you are in a natural position and your shoulders are not. Favourite answer The tiller wheels of the bow has notches in the wheels for draw length adjustment. There should be three positions on each wheel for the draw length. On the newer bows, the.. Zeroing in on your proper draw length will not only add to comfort and repeatability in your shot process, but will also improve tuning and accuracy. Pro shooter Curtis Broadnax, having grown up in archery, knows a thing or two about changing draw lengths and has some great tips in this blog update In general, your draw length should be somewhere around your height divided by 2.5. For example, I'm 5' 10, or 70. 70 / 2.5 = 28 draw length. Over the last decade of archery competition and.. Simply string your bow, measure the brace height using a ruler, shoot 10 or so arrows, then adjust the brace height by 1/8 of an inch up or down by adding or removing a few twists


/////// NEW H15 HYBRID CAM SYSTEM The Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System utilizes a rotating module that lets you make draw length adjustments without a bow press or any additional modules... Generally you will have about 10% of adjustment. The draw weight listed on the limb is often the median draw weight for that pair of limbs. Once tiller is set take a draw weight measurement. To increase draw weight, tighten both limb bolts evenly

The simplest method is to measure your arm span and divide by 2.5. My arms, held out parallel to the floor, palms forward, measure 70 inches from the tip of one middle finger to the other, for.. How to Adjust the Brace Height on your Recurve or Longbow. 29 Oct. JJ discusses the importance of measuring, setting and maintaining the correct brace height (also known as fistmele) for your Bob Lee recurve or longbow. Rob Lee's Method for Finding your True Draw Length. 12 Jun. How to Tie a Walking Nock Point. 09 Jan. Top 10. As a point of interest, I was able to confirm Howard's draw length when Bob Wesley let me measure two of Howard's personal arrows, both of which measured 26.5 from nock to bop and spined at 62 pds. If you wish to determine your own draw length and calculate bow length using Howard's recommendations, he also explains how on page 99

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The Nuts&Bolts of Archery: A Guide To Tuning And Shooting Compound Bows Nov 15, 2010 edition...rev2 5 After I have completed 10 knots, terminated the lower set by tying a square knot and then will cu Depends what model you have and what year it was made, some are in the 30- 40lb up to 50- 70lbs adjustable. On your bow it should have a written description of the draw weight at a specific draw.. Changing Draw Length On Bear Kodiak the picture that is on the bottom is where you adjust the length but you will need a bow press to do it I suggest taking it to a shop or a friend that has a press the shortes slot on the right side of the picture is more then likely the shortest it qill go been so long since I seen that adjustment forge more easily and comfortably aim during the draw and release of the shot. Most bows will shoot best with an even tiller which means the distance from the string to the limb is the same on top and bot-tom. Tiller adjustments are made by adjusting either limb weight adjustment bolt. (See draw weight adjustment section pg. 15). Example: To

The Carnage also sports Bear's new Skeleton cam system that uses modules to adjust from 25.5 to 30.5 inches of draw length. The module system is necessary to keep the bow's speed up and the Carnage doesn't disappoint with an IBO speed of 345 with 70 pound draw weight. The new Skeleton cam uses modules to adjust draw length Draw length can easily be measured from the apex of the string at full draw to the pivot point of the grip. From that measurement add 1 ¾ and you will have the A.M.O. standard draw length. All Martin Bows are adjustable with the use of modules. Refer to the section that cov-ers your specificcam style for instructions on adjusting draw length Let's start with draw length. I am generally a 29 draw and feel comfortable out to 29 3/8 inch. The Motive 6 has rotating mods to change draw length without the need of a press, which is very handy for guys not quite sure on their actual draw length. This bow adjusts in half inch increments and you will see numbers from 6 to 10 on the cams. Designed with an incredible 9.5 inches of draw length adjustment to fit shooters of all sizes and to grow with young archers just starting out in the shooting sports This optimized rotating module design allows for draw length adjustments in the range of 15″ to 27″ in 1″ increments and draw weight adjustments ranging from 15lbs. up to 60 lbs. The let-off of this bow is 70% which enables comfortable aiming

