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How Long After Planting Grass Seed Can You Walk On It? After seeding, avoid walking on your lawn for at least 4 weeks. Seedlings germinating below the topsoil are extremely fragile. Even if you can't see them, they can be damaged or killed by foot and vehicle traffic Now that you know how to overseed a lawn, you can keep yours thick, lush and healthy. Oh, and a quick word on cutting the grass after re-seeding Mow your lawn as normal. To reduce stress on the new seedlings, stick to once a week and keep the mowing height to at least 1.5 inches. Now it's Your Tur The weed & feed combination is too strong and will burn or kill off the new lawn seedlings. Weed ControlAn application of liquid weed control or granular fertilizer (containing weed control) can be applied after your over-seeded areas have been mowed 8 to 10 times The best thing you can do for your grass after overseeding is give it rest, and your mower causes a lot of unrest. That's why it's smartest to wait around a week, or more if possible, to allow the new seeds to settle. Some experts consider seven to 10 days a conservative option, suggesting that four days should be enough

If you reseed, the seeds mix with the soil plugs mix better with the non-compacted soil following aeration. Your lawn mower will often break them up and help work them back into the soil within two to three weeks If you used starter fertilizer, I recommend throwing down organic slow-release fertilizer after 4-6 weeks to sustain and feed your new lawn and keep it healthy. Annually overseeding weedy lawn areas in combination with the use of pre-emergents every spring will gradually transform your weedy yard into the lush green carpet every homeowner wants A common mistake rookie aerators and overseeders make is thinking that the natural rain cycle will provide all the water you need, but a few days without moisture could mean bad news for a new seed. For about three weeks after seeding, or until the grass begins to peek out of the dirt, set a daily watering schedule How To Water Lawn After Overseeding. Watering your lawn may seem natural, but proper watering has a little more science behind it. We will give you some expert tips on how to water lawn after overseeding. By following this, you can have a beautiful garden. Check below: Step: 1. After overseeding your lawn, it needs consistent moisture

How Long After Planting Grass Seed Can You Walk On It

How to Maintain Your Lawn After Overseeding Grass seed takes seven to 21 days to germinate. You'll need to keep your lawn moist during this time to trigger germination. If you have an irrigation system, this is easy to do An overseeded lawn can be fully established in eight weeks or less. Proper watering is critical to successful overseeding. The following is a recommended watering program. Immediately after overseeding: Water heavily to wash grass seeds into slits

When, Why and How to Overseed a Lawn: A Green Keepers Guid

If you must overseed during Spring, then keep following. Improper overseeding is always a waste of time and money; hence, here are some steps to expect a lush lawn. #1. Keep the Grasses Low. Before overseeding, make sure to mow your yard shorter than you normally would. And also, gather up the clippings and rake your yard if need be 4. Spread the grass seed. It's seeding time! Just fill up your Scotts® spreader with grass seed, adjust the spreader settings according to the label directions—use the New Lawn coverage rate—and apply. The Scotts® Whirl™ Hand-Powered Spreader is an extremely easy-to-use choice for small lawns (it holds enough seed to cover 1500 square feet), while the Scotts® Turf Builder. Contact Lush Lawn for Your Aerating & Overseeding Needs Lush Lawn is in the business of helping keep lawns green and beautiful. That's why our list of lawn care services includes a fall lawn and restoration package that takes care of aerating and seeding, among other lawn maintenance tasks

How to Take Care of the Lawn After Top Dressing and Over

  1. If you can't get your hands on an aerator, the next best option is to rake your lawn with a metal rake to remove mild thatch and loosen soil. For heavy thatch (say, more than a half-inch or so) use a dethatcher. The Best Way to Overseed a Lawn. After you've prepped your lawn, apply the grass seed with a drop or broadcast spreader
  2. This height is achieved at about a week or up to ten days if homeowners conducted regular watering. Mow overseeded lawns at one-third of the height so that grasses can recover. It is recommended to mow only on dry grass to prevent rupturing turf cover. What to do after mowing an overseeded lawn
  3. Overseeding is the process of sowing new grass seed into lawn. Why overseed a lawn. Turf can be overseeded for various reasons, which include: To repair any weak or thin areas on the lawn caused by the stresses of the summer months. Grass coverage can suffer during times of drought, constant close mowing and following weed control

