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Answer a question : The pendulum can give an answer (yes or no) to a particular query. This one may be about a present problem or something that will happen in the future. That's the way we use the pendulum in this website. It can detect underground water sources, minerals such as gold or other resources of this type It happens to even the most experienced pendulum users. Never fear though, when this happens, just take a little break and regroup. You can refer to our trusty list below for a little help but don't forget that the best way to make sure you have your questions ready is to take notes during the day

Pendulum dowsing definitely works best with questions which have yes or no answers, but as you get more skilled, you can dowse to select from a wide range of possible answers. As with any kind of divination work, however, ethical considerations are always present What is a Dowsing Pendulum? A dowsing pendulum is a crystal or rock that hangs from the end of a chain or string. The traditional use of dowsing pendulums was for locating minerals, hidden water wells and any other objects that might be buried and hidden underneath the ground. Now it's a simple way to gain spiritual insight A rose quartz dowsing pendulum is very good for chakra healing and for dowsing on emotional matters. Bloodstone when dowsing for answers concerning money, financial or legal outcomes. Moonstone dowsing pendulum is very good when you want to connect with higher level beings and for issues dealing with emotions and relationships Pendulum dowsing is an ancient art that exists for over 6 thousands years which is also called divining. It has the ability to foresee the future and give us information that we don't know. It is seldom requested by clients and is highly belittled. Dowsing offers you to connect to an innermost wisdom; it can The use of the pendulum falls within dowsing instruments. Dowsing or radiesthesia it's about ways to measure energy fields or radiations by using objects intended for it, such as pendulums or dowsing rods and others. It receives energy from the unconscious or subconscious of the person or group and bring it to the conscious level

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  1. e the quality of the answers you get. Truly, it's all in the language. Here's how to frame a good question: Be specific. Use names, dates, times, places, anything that narrows the focus on the matter. For example Is it in my best interest to attend the How to Use a Pendulum.
  2. There are many ways to use your pendulum. Answering yes/no questions is the most basic and perhaps most useful pendulum skill there is, so that's where we start. (Click here to see other ways to use your pendulum.) Important NOTICE: The following information is copyrighted by Eva Browning, 2009-2021. Feel free to prin
  3. Pendulum Dowsing Pitfall #2: I ask my pendulum a question, and sometimes have the answer pop into my head before the pendulum responds! It is quite off-putting - it makes me feel like I am making the answers up, and my thoughts are taking over
  4. Pendulum Dowsing With The Angels Price: $97.00 This is by far the most powerful course I've created with the angels to date, because it empowers you to claim your ability to directly work with the Angels, for your benefit, and for the highest and greatest good of all

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Remember that the Pendulum is to be considered a respectable divination method, therefore it must be respected as such. So do not ask misleading questions or ignore that the Pendulum could LIE or NOT ANSWER. It is important to download and recharge the Pendulum often and do not to pass it from hand to hand, as this will alter its. The precision of dowsing requires comprehension and thought. On the off chance that we dowse with thought and understanding of how the procedure works, dowsing not only works accurately, as well as is amazingly dependable. Each dowser encounters the disappointments of getting false responses to some of their questions. In my thirty-four years of dowsing When a pendulum is used as a divination tool to answer questions, it is considered a form of dowsing. Another form of dowsing uses a divining rod to search for water, metals or minerals underground. As far back as 4,000 years ago it is believed that Egyptian pharaohs, the Greeks and the Chinese practiced dowsing Pendulum dowsing can be used in a variety of different ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to answer questions or aid in decision making. Pendulums can also be used for: Healing purposes and identifying allergies

Pendulum dowsing is a great way to answer personal questions. It is easy and effective, once you understand how to use it. The pendulum has been used for thousands of years as a divining tool and for pendulum dowsing. Pendulum dowsing has most commonly been used for finding substances in the earth Pendulum Dowsing The pendulum is the easiest method of dowsing to learn; the term itself is a fancy word for any object suspended from a string or chain so that you can swing it freely. It should have some weight to it, but you don't want a pendulum that's either too heavy or too light Using a pendulum is one of the oldest spiritual practices, but it's actually very easy to learn how to use a pendulum. All you'll need to do is get a pendulum, either stone or metal of some type, and put it outside in the ground for a day or so