The easiest way to determine the proper draw length is to devide your arm span by 2.5. The result in your case would be 29.6″, so the draw length of 30″ suits you very well. Yes, take it easy when you are starting shooting with a new bow. You have to get used to the usage of the muscles that are stressed when practicing archery first Specs for the Bear LS-6 include an axle-to-axle length of 32 ¼ inches, brace height of 5.0 inches, IBO rated speed of 355 feet per second and mass weight of 4.2 pounds. The bow has an MSRP of $899. I am shooting this bow with a draw length of 29 ½ inches (more on that in a moment) and draw weight of 60 pounds

5 IWARNING: Never draw a bow with mismatched or missing cam modules, module screws and/or set screws. Never draw a bow with a missing or incorrectly installed draw stop peg. Never remove the cam control cable peg. Be sure to thoroughly check these areas of the ca If this is your preferred method as well, take the time to master the 20- or 30-yard distance before heading out to the range. Imagine the distance broken down into 10-yard increments. It's also important to consider the size of the target. A black bear will look much closer than a whitetail, especially when they are at the same distance Infinite Edge Pro Add To Compare Edge Sona The Calculated Draw Length method is the simplest way to find draw length. It has been used for many years by archery shops across the country and around the world. Calculated Draw Length is measuring the armspan of an archer then dividing it by 2.5

Firing arrows towards your target at speeds up to 300 fps, this high performance hunting bow also offers great adjustability to give you both speed and comfort in the stand or blind. Grow-with-you-bow design gives bowhunters a peak draw weight range of 50 to 70 lbs. and a draw length range of 20-30 to help you find that perfect fit and balance brace height removing a few twists thereby increasing the strings length. If the brace height is too high you will need to replace it with one which is longer. Bow manufacturers recommend a brace height for each model and length of bow, but as a guide most bows fit within the following tolerances in brace height. 62 Bow 73/4 to 81/4 197mm to. It is the perfect combination of smooth draw, firm wall, and wind-crushing speed with speed increases up to 13 Feet Per Second compared to prior year X3 model bows. The new DCX Cam is available in 65 or 75% let-off options with a built-in modular draw length adjustment system that features a removable rubber stop for an even harder wall Yet Bear compression moulded technology means these short limbs are among the most durable and reliable, energy packed around. Single cam is the main source of speed for the Showdown speed, achieving 286 fps IBO speed. This smooth cam allows 1 draw length adjustments from 25 to 31 and 1-2 post adjustments The Motive 6 weighs 4 pounds, and is a significant departure from the Anarchy, Bear's single-cam flagship bow of 2012. The Motive is a compact 32-inch axle-to-axle bow sporting two fairly aggressive cams and, of course, a 6-inch brace height. Adjusting the draw length is easy to do with the included modules, and doesn't require a bow press

The fade setting is used to make the angle flat whereas neutral means no change. Draw setting is used to make the club or driver more upright. A lot of brands have adjustable drivers and clubs. You can pick out the closest standard club or driver and then adjust the setting to reach your playing level. Ping G400 Max Driver Lie Angle and Adjustment Rotating Draw Module. The new VERSAMOD - only from Elite Archery - delivers seven full inches of draw length adjustment in just quarter-inch increments. Combined with Elite's famous shootability and the versatility of Elite's S.E.T. Technology (Simplified Exact Tuning), Elite is changing what adjustability means to archery To adjust the draw weight on a compound bow, all you have to do is change the load on the limb using the limb bolt. Most archery stores offer this service within a bow tune, but you can do it yourself. To adjust your compound bow to higher draw weight, you should first locate the limb bolt on your bow. It should be located in the center of your. The standard for determining their draw weight is taken at 28 inches of draw length. The draw weight is marked on the bow's lower limb with the pound sign (#),such as 35# @ 28. That translates to 35 pounds of draw weight at a 28-inch draw length. Here's an example to help understand how draw weight varies with draw length