Return to Regular Maintenance. Keep your newly revived lawn looking its best with a regular, comprehensive maintenance plan that includes diligent watering, best mowing practices and proactive overseeding. A simple weekday lawn maintenance schedule can keep your lawn lush and your weekends free.. For a simple, all-in-one approach to a thicker lawn, you can put your lawn on the fast track with. Proper watering after seeding a lawn is key to seeding or overseeding success. It is important to keep the new seed moist. It is important to keep the new seed moist. Watering daily is very important and if possible, watering 2 or 3 times per day for short periods of time is recommended By overseeding, things will recover and look better sooner. Also, when your grass is thick and lush, there is less room for weeds to grow. Choose the best grass seed for your lawn and the environment in which it resides. Apply a Fertiliser. In order to give the grass a boost of nutrients, apply a lawn feed This requires that you keep your grass moist but not soaking wet. This is a very critical time, and it will take 10-21 days after aerating and overseeding your grass for the process of germination to begin. The most important thing to do is keep your grass watered properly, but here are tips on how much to water during specific phases If you use a slow-acting granular fertilizer in the overseeding process, a followup fertilizer snack is helpful, but not essential. A month to six weeks after the new grass appears, spray it with a liquid lawn fertilizer

a great lawn isn't cheap and is a lot of work. If you are in this subreddit, then you know. Especially with COVID, people are either laid off or having to work crazy hours to keep things moving. Or perhaps they are saving money in case they do get laid off. Their are good reasons to put off proper lawn care We'll examine how long after seeding grass establishes itself and becomes resilient enough to get trampled over without dying. Most experts suggest a 10 day grace period based on the logic that by then root development of viable seeds would have taken place It is important that new grass is kept moist after any lawn re-seeding. If if does not rain, It is strongly recommend to water the area with a sprinkler at least twice a day, for ten minutes each time, for at least the first three weeks after overseeding. However, do not allow the water to pool, just lightly wet Maintain Lawn After Topdressing Try your best to stay off the grass for at least 48 hours following application of topdressing and seed - longer if you have applied the seed on top of the topdressing. Be sure to apply regular water, in long intervals, to promote deeper root growth in your grass for a strong, lush lawn

The seed must stay moist (but not submerged) at all times. Be patient and do not stop watering. Seed requires 21 or more days to germinate. Continue light frequent watering for 28 days Children Should Be Kept off a Yard for 24-72 Hours After a Fertilization Treatment It's no secret that kids love playing outside and getting into messes, but should they be on your lawn if it receives routine fertilization treatments? After the fertilizer has been completely absorbed into the soil, yes However I think it's good to seed all season long but fall seeding is the most important. Keep in mind after your first mowing in the spring when you put down your pre emergent herbicide for the crabgrass do not put down grass seed it won't germinate. The pre emergent herbicide puts a barrier in the soil to stop crab grass and other seed from. 3) Use Burlap Over Grass Seed To Keep Birds from Eating It. If you live in a windy climate, then mulch and straw simply won't cut it for you. The moment the wind picks up, that straw is going to fly right off the lawn and leave your seeds vulnerable to the attack of the birds

Mowing after Overseeding: How Long Should I Wait? Green

How to Best Care for Your Lawn after Aeration and Overseedin

Timing. After any invasive treatment you should always assist the lawn to recover. This is easier if you've been wise with your timing and nature is helping by providing some warmth, sun and rain to speed things along.. As far as I'm concerned the lawn is there for my benefit and I want it to look respectable all year round Also keep in mind that 2,4 D is rarely sold without other chemicals added to the mixture and even the ingredients that are considered inert which can be 85% of the mixture can change how long it remains active. When I was a landscaper and my money was on the line I would not over seed for at least four weeks Keep off the newly over-seeded area if possible until new seedlings are firmly anchored. The lawn will benefit from a mowing immediately the original grass has recovered, e.g. when it is 5-8 cms (2-3 inches) at the most but not before the seedlings are firmly anchored That weed killer can stop grass from germinating. Newly hydroseeded lawns that have been watered properly usually won't have a weed problem but should you have weeds in your lawn it is better to let your new lawn get established before trying to eradicate the weeks. Wait at least 2-3 months after seeding before trying to kill any weeds