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To ensure your pendulum questions are answered by the unseen, you need to begin your pendulum sessions by calling to the spirit, or to your source of providing divine and answers. That could be a ritual that you do to connect you with the other dimension, or to invoke a spirit to provide the answers Pendulum Dowsing: Dowsing for Numbers. The pendulums in the picture are my own. One is brass and the other one is a polished stone. These are the ones I use when I am dowsing. Dowsing with the pendulum has been used for centuries for personal gain, and to help others who may have been in need of some kind Pendulum dowsing is reportedly one of the most common divinatory arts used today, and is also considered to be one of the simplest. begin by asking the pendulum simple yes or no questions that. Pendulum Dowsing and Divination to find answers to yes-no questions (with Clearing Activation)This video will teach the basics of Pendulum Dowsing and Pendul..

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The history of pendulum dowsing begins with a 4000-year-old drawing of a physician using a pendulum in the healing of a patient. Pendulum usage is a mystical, magical means of divining answers to unknown questions. When a person practices this ancient art, he or she is continuing an age-old healing method, overlooked by modern medicine Hold your Pendulum above the middle of the 'up and down' line and make it swing along the line - towards you and away from you; this is the WAITING POSITION - ready for a question. Stop, hold your Pendulum still, and without making it move ask it swing in the waiting position. STEP

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If you want to use a pendulum for an outdoor job, try 'map dowsing' or 'proxy dowsing. Map dowsing uses a pendulum held over a map, and proxy dowsing uses another person to walk around outside while the dowser uses the pendulum in a sheltered spot, keeping the proxy in sight and earshot to tell them when to stop or turn, etc Basic Dowsing Questions & Answers For me this allows me to move through a series of numbered questions very quickly. Spinning the pendulum is a different action for me which is either counterclockwise to clear or clockwise for bring in new energy

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For questions that require a simple yes or no, any object looped through a cord or chain of some type can serve as a pendulum—even a key dangled on a length of string. But you'll need a more delicate object to get detailed answers, like an unknown time of birth or ways to raise funds during a financial crisis Quick Pendulum Dowsing Instructions [] Spirit Radical - 50 Energy Healing Modalities that will Change Your Life - Spirit Radical - [] Quick Pendulum Dowsing Instructions [] Having Trouble With Pendulum Dowsing? - Here Are The 5 Most Common Dowsing Pitfalls - [] questions and pitfalls come up again and again for students. So if you. The pendulum brings that wisdom to light so that it may be used for our own greater good. How can I start to use a pendulum to dowse, you might ask? Well, whether you are just beginning to work with a pendulum or you're a seasoned dowser, you might find that the following tips will make your future dowsing experiences more successful ones Questions about Pendulum Dowsing. Dear fellow spirits, I have a question regarding the above. I have been practising this for some time. I apply some meditations beforehand and relax. Then I ask questions to check whether the pendulum is giving me the right answers; those can be non-emotional one- what colour shirt am I wearing for instance.

This article covers the 3 questions you should NEVER ask your pendulum. Article by Moon of Gemini. 226. Witchcraft Spell Books Wiccan Spells Magick Pendulum Witchcraft What If Questions This Or That Questions Meditation Crystals Healing Meditation Color Magic A Mini-Course in Pendulum Dowsing I received a thoughtful letter from Robin asking some very interesting questions about dowsing. The following is a reconstruction of my reply. Dear Robin, First, thank you for your letter of inquiry. You have raised some very interesting questions. I will attempt to answer them as best as I can The pendulum will either start to swing clockwise or anti-clockwise, or from left to right, or right to left. Then ask a question for which the answer is an absolute NO. Observe which way the pendulum swings. It should be different/opposite from the YES response Although this approach works, it becomes very laborious if you are dowsing through a series of questions, as each time the pendulum has to overcome the inertia of being at rest and it takes time to get up to speed. A far faster approach is to start with the pendulum swinging back and forwards. We call this our 'search position' Jan 21, 2017 - Learn how to use Pendulum Dowsing for Knowledge, Healing, and Insight from the Angelic Realm in this new angel course. Connect with your angels for answer