Endurafiber limbs provide unmatched flexibility and rigidity for maximum weight adjustment Draw Length Range: 23 - 30 Draw Weight Range: 45-60 lbs., 55-70 lbs The front and back side of the Bear Apprentice 2 cam system. Adjustments are made in 1 increments without a bow press. It's important to note that the peak speeds and draw weight can only be obtained at the high side of the draw length range. As draw length is shortened in one inch increments, the peak poundage also falls off as well as speed A long time favorite of archer's pulling to a shorter draw length has been the Micro Midas from Browning. The latest offering in the series is the Micro Midas 3 that has more than just lived up to the legacy of its namesake. The Micro Midas 3 is powered by the HyperMax 10 cam that gives a whopping 10 inches of draw length adjustment Bear/PSE Stops. PSE Evolve Stops; Bear/ PSE Cams with 2 Stops; Bear/ PSE Cams with 1 Lower Stop; Prime Archery; Accessories Shop all Archery Accessories at Lucky stops. Draw Stop Adjustment Tools Justo Tool and adapters; Levels Levels; Silencing Felt (Mute Stuff) Screws Replacement Screws; Washers Replacement Washers for your bow; Hex Keys Hex. Its draw length ranges from 12″-30″, and plenty of draw weight adjustment is possible in this bow, from 70lbs all the way down to 5lbs. Its infinite adjustability makes the Bear Cruzer an ideal choice for the smaller frames such as young archers and women, which is why this model is also featured in our Best Compound Bows for Women guide

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It features precision-machined limbs and the Hypermax 10 cam with 10 of draw length adjustment. Look at this: 29 or 40 lb. draw weight 32 axle-to-axle length Brace height: 6 1/ 2 IBO Speed: 279-271 fps Let off: 70% actual and 65% effective Mossy Oak New Break-up. The PSE Brute X comes assembled with a standard 29″ draw length. However, the length can be adjusted anywhere between 25″ and 30″. Adjustments can be made in 0.5″ increments, thus allowing the bow to accommodate a variety of draw lengths. Tuning the bow is remarkably simple thanks to the cam's laser-engraved notches. 7. Arrow Spee Draw Length (in.) Max. weight Min. weight 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 70 70 70 70 68 65 62 58 54 50 44 40 33 31 30 29 27 26 24 22 20 18 15 13 The F.I.T. Cam can be easily adjusted from 19 to 30 inches of draw length and over 55 pounds of draw weight adjustment, without the use of a bow press. Featuring the Grip Composit

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The combination of the ASYM Tri-Track Cam with Elite's exclusive new VERSA MOD ROTATING MODULE allows for an industry-leading seven (7) full inches of draw length adjustment without the need for a bow press. Archers will find that they can now adjust their draw length in 1/4 increments with the Versa Mod rotating module Our Fast Fit cam technology offers half inch draw weights for a wider range of adjustability and is quicker and easier to adjust than ever before. Draw weight automatically increases with every draw length, ranging from 10-50 lbs item 3 NEW Bear Pledge Compound Bow Ready To Shoot 40-70lb Draw Weight 21-31 Length 2 - NEW Bear Pledge Compound Bow Ready To Shoot 40-70lb Draw Weight 21-31 Length. $269.99 +$47.59 shipping. item 4 Bear Lights Out Compound Bow - RH - 60-70lbs.. Bear Flared Quad Limbs for lethal, well-controlled power; Cast, precision-machined aluminum allow riser ; Adjustable draw weight: 15-50 lbs. / 20-60 lbs. (depending on model) Adjustable draw length: 15-27 IBO arrow speed: 265 f.p.s. Brace height: 6 Axle-to-axle length: 27 1/ 2 Weighs 3 lbs. State Color and Model, as available in the Shopping.

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