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  1. Lawn Overseeding. Overseeding your lawn in the fall is a great way to promote a healthy thick lawn. More specifically overseeding your lawn after your aerate it can be an extremely effective way of creating a thick luscious lawn next year. Recently I published Lawn Aerating Tips in which I explain some helpful tips for aerating your lawn in the.
  2. utes in any one place. After 8 weeks just ensure the lawn doesn't get overly dry by watering more deeply. See Watering the Lawn
  3. Your lawn care company may be able to perform lawn overseeding, which take the pressure off you as a homeowner. Your lawn care company know the best grass varieties for your region of the country and your specific lawn needs. If your lawn care company isn't able to overseed, you can do it yourself
  4. Yeah if it's an overseed of an existing lawn not as big of a deal if they seeded bare ground. Gingerly walking across newly seeded bare ground is ok a time or two but you don't want to be scuffing or disturbing it as it likely will result in bare spots

7 Aeration and Overseeding Mistakes You Should Avoi

Although roto-tilling is common practice when seeding a new lawn, it is also helpful for overseeding. The only difference between roto-tilling before overseeding and before planting a new lawn is the depth: overseeding requires only tilling about 1 or 2 inches into the soil, while new lawns require 4 to 6 inches In the time period immediately following aeration and overseeding, your goal is to keep the seeds moist, not sopping wet. It will likely take about 10-21 days after overseeding for germination to begin and the moist top 1 of soil will facilitate this growth. In order to keep the seed moist, but not soaked, you may need to water in short bursts It can take anywhere between 5 days and 30 days for the first signs of fresh grass growing after you reseed it, in a cooler climate it can take much longer. Out of the two factors that you can control watering your lawn is the most important Taking the necessary short and long term aftercare of seed and baby grass is an important consideration when determining how to overseed a lawn, but heavy rain after seeding can throw off all of the best laid plans

How to Reseed After Applying Pre-Emergent. Disturbing the herbicide barrier on the soil surface is the key to successful reseeding of thin lawns or bare patches treated with pre-emergent herbicides How long after putting a pre-emergent down can I over seed my lawn this is going to depend on the particular product you're using. You'll want to reference the product label to make sure that you're well outside that pre-emergent barrier window and make sure that you're putting it down at a time that the grass seed actually has a chance to succeed

Final overseeding tips. One of the things Latimer always watches for really closely after overseeding, is making sure he keeps as much debris off the lawn as possible. If not, it'll ruin all the work you've just put in. Second, don't mow for a very long time. Stay off of the lawn for at least three to four weeks The term overseed may sound technical and even intimidating if you aren't familiar with the process, but it's really a simple gardening concept: Overseeding is simply the process of planting new grass seed over your existing grass in order to create a revived, newly green and beautiful lawn that is lush and healthy If you have been looking for how to overseed your lawn in the spring, look no further than this step by step complete guide to spring overseeding! I discuss.

If all you're used to doing is mowing, you'll need to learn a few new tricks, but it's not difficult - and the payback is a strong and healthy lawn all year round. How long before I can use my newly seeded lawn? For a spring sowing, I recommend waiting 8-12 weeks before walking on the grass. A seeded lawn takes much longer to mature. A fantastic lawn doesn't just happen.Getting great results is a multi-step process that goes beyond the typical lawn care regimen and includes services such as aeration and overseeding or power seeding (a more intensive process if your lawn needs it). Because you want to have a great-looking lawn, you may have invested in these services (or plan to have them completed in the near future) When dealing with a dead lawn, you can follow the best way to reseed a lawn guidelines. Doing this will help with overseeding your lawn after you take the necessary preparation. You tend to find when lawn overseeding, grass seed germinates quicker in September and October when it is slightly cooler, and there are moist conditions

How To Water Lawn After Overseeding- Easy Tips And 6 Step

  1. The best time to aerate and overseed the lawn is within the fall. Warm soils, cool evenings, and passing on yearly weeds make drop conditions the perfect time for air circulation combined with overseeding as well as common garden seeding
  2. You might want to wait a little longer (probably 20 days or so) if you overseeded with bluegrass because this grass establishes and grows slowly to reach the recommended height for mowing. While you wait before the grass seed establishes, you can cut the grass to allow the seeds access to sunlight
  3. So, in sum, try and keep your pets off for at least the first couple weeks, and then when they go for a bathroom break, be sure to water the spot in to dilute that nitrogen. (In the meantime, I hope there is a spot off the new lawn you can take them out to.) During the first month of new lawn maintenance, you want to be very careful about watering