Pendulum and Chart: Using a dowsing chart, and with your Pendulum swinging toward the Ready for Question, ask several questions that you know the answer to. This is so you visually, mentally, emotionally and Subconsciously experience the feeling of your Pendulum swinging to the right answer and success. It is OK to encourage the Pendulum Pendulum dowsing can be a great intuitive tool if you're having a dilemma, so take a few minutes to try it for yourself and follow Liz's exercise. 1 Ground and protect yourself before you begin: imagine you're in a bubble of light and that you have roots growing from your feet The author shows how pendulum dowsing can even answer questions about an object we seek or a question we need answered. Through exercises we learn how to true our pendulum to insure it's working with us and giving us accurate answers. We also learn how to eliminate subconscious interference that could give our pendulum a false response Pendulum; Intentional Mind Set; Pendulum Charts (optional) Accept information only if your instincts assure you it is accurate. Keep a notebook handy to write down any questions and the pendulum's response. Each pendulum may have a different response. Likewise, each person must establish their own directional swings before using a pendulum

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Pendulum should never dangle too low, as it may become too sensitive and provide inaccurate results. 3. Setting up the pendulum for money dowsing questions. You can ask some common questions at first, to see how the pendulum will behave. Ask questions about your age and what you love Yes it is free. I get so many questions about pendulum dowsing that I decided to make a mini course and share it freely with you and anyone who wants to know my views. Do you provide a handout? A detailed course handout with instructions and a dowsing chart is provided Simple gravity pendulum. The simple gravity pendulum is an idealized mathematical model of a pendulum. This is a weight (or bob) on the end of a massless cord suspended from a pivot, without friction.When given an initial push, it will swing back and forth at a constant amplitude.Real pendulums are subject to friction and air drag, so the amplitude of their swings declines

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The Pendulum. A pendulum is nothing more than a communication device. In and of itself it has no power and no ability to move. Although no one knows how or why dowsing works, it is most commonly thought that the movement of the pendulum is controlled through or by your subconscious (or something of that nature) Angel dowsing. Angel dowsing is another name of dowsing pendulum. It is called angel dowsing as you get the answers through the help of angels. The answers provided by the pendulum are answers that are given by the angels, which reach you in the form of the pendulum movements. This helps you gain spiritual guidance and increases your awareness. Correspondingly, how do you know if a pendulum is accurate? Begin by swinging your pendulum in a way that is not one of your signs.For example, if your signs are universal, then you might swing it around in a circle. Close your eyes and hold the question in your mind. Sit for a few seconds, and then open your eyes to see an unbiased answer.. Subsequently, question is, does dowsing really work Dowsing is used as a tool for asking questions, giving advice, making decisions and making a selection from a list of options. It can be used to help make a major decision or to make minor decisions. It is also used commercially to locate water, oil, on archaeological sites, soil testing/agriculture, mineral and soil prospecting, and site. Dowsing, also called water witching, is a method of locating underground water or buried treasure by tapping into what dowsers call spiritual energy. Dowsing involves different methods, but often the dowser holds a forked rod with the straight end pointed toward the ground

This lesson was written in Sept 2003 by Joe Smith for a dowsing list, it was originally given in a series of 4 Posts over several days. I will present them here as 4 Separate Lessons. The Pendulum - Lesson One by Joe Smith. To start with you need a pendulum. A nut on a string, a ring on a string, a locket with a chain, Almost any thing will do. The pendulum begins to spin clockwise. It is his answer. So much of dowsing is asking the right questions, he says, and with these parameters defined, asking is simple. He will inquire of the. Basic Pendulum Dowsing | by Nanci Wesling 4 Pendulum Dowsing - the Basics At its most basic, dowsing is a way to receive a Yes or No response to a question. In addition to a pendulum, other dowsing tools include l-rods, the y-rod, and the bobber. Muscle testing is another form of dowsing, and there are other deviceless dowsing methods using. Pendulum dowsing is a skill that I have been trying to hone since last year. It is the practice of asking your subconscious mind/Higher Self/Spiritual Guide (depending on your intent) questions and getting the answers by noting the swing of a pendulum How to Use a Pendulum for Dowsing and Divination: Answer Questions, Find Lost Objects, Heal Body and Mind, and More! by Ronald L. Bonewitz and Lilian Verner-Bonds | Jan 1, 2016 4.1 out of 5 stars 1

This easy, printable Pendulum Dowsing Pack contains 3x Fortune Wheels which will give you answers to questions regarding your chakras, letters and numbers. Pendulum Dowsing Wheels (3 Pack) quantity — OR Pendulum Dowsing is the use of a weighted object such as some metal or a crystal that you have been using often on a string or chain, to get an answer, usually in a 'yes' or 'no' format. Hence, the questions asked need to be unambiguous and with a serious and responsible manner

Dowsing is a Precise Science and Art. Dowsing is a science and an art. When seeking information while dowsing it's important for the dowser to ask or phrase questions correctly. Failure to do so can lead to unexpected results. Even seasoned dowsers may receive contradictory answers to what appears to be direct and simple questions The pendulum, dowsing rods or bobbers are all tools that have been used for centuries to pierce the veil of the unknown. Today, they are used to find underground water, negative energy lay lines, in archaeology Formulating dowsing statements and questions. 2. The mechanics of dowsing. These vibrations focus their attention on the pendulum and cause it to move in specific directions, giving you answers and guidance to the questions you put to the tool. This dowsing pendulum is made with a Unakite crystal pendulum hung on a bronze cable chain, accented with a Unakite bead and a 30mm bronze pentacle

Pendulum dowsing allows an intuitive person to link with the universe, their spirit guides and their psychic ability, to give answers to questions. It acts as a transmitter and receiver of information and is interpreted by the Reader through the way it moves Divining with a pendulum is a form of dowsing that is easily learned and both practical and fun to use. My first experience with this method of finding answers to questions happened when I was a young girl at Girl Scout Camp. One of the girls displayed a needle hanging from a length of thread and told the rest of us girls that she could tell. The pendulum can be programmed to give specific responses to a question. The pendulum usually circles clockwise or counterclockwise, or swings back and forth, in response to questions. Pendulum dowsing is also referred to as divination and divination is an ancient method of acquiring information beyond the 5 senses Crammed with practical exercises, dowsing charts, and maps, all accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions, this pack includes everything you need to get started. Follow the simple exercises to discover how to interpret the movements of the pendulum and your yes and no responses; then begin to experiment with a whole host of applications Cherry Quartz Pendulum ~ Divination Tool A pendulum is simple tool used for communicating and gaining guidance from the spiritual world. The pendulum amplifies signals or energy vibrations emanating from a spiritual guide or the Divine energies youve called upon. These vibrations focus thei

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2. What is Pendulum Dowsing? 3. What is Pendulum Dowsing Used For? 4. Pendulum Can Also Be Used For? 5. How Does Pendulum Dowsing Work? 6. Where Do the Answers Come From? 7. What Sort of Pendulum Do I Need? 8. Before You Start Using A Pendulum? 9. How to Get Started with Using A Pendulum? 10. What Type of Questions Can I Ask the Pendulum? 11. Dowsing with a pendulum, L-rods, and the body are very easy techniques to learn and are perfect for the types of dowsing applications that are utilized in Senzar training programs. At the bottom of this page you will also find a link to print out a copy of this lesson. Prepare for the dowsing process . 1) Be well hydrated and well rested