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The color will come back in the lawn after 3-4 weeks but to avoid this potential problem it is best to use a colorant to make sure no overlap occurs. To get optimum results for post emergent control it is recommended you use a Non Ionic Surfactant in your mixture as well Overseeding makes thin lawns fuller, making for a more durable turf. Healthy lawns can better fend off pests, fungus and disease. Overseeing means your lawn requires less chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Overseeded lawns look greener and healthier! Overseeding your lawn in the spring and autumn prepares the lawn for the months ahead and. How to Maintain Your Lawn After Overseeding Grass seed takes seven to 21 days to germinate. You'll need to keep your lawn moist during this time to trigger germination

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For a well-established lawn care practice, you may see you don't need to do an all-over treatment for several years. If you sow feed on your lawn first, you will need to let the feed work for one to two weeks before you treat the weeds. One other thing to do is be sure not to water your lawn after you use weed killing products I don't want them using that area s their bathroom long term. Honestly, sodding is probably the better bet, it isn't a huge area so I could get by with one pallet, and maybe not bump it quite up to the fence, etc to make it go farther. Or sod one side, seed the other. Of course, I'm not sure how long to keep them off of sod either

Make sure to use appropriate safety gear and keep small children and pets out of the area. How To Water A Seed Sliced Lawn. Watering after slice seeding is different from watering after new sod installation. For the first three weeks, the newly planted lawn should be watered lightly every day Water: After spreading the seeds on the lawn, keep the ground well-watered—2 to 3 times a day until the seeds germinate and the shoots sprout. Keep off the grass! Ensure there's little to no traffic on the lawn for o ne to three weeks to give the seeds ample time to grow without any disturbance The process of overseeding a lawn can turn out to be very beneficial both for the appearance and the health of the garden. However the average homeowner is either not aware of its importance or cannot make out the difference between seeding and overseeding. Before discussing how overseeding can be done effectively, lets understand what overseeding is and how it [ The first few weeks after seeding are the most crucial. You need to keep the seed moist. Moist doesn't mean water-logged. It means moist. Think of it this way. You don't need a whole lot of water on the seed to make it moist. However, that means it won't take long to dry out I suggest spraying the weeds prior with a post emergent and seeding a couple weeks later or waiting until the lawn is established after 30 days and then treating the weeds. How long do I need to water after I seed? All sprinkler systems will be different so I will give some generic advice by saying the important thing is to keep the seed wet

Overseeding Lawns: Everything You Need To Know About

OverSeeding, Slice Seeding, Verticut, Re-Seeding. The machine you see in the two above pictures is an overseeder attachment for a tractor. When overseeding a lawn with existing grass, ValleyScapes will either use this machine or a walk-behind unit for smaller yards A worn-out lawn happens to the best of us. Even the most well cared for turf will age unless you overseed. Overseeding is the secret to a long-lasting, evergreen lawn. In this guide, I take you through how to overseed a lawn and bring the sparkle back into your yard 1. The lawn was put in last fall, seeded and covered with straw. 2. Winter rye was planted along with fescue, the winter rye came up and is now fading away while the fescue is beginning to grow. 3. We had a lot of rain and run off and I think overseeding might be appropriate/needed (we have also installed french drains). Q1 When you manage to keep a sturdy and robust lawn without investing too much in chemicals and fertilizers, you save a lot in the long run and only meet other usual bills like water and what have you. Steps Involved In Overseeding A Lawn Without Aerating. Overseeding is deemed as the most effective way to grow your lawn thick and full When the existing grass has grown long, and there is germination across most of the lawn, it is fine to cut on a high setting (so as to not cut grass that has just germinated). The lawn will start to thicken up after a few cuts and the cut height can be reduced to 1-1.5 inches