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The pendulum only answers precise questions and will always give answers by exclusion such as yes or no, true or false, far or near, black or white, etc. You will then have to ask questions going from general to particular; for example: ask if the car keys are in the house, then if they are on the ground floor, if they are in the living room. Asking Questions. Ask questions while the pendulum is swinging in the READY POSITION. Ask yes or no questions. The swinging pendulum will slowly move to the answer position. Ask permission (optional). Dowsers always ask, May I? Can I? Should I? and declare all answers will be for your highest good at the beginning of sessions The pendulum is only on e of the tools that a dowser might use. However, a pendulum is very easy to utilize and carry it s simply a weight on a thread - so it makes a great choice for the dowser. Pendulum dowsing has a range of uses and really is only limited by your own imagination. For example is can: x give answers to questions A pendulum is a very powerful and reliable tool for accessing higher guidance and for getting accurate answers to any question. Although it only takes a few minutes to learn how to use a pendulum, it can take a bit of practice to master the art of pendulum dowsing for maximum pendulum reliability 7. It is Essential to Know the Background of the Field in Which You Are Working: If you want to do archaeological dowsing, get books from the library and learn the basic principles, this applies to anything, Psychic dowsing, any dowsing work. 8. Be Bold in Application : Be prepared to take on anything even those which you haven't tried before. 9. Time : If there is a question of time, this.

Quite simply, a pendulum react to your subconscious mind. When held properly, the pendulum will react to very small nerve reactions in your fingers that are generated by your unconscious mind in response to a question poised. Different nerve reactions will be detected depending on what your subconscious mind knows An example sequence of dowsing questions would start with the pendulum user focusing your attention, (affirming your 'programming' if used as such), going through your various usual responses / movements, and asking the May I, Should I, Can I question in regards to the subject of my inquiries for this session The pendulum acts as a form of receiver and transmitter, similar to a radio picking up unseen radio waves. When we ask a question, our unconscious mind responds by influencing the nerve endings in our fingers causing the pendulum to swing in response. In other words, our body outwardly expresses our inner knowing Everything you need to know about Pendulum Dowsing. Pendulums are one of the oldest of divination tools and are a form of dowsing. In Europe the scientific use of a pendulum is called Radiesthesia and is a well accepted form of gaining information. They can be used for locating just about anything including water, gold, and oil

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Pendulum dowsing is a useful skill and just about anyone can learn it. Basic dowsing gives a yes/no response to questions asked. Once you become proficient at this you may dowse in other ways. As a crystal healer a pendulum is part of my basic toolkit Pendulum Readingconsists of observing the movements of the suspended pendulum in order to determine the answer to a question for the client. The reader holds the string or cord, and asks exact questions of the pendulum, after first determining which pattern of movement or which direction constitutes a yes or no answer (A) Obtain Permission: With your pendulum swinging to the Ready for Question (you may use the Dowsing Form on the next page), ask the Dowsing System the following questions: (It is best to read the question out loud.) May 1, Can 1, Should 1, ESTABLISH, CHANGE or ADD Dowsing Conditions and Agreements or Programs which will be. Pendulum Dowsing - Ask Bob. PYRAMID POWER, DOWSING MACHINES. Questions and Answers For beginners, basic questions about dowsing are answered, including how to begin. Radionics. scientific evidence for dowsing. Sig Lonegren's Mid-Atlantic Geomancy site - devoted to geomancy (spiritual ecology). Swedish double blind testing of dowsing. Science.

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What is dowsing. Dowsing is a type of divination which has been used for centuries to answers questions and aid the seeker in making decisions, it is also widely used to locate ground water, buried metals, gemstones, oil, grave sites, and many other objects and more recently it has been used in healing as a way of drawing off stagnant energy from a person or place The pendulum then exchanges information, and moves in different ways in response to the dowser's questions. How does a dowsing pendulum provide answers? People who are skeptical about dowsing tend to say that pendulums only move towards a certain direction simply because they respond to the movement of the dower's hands. While of course the. A dowsing pendulum is a tool used for obtaining information from beyond normal consciousness. It helps to tap into the Higher Self and enhance intuition. There are various theories about how and why the pendulum works, and why better for some than others. There is no magic involved. Dowsing utilizes the natural process of tuning-in to the. Video on The Art of Pendulum Dowsing - Broad to Narrow. The best dowsers are those who have not only fine-tuned their intuition, but learned the art of asking the right questions. In this video, I walk you step by step through a real-life example and teach you the thought process utilized to ask questions in the best, most effective way

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