9. HOW LONG SHOULD MY KIDS AND PETS STAY OFF THE LAWN ONCE IT SEEDED? Since there aren't any chemicals applied to the lawn there are no restrictions. But it may be messy with the cores from the core aeration 10. IS OVERSEEDING A GUARANTEED SERVICE? No overseeding is not a guaranteed service. If you looking for guaranteed seeding that means. Overseed. After aeration, you can spread a light layer of compost and rake it in. This is also an opportunity to fill in the grass by overseeding. Rain is usually more prevalent in spring. If not, be sure to water the newly overseeded lawn daily until the grass has filled in (usually about 5-6 weeks) One last shot at lawn improvement can be done even yet this fall. By early November, most lawn care chores and activities are completed; lawn mowers are put away, watering has ended, hoses are drained and stored for the winter, irrigation systems have been blown out and winterized and, the last, late season nitrogen fertilizer has been put down I think I will hold off as long as possible. Also,keep in mind,over 90% of those seeds are not in the holes,but laying on the surface of the soil as the average aeration job punches only 6-7 3/4 holes per sq. ft of lawn. Top. I use it because I need to protect the new grass and keep the lawn low after my overseed, but not crazy about. You might be thinking about starting a new lawn by seeding or over-seeding your existing lawn with fresh baby grass. Either way, knowing how long it will take for grass seeds to sprout and then establish can help you plan an effective timeline for your lawn care regimen and get a better lawn faster with as few mistakes as possible

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  1. ated (in places) and is showing signs of new life
  2. The lawn needs to get quite a bit of sun to truly thrive. Follow the basics of responsible lawn care and your lawn will be off to a dog-friendly start. Planting grass seed with dogs in the household does require special attention, as your pooch is unlikely to read your well-meaning Keep Off Grass signs
  3. 4) Stay Off The Grass. If you have kids or pets, then you are going to have to be a little more engaged. You may literally have to watch your grass. Keep animals, and children off the lawn while the seeds are still growing. They'll have plenty of time to play in the grass when it's fully grown and healthy
  4. ation, but the leaves have a lot of thickening to do

Learning how to fix bare spots in lawn spaces is an essential part of lawn maintenance. The best method for grass spot repair is to overseed with new grass seed in the affected area. Overseeding, or planting new grass seed, allows for a healthy new start and can result in a virtually undetectable repair Maintaining the Winter Lawn. Mow when the lawn is about 1 to 2 inches high. After that mow to 1 to 1 ½ inches when the grass reaches 2 to 2 ½ inches high. Keep mower blades sharp to avoid ripping the blades of the ryegrass. After the second mowing apply ½ pound of nitrogen fertilizer per 1,000 square feet. Reestablishing the Permanent Lawn Over time lawns can become thin and patchy, this is down to a number of reasons whether it is excessive wear and tear or a result of insect or fungal attack.Lawns can often need thickening up to improve their appearance and will benefit from seeding or over-seeding.When this process has been carried out it is time to think about how to maintain it and when to start mowing to help develop it. Overseeding. Where warm season grasses go dormant, cool season grasses flourish and vice versa—making overseeding a great strategy for keeping dormant lawns green. When it comes to overseeding your warm season lawn with a cool season variety, it is important to actually overseed at the right time of year

When to Fertilize your Lawn after Seeding; Get Professional Help to Keep your Lawn Looking Great; Do I Really Have To Fertilize My Grass? Of course, you don't have to fertilize! But you're probably going to want to. Why? Well, let's talk about what lawns need in order to grow and stay healthy and green. Namely, nutrients To understand the challenge of seeding your lawn after a crabgrass preventive application is applied, you must understand how crabgrass pre-emergent works. Since the thin layer of this material in the top of your lawn's soil works well to prevent crabgrass seed germination, it also will do so for other grass seed Overseeding makes thin lawns fuller, making for a more durable turf. Healthy lawns can better fend off pests, fungus and disease. Overseeing means your lawn requires less chemical fertilizer or pesticides. Overseeded lawns look greener and healthier! Overseeding your lawn in the spring and autumn prepares the lawn for the months ahead and.

Ensure that the water reaches a depth of 10cm (4in) after each watering. In the middle of summer 1 sq m (1 sq yd) needs about 20-litres (5 gallons) every seven days. Looking after new lawns. Lawns from turf should be left completely un-used for their first week. Lawns from seed should be left un-used until their first mowing Overseeding your lawn does depend on where you live and the type of grass you have - for example it's not recommended to overseed St. Augustine grass (sorry Florida!). Remember to water daily after overseeding until the newly seeded grass reaches mowing height. You only need to water enough to keep the top ¼ inch of soil moist There are many methods to maximizing your lawn through experimenting with different sprinkler run times. Personalize this process to reflect your grass and location. Throughout all methods it is important to not overwater your lawn. Stop watering after 30 minutes. If your lawn needs more water, increase the frequency The lawn should be cleared of any weeds and dead or poor looking grass. To complete this a nonselective herbicide is used. This should be sprayed in those areas about two weeks before the grass is going to be planted. After the grass and weeds have turned brown it is time to rake it out and remove all the debris around the area Try to keep them off it is the best advice. They really won't hurt it as long as they are not digging but they will be urinating and the bigger issue is what gets on their paws they will be licking off. Fert is nothing they should be ingesting. Water soluable fert is in the soil after just a few days but pelleted fert is on the surface much longer

This helps the lawn establish deeper, stronger roots. A general rule of thumb is to give your lawn 1-2 inches of water per week. How long do you have to stay off of hydroseed? Allow the mulch to completely dry before walking on it at all. Then, avoid walking on your lawn unless necessary until after you are able to mow the first time After your newly seeded fescue Lawn is completed we recommend watering three times a day every day of the week, but only long enough each time to keep the seed wet. It is important to turn the water off as soon as you begin to see it pool on the surface because watering to the point of creating run off can shift or flood your new seed In between seeding and topdressing you can go over the seed with the back of a rake, use a roller or find some other method to help get the seed down into the soil. I don't have a roller, I'm not sure a rake works that well when overseeding so I just water the lawn for a few minutes to wash the seed down into the soil You should plan to overseed at least every 3 to 4 years, but, if you aerate and overseed every year, you 'll see real nice results — a lush, green lawn that fends off weeds, insects and diseases. Should I fertilize before or after overseeding? Always wait until the grass is dry before you mow. Fertilize the lawn about six weeks after you. If you do, you hope it doesn't rain right after, as the 24D will go down into the ground and hurt germination of the soybean seed. Not familiar with grass, as I never plant any. 24D label doesn't say anything about time to wait prior to planting grass seed, as normally 24D is applied to established grass stands

They should be controlled before overseeding. The timing, fertilization and liming for overseeding is the same as for seeding large bare areas. It's important to get new seeds in contact with the soil, so after seeding, rake the entire area. Be sure to water enough to keep the soil moist. Lawns can also decline from too much attention After cutting your grass, collect the grass clippings and spread them evenly around your lawn. Or, add them to your DIY compost bin. Avoid walking on it; For as long as you can, you should avoid walking on newly seeded grass. If you must walk on it, take light, slow, and soft steps to avoid damaging the grass blades and roots As a general rule, avoid pre-emergent weed treatments at least 10 to 12 weeks before seeding — or longer for some products. After planting, reserve broad-spectrum weed treatments until new lawns have been mowed at least two to three times; for fall-planted seed, that usually means spring When planting or overseeding a fescue lawn, you'll want to choose a variety of fescue grass that performs well in your area. I don't usually recommend Kentucky 31 Fescue because it requires a higher mowing height during summer to keep it from burning out and is best suited for use in pastures Just After Seeding the Lawn. In other words, immediately you finish planting your new grass seeds you should water your lawn. Onwards the grass seeds will need frequent watering, especially on an as-needed basis. When doing the first watering just a few minutes after planting you should keep this in mind. Water to keep the top 2 inches of the.

Make sure to follow label directions, contain all fertilizer on the area to be seeded and off the driveway, and keep a minimum of 15 feet from any surface water. Make sure to keep the seeded area moist throughout establishment. Depending on what Mother Nature supplies, a new seeding may require watering several times a day Keep Traffic Off the Lawn: Foot traffic on the lawn, especially frosted and snow-covered lawns, can wear a path. Make sure to clear and use walkways, and avoiding exposing the lawn to salt where possible. Also, if you have a sprinkler system, it's important to properly winterize the system to avoid costly repairs (and digging up the lawn) later These grasses benefit from annual overseeding to prevent thin spots from developing. The best time to overseed cool-season grasses in the north is late summer or early fall when daytime air temperatures have cooled off for the year, but will stay above 55 degrees for the next several months. This time of year means less threat from weeds

How long after an application will I see the weeds to die off? Typically it will take 10-14 days for the weed control to travel through the weed and interrupt its growth. You will start to see the weeds twisting and curling within that 10-14 day period Slice seeding is the best renovation technique for repairing damaged sections of turf or areas that need complete turf replacement. Slice seeding is done with a machine that slices into the ground and deposits seed into the slit giving direct seed to soil contact. After the process is complete, your lawn will look like it was combed

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